Game day – we’re due a win over these lads too

It’s another big night under the MacHale Park lights for us later on – the final home night-time one, in fact, of this National League campaign – and another serious test for Kevin McStay’s developing young side. Tyrone provide the opposition in this Division One Round 4 fixture, for which Cavan’s Noel Mooney is the ref. The game is being shown live on TG4.

With one win and two draws so far in this campaign, we’re going okay. Last weekend’s surprisingly comfortable win over a seriously out of sorts Kerry has given us a nice pep in our collective step but no-one needs reminding how capable Tyrone are of kicking sand in our eyes.

The horror show that was, from our perspective, the 2021 All-Ireland final, is still a sufficiently recent memory for us to know that we can never underestimate the challenge that tonight’s opponents invariably represent for us. That gaping wound is still raw and the manner of our defeat that day stings badly even now.

So too does our shocking home record against them. They ended our long, proud tenure in Division One at tonight’s venue back in 2020, lest we forget, and you have to go back as far as 1992 to find our most recent home win against them. We’re definitely due some home comforts in this fixture.

Making MacHale Park a difficult venue for teams to come to means this is a game that, despite our poor record against them here, we should definitely be targeting. Our home record against Kerry was iffy enough too but it now looks a whole load better after the decades-busting trimming we gave them last weekend. A similar outcome against the O’Neill County tonight would be great.

Fielding once again what is now starting to look like a largely settled side, we’ve every hope that the home win over them that we so badly crave could finally come tonight. We’re improving from game to game and, while we’re far from the finished article yet, if that progress is maintained in our performance later on, we should have enough to claim the spoils over the Red Hands.

They have one win under their belts so far in this campaign, which for them has seen them lose, then win, then lose again. This yo-yo sequence will be maintained by a win for them tonight and they’re definitely coming to Castlebar with a greater need for the win. That makes them dangerous, as will any hint of complacency in our ranks.

From our point of view, we’ll want to see the kind of form that put Kerry to the sword last week maintained against Tyrone tonight. If we go about our business in the same efficient manner early on this evening, you’d have to think this will be enough but, as we know to our cost, we’ll need to perform to our best against them if we’re going to prevail. Here’s hoping we do just that.

I’m missing this one myself and personal circumstances this weekend mean that I’m not going to see the game either, though I will be following its progress. Edwin McGreal has kindly agreed to take the wheel for the match report here on the blog, which will be up at some point later on tonight, along with the usual MOTM poll. The lads will have the Final Whistle pod out after the game too, which is something I’ll be keen to listen to as, of course, our Patreon club members will too.

A quick shout-out for the women as well, who have another tough challenge this afternoon. They’re up against Dublin, with that LGFA NFL Division One match throwing in at DCU St Clare’s at 4.30pm today. Last weekend’s win over Meath was a huge shot in the arm for them so here’s hoping they can follow it up with another victory this afternoon.

Two games, two ones we’re looking to win. Happy hunting to both of them, a victory in the two of them would be great. Up Mayo.

82 thoughts on “Game day – we’re due a win over these lads too

  1. I didn’t realise our home record against them went back over 30years for the win. A good, steady performance with no major blunders or injuries and ‘deux-points’ would look like we are making great progress.

  2. We definitely owe them one. Maybe, under McStay and co. McHale Pk will become a difficult grounds for away teams to get a win.
    Pressure on both teams to get a result. Mayo will have fitness edge but this game will be more of a physicality test. Big game but Mayo are on an upward curve. I expect that to continue tonight. Earlier time of 7pm. Tonights ref? Can someone post subs from program once known

  3. Some of Tyrone’s recent wins here were based on parking the bus and making it hard. Interesting to see how McStay navigates that. Using Aido for marks to the right of the posts could be one tactic.
    Defensively I like seeing McBrien on a very powerful FF to see how he takes on such a challenge. Confident in everything I’ve seen from him so far. Hession and Coyne also have a big challenge. I’d like to see Callinan also although Paddy and O Hora will need game time too.
    In forwards Cillian could come in for Diarmaid with Carr coming to HF. Like others Tuohy seems a very good prospect and faster and probably taller than other rookies. Happy enough McDonagh gets another chance, at RHF, the alternative for championship is Orme or Tuohy could move across… another leftie.

  4. Thanks again Willie Joe and well said. Wins for both our senior teams today preceded by an Italian scalping from our super oval ballers would make it a perfect day. Looking forward to hitting McHale Pk this evening and a little revenge over the red hand. Safe travelling all, Up Mayo!

