Get your podcast questions ready

One of the Mayo News football podcast episodes we’re planning to host ahead of the All-Ireland final on 11th September is a Questions and Answers show, in which a panel of podcast regulars will answer questions relating to the Mayo team posed by listeners.

We’re now inviting listeners to send us in questions they’d like to hear our panel answer. We’re looking to get these questions as audio files, which we’ll use in the episode.

If you fancy submitting a question for the show, then please get in touch with us and we’ll send you on the number to which you’ll need to WhatsApp your audio. To do this, you can DM @MayoPodcast, @MurphyRob or @MayoGAABlog on Twitter or else mail me here at the blog and we’ll reply sending you on the number.

When recording your audio please let us know your name and where you’re from and then pose the question you want the panel to answer. Once you’re happy with the audio you’ve recorded, just send it on as an audio attachment via Whatsapp to the number we’ll provide.

We’re aiming to record this Q&A show next Friday (3rd September) so we’ll need to get the audio of all the questions no later than 9pm on Thursday (2nd). We’ll be looking to use as many of the questions as possible on the show, which will then go online on the Saturday (4th September).

So, if you want to feature on the show, it’s time to start getting your questions ready for it.

153 thoughts on “Get your podcast questions ready

  1. One big question is whether Conroy should start in the HF for final. He came alive when stationed there in the semi- maybe FF forward doesn’t suit him as much.

  2. To win Connacht was nice
    But James Horan roared ” Higher ”
    So we marched in to Dublin
    And we lowered the Spire
    And despite all the pundits
    And backlash and ire
    The march it goes on
    Till we land Sam Maguire.

  3. How important are the first 10 minutes of the match.

    If it’s Kerry need to put some doubt in their head early if they get their tails up they are usually extremely hard to stop.

  4. I expect Tyrone to really try to slow the game down today – plenty of players behind the ball, injuries, messing around free kicks etc.
    This might help keep the score down for a while – but Ky will run out easy winners in the end.
    Killian Spillane is a player that will have to be really watched in the final. Every time he comes in he ends up scoring 3-4 points from play- bit like Costello for Dublin a few years ago.

  5. Such an interesting encounter ahead and its great to be able to sit back and watch it unfold with a cold beer!!
    Think the result could be closer than people think.I’m always slow to write off Tyrone ..

  6. A big talking point before the final will be the big break in games that Mayo will have in contrast to today’s winner. How will it affect each team? As I said before, I think we needed the break, to come down from the Dublin victory and to give us a chance to repair any niggles etc.

    However, if today’s winner comes out of this match relatively unscathed then they’ll fancy themselves to be in the more advantageous position, ie the 2 weeks run in the ideal prep before final day, as many players have recently stated.

    It’s an important task for our backroom team to taper training correctly. Personally I think the biggest benefit of the break for us will be to working on tactics and skills etc. Massive improvement needed on the Dublin match and it simply cannot be ignored that we were sloppy in many ways in the semi. 4 weeks is ample time to improve and to work on things that a shorter break would not allow for. Biggest thing for us is that we don’t come into the final cold.

    I’m glad James got the Press conference out of the way. It was a smart and telling move. We don’t need a circus, and the media (God love them), won’t be short of stuff to write about all-things-Mayo.

  7. Pat Spillane has the awful habit of talking over people.
    He just can’t get over the fact that Mayo actually beat Dublin.

  8. Joanne Cantwell saying the Mayo players might be wincing looking back at their post match joy?!! Pathetic comment. Why do I watch rte?!

    Such ignorance about our journey over the past decade and the significance of that win.

  9. Please God we stuff our opponents in the final. It’s the only way. If Carlsberg did All Ireland finals…..

  10. Joannne a snakey little biddy………Dont forget she’s a Dub at heart……..Hasnt the neutral class of M Lyster…. .. .He was unmouvable even when the Tribe were playing…

  11. Until Mayo finally beat their opponents in this year’s final, the smart remarks will still be heard from a biased RTE Gaa staff.

    I hope Kerry and Tyrone players knock the shit out of each other, with a few injuries on either side coming into the final.

