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It’s hard to imagine why any Mayo football fan wouldn’t enjoy the Mayo News Football Podcast. No doubt some curmudgeons could come up with the odd reason but they would very much be the exceptions, not the rule. The ever growing listenership figures for the Podcast bear that out.

From its start back in 2009, the Podcast has gone from a niche audience of tech savvy podcast enthusiasts to reaching thousands of Mayo fans all over the world on a weekly basis in 2020. For many of those people, the Mayo News Football Podcast was their first introduction to the genre. Almost all of them are now podcast enthusiasts.

The question is, how do we get the rest of the Mayo football supporters on board with this radio-on-demand concept called podcasting? Because we’re confident that, once they tune in and listen to the thoughts of Billy Joe Padden, Sean Rice and Edwin McGreal, relive the in-match atmosphere from John Gunnigan and myself and absorb the post game analysis of Mike Finnerty and Ger Flanagan, not to mention the vast array of contributors from around the country …. they’ll be hooked.

This week, in conjunction with the blog, we’ve launched our ‘four ways to listen’ project to help reach more listeners. You’ll find this at the end of this post.

It’s a handy guide for those who want to switch from being a casual listener who finds the link on Google to a regular listener who has the Podcast ready to go whenever they need it, be it in the morning, going to bed, on the way to work, while out exercising or in the kitchen cooking.

The easiest way to access the show is to simply type ‘The Mayo News Football Podcast’ into Google’s search engine, click on the link and press ‘play’ to begin listening. Once you, or the person you are trying to introduce to the Podcast, get a taste of what is all about, the next step is to quickly learn how to set up the Podcast so you can listen in a convenient way that slots into your everyday life.

Our guide below will provide new listeners with all they need to know. We start with letting you know about the easy ways to listen on your computer, then outline the steps needed to getting the Podcast on your smartphone, show the best way to listen in the car and finally tell you how to link up to your smart speaker system (e.g Amazon’s Alexa) at home.

For thousands and thousands of people around Ireland and the world, the fortunes of the Mayo footballers feature among their most important sporting interests. Each week, it’s a hot topic of conversation wherever they go and the more conversations they can be involved with or listen to, the better. That’s why the Mayo News Football Podcast has become so popular because there’s simply not enough content out there to satisfy the appetite.

So, if you’re not tuning into the Podcast yet, it’s time to get on board. If you are and you know some fellow enthusiasts who aren’t, then check out our four-step guide below and send it to them.

Happy listening!

Four ways to listen to the Mayo News Football Podcast

1. On your Computer

A simple way to listen to any podcast is to play it directly through that podcast’s website on your computer. You can find the “Mayo News Football Podcast” by simply typing that into Google. Each Podcast episode is available on two websites, the Mayo News and the Mayo GAA Blog.

Links are available on both sites and a simple SoundCloud box appears where clicking play will start the podcast. As long as you have speakers or headphones connected up to your computer, this is an easy method.

2. On your Smartphone

If you want to listen as you move around the house, or outside or on your walks or runs, then a smartphone with some nice headphones are the convenient option. First off, if you have a smartphone you have an ideal podcast listening platform right in your pocket.

The Mayo News Football Podcast is available on all good podcast apps including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. Use the Apple Podcasts app if you’re on an iPhone or and iPod – it’s on there already, just search for the little purple icon. Otherwise, if you’re on Android or Windows, download a podcasting app. Then, subscribe to the Podcast there and away you go.

3. In the Car

We find that a huge number of Mayo News Football Podcast fans listen in their car on their commute to work or quite often on the way to Mayo games all over the country. But how do you listen to a podcast in the car?

First is via a Bluetooth connection. Most modern cars are set up to connect to your phone so that you can make hands-free calls. That same connection can also play audio from your phone. So, connect via Bluetooth as normal, and then simply press play on your podcast from your smartphone. The Podcast should play over your car’s speakers.

No Bluetooth? Try a cable.  A very common car feature is an ‘aux’ or a ‘line in’ port. It looks just like a headphone jack and all you need is something like this 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable to connect your phone to your car. This will enable you to play the podcast through your car’s sound system, using your phone as the audio input source.

4. On your Amazon Alexa or other Smart Speaker

Many Mayo football fans now have smart speakers at home, be it from Amazon (Alexa) Google or Sonos. The Mayo News Football Podcast is available by simply asking the device to play it on Spotify.