  5. No doubt, as Willie Joe says, a long overdue win over Tyrone is essential on a few levels. To start building a Ballybofey-like Fortress McHale for team confidence and GAA’s best supporters is important.
    To continue our unbeaten run with a good performance and win, will further progress the promising transition and building a new squad.
    After Paddy’s cameo last weekend and good reports from training on Padraig O’Hira and Tommy Conroy, it’s going nicely under the new management team.
    Good days ahead, starting this evening. Hon Mayo…

  6. Stephen Rochford correct about Tyrone, easily bringing you down to earth with a bang. Remember 2 years ago they they played Kerry in all-Ireland semi final. And Kerry could not be beaten, up rocked Tyrone and done a job on them. So massive effort required to get 2 points

  7. Tyrone are that kind of outfit that can hoodwink u into thinking there not great. Then they show up a totally different animal. There big and strong around midfield. Maximum attention needed. I think brick is injured? Himself and mcbrien are minding the house well.

    Rochford is great coach and u can see he is working a bit of magic already. Were sharper up front. Looking forward to the game

  8. The one thing that won’t have gone unnoticed to McShane and Co is that we haven’t looked comfortable under the high ball. I fully expect Tyrone to take the aerial route tonight.
    A stern test for us no doubt but I think we can get the result.
    Mayo by 2.

  9. Like others have said I can’t see Diarmuid being risked tonight so probably Jordan to partner Mattie and probably Jack back in.
    Really important that we track their runners as I expect they will target our centre. P.Canavan is flat out bigging up Conor Loftus at chb which probably means they will target him…. similar to how he bigged up Mattie before the 21 final and we know what happened there.
    Jordan needs to be armed with his biggest smile as I’d imagine the sledging will be up to 90 so if you have a weak spot they will find it.
    So keep tapping them over and smile after each would be my advice.
    Us to come through in a tight squeeze would be my hope.

  10. Remember last year we were going good in the league and then we went to Tyrone and had a low energy performance and it continued for the rest of the season. Very important to keep the momentum going against a tough team this evening

  11. Wouldn’t expect to see O’Hora or Tommy today.
    Mayo by 5, home advantage, flying fit and Tyrone in poor form.
    Should be good physical battle to prep for championship.

  12. @Patjg

    Yeah, I remember that. Selected one of the most shooter heavy forward lines I ever remember and then ended up playing into a gale first half.
    It really did seem to be the turning point of last year.

    James Horan mentioned on a recent Examiner podcast about people reading all sorts into his league selections, when he was simply selecting the only lads he had available, and we know things behind the scenes, between training pitches and injuries, weren’t great but I still wonder how different last year might have been if we’d gotten to play that first half in Healy park with the gale

  13. I’d like to see if we can target Niall Morgan on our kickouts tonight.

    Reape has a big boot on him, and with Aidan playing inside we should be looking to isolate him on any goalie that tries to play that sweeper role.

    Morgan is one of the better goalkeepers fielding those balls but one, teams don’t actually test goalie enough in that respect, see how comfortable they are fielding against a big man and getting swarmed by the likes of Cillian if they do win the ball, and two, if we were to hammer Morgan tonight, other teams would think twice about pushing their goalie up against us in future. Could make a huge difference later in the year

  14. Best of luck this evening I think that we will win by five ,safe travels to everyone hope it’s a great game and no injuries to anyone

  15. Tyrone are certainly up and down this year. From reports they have missed goal chances that could have turned losses into wins. They also seem to lack leadership on the pitch to turn things around when things are going against them. Avoid conceding a goal and push on in the third quarter then expect that we should have enough to win.

  16. Would be nice to secure our Division 1 status tonight, however, not sure we will have enough to deal with the Tyrone onslaught. They will set out to frustrate our style of play by any means possible and nobody executes a plan better than the red hands. A very different test awaits our lads this evening. Fingers crossed no serious injuries.

  17. Update from a Mayo man living in Sligo……

    Big local news today. Summerhill Sligo beat St Brendans Killarney 2-11 to 1-11 in Tuam stadium to advance to their first Colleges Senior A (Hogan Cup) final since 1985.. .. .Final in Croker on Paddys Day.

    As a man who did 5 most enjoyable years in SJC Tuam in the 1970s, I know the excitement this AISF win will bring for the lads and the town……

  18. Need a nice win against Tyrone tonight……Great to see Kevin sticking to this template of a new Mayo senior team with minimal adjustments so far……. Rebuilding from the minute he took charge…. Best 8f luck to our lads…….

  19. Apologies for the double post WJ.

    What are the best parking options arriving into Castlebar late enough (from Westport side)? Kids at a birthday party and I don’t think I’ve ever not been well early arriving into Castlebar and parking in close. Won’t be an option this evening…

    I only ask as the young’uns may not be too happy about a walk ?

  20. Subs: 16. Rory Byrne, 17. Sam Callinan, 18. Jack Carney, 19. Jason Doherty, 20. Paddy Durcan, 21. Kevin McLoughlin, 22. Conor McStay, 23. Cillian O’Connor, 24. Aiden Orme, 25. Michael Plunkett, 26. Paul Towey.