  12. Was going to comment on her a few weeks ago. Glad I’m not the only one. I’m not allowed to have the remote when her or o rourke are speaking in case I smash the telly with it. Easy make snide remarks when you’re an overpaid, unsackable rte employee.

  13. At 14 minutes in, I can say it’s Mayo’s final to lose, Tyrone have the measure of them with a few good subs on the bench.

  14. If Tyrone don’t sort out there own kick out they’ll lose this game, they’re giving too much primary possession to Kerry but fucken hell Kerry are not the team they are made out to be. We’ll see ok the second half how much truth was in the Covid situation.

  15. Rte gaa coverage is gone to the dogs, be better goin to a pub and tune into Sky sports, Spillane a bloody embarrassment today, and Dessie Dolan in commentary in awe of Kerry, Clifford and Sean O’Shea he would make you sick.

  16. I think Tyrone are doing really well. Fair play – hope they go on now and do it.
    I love that Tyrone are slowing Kerry down. Kerry love that frantic running forward. They seem to rely on it.
    If Tyrone can win more of their kickouts, it would help a lot.
    I would also like to see way more pressure on the Kerry keeper.
    Let them keep it going now. Tyrone have benefitted from a harder campaign in Ulster.

  17. I don’t think Tyrone won a single Kerry kickout in the first half and they lost half their own. If they can sort that out at half time the game is there for them.

  18. Why are kerry consistently allowed to kick frees 4 or 5 metres closely to the goal than where the free was awarded, can referees and umpires not notice this?

  19. Poor enough game so far but would expect improvement from Kerry in second half. We shouldn’t fear either in final.

  20. Tyrone have a great bench to call on and if they any good they should take this. Imagine the talk if mayo had only 2 scorers

  21. Nothing between them really. Twill be interesting all right how Tyrones fitness levels hold up in the second half. If kerry get a goal you would think they have enough to hold out

  22. Living in the U.K. a lot of the games are only on Sky. McConville aside, the likes of McGuinness and Canavan are much more thoughtful and insightful than the stuff on RTE. I thought I’d have no time for Donaghy but he’s very even handed, even with Kerry. And of course Mike F and Billy Joe are excellent!

  23. I feel nervous watching the game and it’s not even my county playing ; ) It’s the suspense.

  24. Kerry will win this on fees and kickouts alone if Tyrone don’t sort this out.

  25. The kickouts aren’t morgans fault. It’s kerry high press. Morgan has no one to aim for

  26. I’m not surprised Tyrone players going with cramp but a few Kerry players going down with cramp too. Tyrone discipline costing them, two black cards!

  27. A disgraceful refereeing performance, Tyrone have to beat Kerry and the match officials.

  28. Tyrone just about the better team but may have lost their chance….
    Brilliant semi final

  29. This is exactly what we did not want. The winners will be battle hardened. Ref very poor.

  30. The more extra-time the better!

    I’m at the game, in the Davin, and Clifford looks horsed. He’s plainly a long way from full fitness, whatever it is that’s up with them.

    Still think Kerry are likely to shade this but on this showing we’re well capable of taking either of them.

  31. Poor performance by both teams. Unless they improve for final, we are in with a great chance.

  32. Hats off to Tyrone. I’ll hold my hand up and say I didn’t see this performance in them and its not over yet. I don’t know who I want to win or who would suit us best!

  33. Even disregarding the referee, Tyrone should have won this in normal time.

    We were only warming up at this stage in our semi final.

  34. Both are bang average teams, hype around Kerry all year shown up for what it was overrated and unjustified. Tyrone should have had this in the bag but for their indiscipline. Whichever team comes out of this will improve for the final but Mayo will be going in with confidence, wouldn’t be afraid of either.

  35. Kerry for me………..Only 2-3 men to mark……..If thats Tyrone with COVID, what would they be like without it………

  36. No wonder I was slow to write off Tyrone..
    Is that what a team with ” disrupted training ” looks like ?
    Both teams looked out on their feet ..