Finally – don’t be afraid to ask for help from others! There’s always someone in the family or close by who can help you get started when it comes to smartphones, car link ups etc. Also, if you are in the know already, use this handy guide to show others and follow news on the Mayo football team on your own terms and at your own time.

55 thoughts on “Get tuned into the podcast

  1. It’d be interesting to know where/when people are listening to the podcast – there’s a new episode available now, reviewing the first three rounds of League action and previewing the Monaghan game. Here, I’ll go first: I’m listening to it on the phone, I’m on the bus on the way into work.

  2. Usually listen to it on the phone. Rob’s explanation couldn’t make it any easier to listen to the podcast.

  3. Of late either in car on journey to or from work.
    Off this week so listened last night at home.
    Again great podcast.

  4. Dont tell the Galway people but I listen on my commute up the N17 where there are stone walls and the grass is green!

  5. Usually listen on the phone direct from here late evening with kids asleep. Alternatively on business trips. Billie Joe would be the big draw for me. He really should be front and centre live and on the Sunday game as main analyst.
    The other thing about Billie Joe meeting him once is that he’s the type of positive person you prefer to listen to even when giving bad news on our form.

  6. Generally on the phone but everywhere in reality. Even through a Bluetooth speaker when I’m on the Turbo-trainer on my bike in the garage. Thoughts of Philly McMahon or “Elbows” MacAuley are enough to get the heart-rate up into the red zone!

  7. WJ – Couldn’t help but notice that the local papers were stating that the match on Sunday is in Inniskeen but I’m assuming its definitely Clones based on the official websites. Anyhow, just said I’d mention it!

  8. Ta an Podcast go hann maith ar fad. I listen to while eating my porridge with
    the headphone on ! It is a great service especially for our diaspora who are living all over the country/world mainly due to lack of job opportunities in our own county. Faraoir gear!
    Mile buiochas to all who put it together. Go neiri le foireann Mhuigheo De Domhnaigh

  9. I usually stream it from the phone to the car radio and listen to it on the way to the match. Have to admit though that the will power is woeful and I usually cant wait for the match and listen to it the second I get a chance. Totally agree.. Billy Joe is the big draw for me too.. he might not be able to remember dates but sure who cares about that.. his preview of games to come and analysis of where we are at is really very good

  10. I listen late at night when the house is still and there are no interruptions. Some great contribution from the whole team. BJ mcP my favourite. The podcasts is another good about following Mayo.

  11. In the car on the way home, usually covers entire journey, fantastic way to shorten the daily commute!

  12. I listen on the way to work by Dart/ car or when I am walking the dog up Killiney Hill!

  13. When the light of the day is long gone and the foxes are hunting in the fields, the people oblivious to the nights activities outside.

    On with the headphones usually at 1.30am and debate the podcasts views. Of the panel.
    Agree with that.
    He could be right there.
    Not sure about that.

    And when the fox, Maybe. Has crossed from Lenihans into Corcorans. My mind somewhere, Surrenders. Contented now.
    I’ll sleep well tonight and dream of Mayo Glory.

  14. Didn’t know it was on Spotify too,that’s great!
    I listen whilst cooking the dinner with the headphones on or sometimes through blue tooth with herself in the car on the way to the match.
    When we’re coming home from the match she reads the comments from here out loud to me.

  15. I think galway tyrone is the live game on tg4 this weekend. Anyone know if mayo game being streamed on youtube like meath game. Theres a lot of big hurling games sunday also so air time will be at a premium

  16. @Casual observer
    TG4 showing deferred coverage of Mayo Mon later that evening, Galway v Tyrone is their live game.
    Some absolute cracker games lined up this weekend

  17. Download on phone save it for my walk I’ve been seen crying, laughing & smiling ! sometimes I listen back to older ones Today was the Donegal in McHale Park last summer one! that was particularly excellent 🙂

  18. Always listen to it on the phone… great service, fantastic anlyasis especially when it comes to an ex player of the opposing County that we have played or about to play .. even have listened to it Climbing the Reek once upon a time… but usually it’s in the house!…@It means nothing to me…Yes Vienna is a lovely City…. but that’s probably the understatement of the New Decade so far, it’s concidered the best City in the world in which to live…

  19. Listen on the commute Santa Rosa to San Jose, usually Monday morning if available after the weekend’s action.

  20. Yes
    Usually on phone while I go for a run with the dog by the sea in Wicklow. Bit of peace and quiet so i can digest whats what in our Mayo world.
    Love Sean Rice and Willie Joe as both are wise and factual.
    Been listening and reading for a long time now and feel like I know a good few people who give their opinion or opinions.
    Dont ever change lads.
    The question I keep asking is will we win an All Ireland?
    The answer has to be yes.
    Its just a matter of time.
    Up Mayo.