  21. Great to see Michael Plunkett in the subs. Never mentioned like the other absentees but i think he is more important then any of them.. should replace conor loftus at 6 for championship.

  22. The referee in this kerry game may as well ask for cliffords jersey after the game.
    Armagh would be comfortably ahead if the ref didn’t give a free every time someone breathes on clifford

  23. Been an awful game. Armagh went over 20 mins without scoring and there was 10 mins where neither side scored.

    Neither side deserve to win this, in fairness to Armagh they’ve kept Clifford very quiet.

    No chance of either of these sides being accused of being championship ready in February

  24. “Tommy conroy us naked on bench”. Keep your fantasies out of here Clare lol.

    Great to have him back though

  25. @Marty K yes I see playing well npw I spoke to soon! Great goals another great from Janes carr hes really coming a long nicely..

  26. Yeah Clare……lovely finish from Carr. Lovely pass to him from Aidan…..That instruction to A OShea to try to stay on the FF line is certainly a great tactic………

  27. Showed good maturity and ruthlessness to not only get back in the game but to go well ahead in the space of what, 10-15 minutes, it was very impressive. I hope Flynn will be okay, some of these lads need to be wrapped in cotton wool once we secure Div 1 status.

  28. Bit of mad half, took nearly 20 mins to go then outscore Tyrone 2-5 to 0-1. Should do enough to hold on for the win now.

  29. @Mayomagic agree didn’t know what to make of the first 15 min or so but what a pass from Aido to get the goal then..& James carr goal to!

    Usually we do better in 2nd so be interesting hopefully!

  30. A lot of posters sound like I did when I was young,play bad sack the manager and team,play well we are the greatest,when in reality we are somewhere inbetween,but I believe that this team is on the cusp of greatness

  31. The Referee is a complete joke, Tyrone getting away with pulling down and strikes to the head of Mayo players.

  32. As I expected another rout for Mayo..
    They are in serious shape and the most in form team in the country by far…
    Could this finally be the year?
    Great to see Tommy Conroy back…

  33. Great improvement upon each game.
    The players seem to have more power built up this year than at any other time in the past.
    Hopefully this is a sign of great things for this year.

    One thing that stuck out for me, Diarmuid O Connors looked very tired when a break occured in the play and then goes on a great run and scores a great goal.

  34. Well done to the team and management,we can’t ask for more,is A I have already said don’t have three year plans,win Sam this year let next year take care of itself

  35. Enda Hession is a pure gem. Such a classy player and was everywhere tonight and what a great goal. Reminds me a lot of Keith Higgins. Lots of other very good performances also and good not to concede a goal. Aiden good tonight too and delighted for him to get the goal

  36. Id say the Rossies are the form team now tuamstar. No need to build us up…down with that sort of thing!

  37. Match basically won at half time. Two more goals 2nd half the icing on the cake, hard to believe that’s Mayo first win against Tyrone in MacHale park since 1992. On the evidence of tonight Tyrone are heading for Div 2. Speaking of Div 2 Dublin only beat Clare by 1 point in Croke park with the winner coming in with the last kick of the game.

    Not many form teams or contenders around and Mayo among the best so why not go out and win the lot?

  38. Super performance. I must say that I feared after 20 minutes that we might have been going down the same path as previous games against Tyrone- slow lateral passing, full-back line being left exposed, bad shooting and choices being made etc. But once we got Aido’s slightly fortuitous goal, we never looked back and were fairly ruthless in front of goal. Enda Hession was outstanding, having a hand in two goals, as was Diarmuid for his outstanding effort. Great to see Jason Doc and Tommy Conroy back on the sod again after long term injuries.

    My only worry is that (maybe like McStay’s Rossies a few years back) that we might be peaking a little early. But time will tell on that and the season is a long one.

  39. Good result, when was the last time we had 12 different scores or indeed scored 4 goals. Why wont O Shea stay around the square, is it him or management, went to midfield for both throw ins but did nothing, in second half running after Tyrone players in our half of field and just coulnt keep up with them. Leave The Bear in the Square.

  40. Also am a little worried about peaking too early. McStay teams have had this problem in the past. Other teams will close the gap fitness wise on us as the season goes on.

    But very pleased, it was a well balanced display and very confident. There is a bit of a bounce to us. Hopefully we can keep it up.

  41. Lots to be enthusiastic about. Enda Hession becoming such an outstanding player. (If D.Clifford scored that goal the media would be drooling over it). Fionn looked the part tonight. The speed with which we move the ball forward is so refreshing and hard to defend against. Don’t think anyone got less than 7out of 10 tonight.
    Looked to me like the orders were to go for goals tonight as we had loads of simple point chances but players were running through as though expecting the pass to put them in on goal. One way of beating the blanket……unsettle them.
    No problem with the ref bar booking the Tyrone no3 for impeding Flynn but not giving the free.
    I hope Tyrone stay up. You can always guarantee a battle when you meet them and every team needs that.

  42. 4 goals, long time since a Mayo team did that in a D1 league game I’d say.
    I thought DOC, Hession and Jack Carney were the pick of the bunch.
    One man maligned by many, including myself, is Fionn McDonagh. I was delighted to see him a very good game tonight, worked very hard, no bad choices in possession and got himself a nice score. Great to see players improve with game time.

  43. Strange game. Good result. Lots of different types of tests for the backs and they did well. Lots of tired bodies at the end. Mgmt have a tricky call now. I’m sure kev would like to go all out nxt wk but is that risky? Games are coming thick and fast while training is heavy.
    Nice to see different names popping up with good performances. 2 weeks in a row the opposition full back gets called ashore…
    Have we a 3rd option a MF for fresh legs… Carney looks like one for the future maybe?

  44. What a moment when Tommy conroy came back on after his awful injury.. the cheers he got shows what a talent he is !

    Only early days but energy& our bounce is back and have to give credit to mcstay& co for that they are obviously doing something right !

  45. @Culmore: Would agree with you on the lack of sense in putting Aido in for the throw-ins. He hasn’t been winning many of them recently, probably because 99 per cent of the time his opposite number has no interest in playing the ball, but the refs never pick up on it, usually because they’re following the ball themselves and miss the fouling.

    Small enough complaint in a good night though. Would keep him on the edge of the square from the beginning.

  46. That was a really really good performance. I didn’t like to admit it after the Kerry game but in case we got our arses handed to us to night but I am starting to get a lot of joy out of watching Mayo play ball .
    I was concerned after 15 mins think we went 4 points down nothing on the board and Tyrone looked to have done their homework on us and were keeping Flynn out of the game but we broke them . I can’t remember when the last time Tyrone let in 4 goals . So many lads performed so well . Skill level was really high and the kick passing very accurate and my god the fitness levels are off the fucking chart .
    Well done to management and team . We owed Tyrone this one.

  47. Meant to mention this earlier and in previous games…..could the bunch of so called fans cut out the embarrassing booing of so many situations that they haven’t seen clearly. The ref tonight got a couple of decisions wrong pretty much expected. The problem is a few yahoos boo an obviously correct decision and there is a certain amount of sheep-like fans who feel they have to join in. Please stop . It’s embarrassing to the vast majority of genuine Mayo fans, and it makes you look very silly.

  48. Alot saying that we wouldn’t want to get to a league final.

    With the panel we have you’d be hard pushed to put out a weak team.

    A great performance again.

    Well done to all the players management.

    We are an exciting team to watch
    That’s for certain.

    Goodman Corick bridge. You have the right attitude ?.

  49. someone commented above saying they can’t remember Tyrone conceding 4 goals in a game , they conceded not four but six goals against Kerry in the league 2 years ago then went onto beat them in the championship, league and championship is two different ball games , can’t be getting too ahead of ourselves

  50. Great win after a slow start. Still way to early to be getting over excited but it’s very encouraging progress. Safe with three games to go..who would have though it ?

    Agree on the booing…whoever is at is please stop it. Embarrassing fools who are not GAA people.

  51. Well said Joe. We want to turn Castlebar into a fortress, but not a horrible place to come for away fans.

  52. For people asking when was the last time Tyrone conceded 4 goals ?

    Kerry scored 6 – 15 against Tyrone in the league in 2021.

  53. Joe, you’re wasting your time with that, there’ll always be the few amadans at that craic.
    Excellent win for us tonight, little to complain about.
    Hard luck to our ladies.
    Roll on the rossies..Maigh Eo Abu!

  54. Wasn’t it great to have the luxury of taking off our 4 goalscorers and bringing on Cillian, Paddy, Jason and Tommy?

  55. So many positives
    Mcbrien , Hession , Loftus (I might have to accept I was very wrong ) , Diarmuid , Carney , Mcdonagh , Carr and then Conroy back
    There is a freshness and energy about us this year . I’d love to have seen Mullin in this team further up the pitch . We might in the future
    Huge credit to the management team. We now have a variety in our gameplay that was sorely lacking under Horan .

    Agree with the booing
    Also, the end of the game has got out of control in terms of access to the players . It used to be nice for young kids to get the odd autograph. Now players are being borderline assaulted for half an hour after the game by people of an age who should know better . It’s a situation that needs to be managed better by stewards . Jordan Flynn in particular was almost distressed . It’s ridiculous at this stage

  56. Revellino,I have started putting up my left arm to celebrate a Mayo score bro I want to save my right arm to have a few pints after the game,onwards and upwards

  57. Jack Carney had a great game, Great all round team performance. Onwards and upwards.

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