  21. Ah it’s a great listen everytime. Fair play to all involved in putting it together. I listen to a lot of gaa podcasts but they don’t touch the sides compared to this one!! Generally listen to it on the commute to work but I have such fond memories over the last couple of summers of listening on spotify while driving the ride on and doing the lawns in the summer evenings…halcion days I tell ya !!!

  22. I usually listen on my commute home from work It was the very first podcast I ever listened to now I have a load of podcasts on my phone but none better than this one hats off to Rob,Willie Joe,Billy Joe, Mike Finnerty and all the gang

  23. I listen on commute to or from work streamed from browser on blog on my phone through to radio in my car. Other times I listen through headphones on my walk/run. On occasion I’ve gotten to listen to it in my back garden on a sunny summer’s day through Bluetooth and speakers.

  24. Always listen on the phone usually while packing lunch for the morning and chilling in the kitchen. After that I WhatsApp it to a few friends incase they missed it.

  25. 90% on phone Willie Joe.. an odd time in the car maybe heading west from Dublin..
    Thanks again for the brilliant service

  26. On Apple podcasts on the iPhone. Listened last night while pottering/cleaning/cooking at home after returning home late from work. Quality stuff as ever.

  27. I usually get to stick it on the earphones in work if it lands before lunchtime. If its post 1pm, it’ll be on Spotify on the train on the way home. I’ve been an avid listener for many years now and IMHO the greatest thing about it is that whilst its obviously Mayo centered, it is in no way biased or one eyed – the oppositions’s opinion, or that of the neutral observer, is always sought out. Kudos to Rob on that in particular, as a moderator he is absolutely 1st class in this regard. I also think its worth pointing out that Mayo GAA owe a debt of gratitude to the pod (& the blog) for being a catalyst to the green and red wave of support that has snow balled over the last 10 years. Keep up the stellar work lads!

  28. I listen to it on Soundcloud on the phone while out for a run. Good job they usually never go over an hour in length or I’d have to keep running!
    A long way from home but feels like I’m at home for that hour.

  29. Apple podcast on the iPhone and then Bluetooth to the car speakers my drive to work is about 20 mins so sometimes i might sit in the car for a few minutes to finish it

  30. On the phone via Sound Cloud. Find it hard to argue with points made by Billy Joe, but great listen.

  31. Usually listen through Bluetooth in the car while driving. Listen to one podcast last year 35,000 ft above Canada enroute to San Francisco.

    It will be interesting to see if games go ahead this weekend…raining very heavy here in the west all day and the rest of the week looks bad.

  32. Jesus WJ, Rob, Edwin and all, you’ve created a monster! Reading through the comments it’s amazing to picture all the places that the Podcast has reached, from Manhattan to Vienna, from San Fran to the top of The Reek. It highlights, yet again, the passion we have for our football and how it has almost become more about the journey than the destination. It must be a particular important connection for those who are far from home, that hour or so, as Erris Head said above, brings them back.
    Keep up the great work. It’s the cheapest counselling we can get for our condition 🙂

  33. I see that the club championship draw is on Monday night March 9 at 8pm.League fixtures should be announced prior to this date.

  34. Great feedback, all – thanks for that. From this I think it may be concluded that the phone is the preferred medium, the location where people listen in from is basically all over the world and Billy Joe is box office. Our aim is to keep delivering.

  35. Anyone see Patrick O Hora on tv Monday night doing the army training he won’t be backing down from to many forwards going by the treatment he endured the last night.

  36. Usually on my phone on the train to work but would love to listen via bluetooth in the car but the blasted thing will never play. And the steps I tried are just as posted above.

  37. Usually listen to it from Apple Podcasts but have been known to use soundcloud on occasion.
    Generally listen while commuting or travelling for work, its rarely any more than a day or two old by the time I listen to it.
    It gets top priority ahead of all other podcasts I’ve subscribed to!.

  38. @Leantimes: Yeah, Vienna has a well-deserved reputation for being a lovely city in which to live- very clean, great architecture and infrastructure, very affordable on the whole, especially compared to Dublin. Locals can be a bit standoffish and grumpy at times though (nowhere being perfect).

    There are a few Mayo men and women keeping the flag flying here- we even have a GAA club! Playing in green and red, of course.

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