  37. Tyrone need to ABANDON the long kickout now. Just play it out from the back as per their strengths

  38. I agree wide ball. Tyrone backs are very tough. I was routing for Tyrone but now I’m not so sure…

  39. This changes everything. Don’t think Aido at full forward will work against Tyrone.

  40. Grit, determination, momentum – Tyrone.
    Kerry are keeping their composure – that is good for them.

  41. Mayo will beat either of them in the final.
    Tyrone goalkeeper very erratic, can be got at.

  42. Some amount of scores in extra time. I’d take a tired Kerry with an injured Clifford at this stage.

  43. Some turnaround from the league. Shows league result mean nothing in the white heat of championship in Croker

  44. That’s a shock. We have to fancy our chances now. Tyrone are a tough team but that game will have taken a lot our of them. The kerry wait for this crop of unbeatables to produce on the big stage.

  45. Well done Tyrone they had a tough few weeks with Covid and then they perform like that. I think after all the Hammerings Kerry gave us in all Ireland finals it’s better phscologically that we play Kerry. Tyrone won’t be any pushover and it will be a battle but we have to believe we have a chance

  46. Amazing how much Kerry were hyped up before this. Ciaran Whelan saying they could be like Limerick against Cork in the hurling. Hopefully this doesn’t throw our preparations off. I’m sure players and management were thinking about Kerry match ups for the last 2 weeks.

  47. That’s what I wrote about on a previous post and why I had the feeling about Tyrone. I’d rather be facing kerry they are nothing without Clifford. Can’t believe how so many on here totally dismissed Tyrone. When it gets to the serious stuff in championship any of the top 5 can beat each other on any given day.

  48. Conor mckenna won that match at the end, bursting in from left side towards goal to win a 45. It meant kerry were never going to have time to equalise. Very brave move by him to take it on, with the aim of fisted point but he got second best outcome. Brilliant

    Tyrone midfield can be seriously exposed by I expect mckenna to come in there for final…

    Even harder now to know where we put Aido… Tyrone running game outstanding today and he may really struggle outfield. For instance if Tyrone win breaks he’ll struggle to track them. And FF will be no picnic for him with Tyrones miserly defence.

  49. I must say I’m delighted with this result, for once this final looks great for Mayo.
    I was there when Mayo beat Tryone in 1989, 2004, should have beaten them in 2008, 3013 and 2016, we always have Tyrone’s measure.

  50. Kerry wasted to much energy pushing up in the first half, ran out of steam as the game progressed

  51. Tyrone will be tough opponents in the final. It’ll be anybody’s game and it would be a big mistake to underestimate them in any way. I think it’ll be a game for character, tenacity and never say die attitude – Tyrone have that and we’ll need to call on ours.
    Interesting that Tyrone got goals – we will need to keep those out.
    Yes, No Doubt, many of us made lazy assumptions about who would win and dismissed Tyrone. I’m pleased for them with their win today.

  52. Lads that Tyrone team is so beatable. Just a matter of Mayo performing on the day and the 70 year famine will be end. Let’s be honest Mayo will never get a better chance than this.

  53. In fairness most people writing off Tyrone believed the Covid stories, Covid me arse, they pulled a fast one.

  54. I dont believe this bull shit about Tyrone and camp devastation by COVID….. You don’t field a full team and run the socks off a ‘non COVID’ side after only 2 week’s rehab……. It’s a feckin respiratory illness for most and not conducive to hard running in pre AISF training either……And of course I’m open to be told I’m talking sh@€e here but still have my doubts…….But fair play if a bit of a stroke was pulled….Onwards Mayo and hope we nail it and bring SAM.home on the 11th………

  55. No doubt ..Think it was 75% on the blog poll that saw Kerry getting to final..Tyrone had the extra time to.sort out injuries and it benefitted are a serious force to be reckoned with ..
    Still think we can beat them tho..
    If only to.put Seàn Cavanagh back in his box.

  56. They have 3 All Irelands and where going for 4 too.

    That was some mistake by the Kerry back to pass the ball out like that to McKenna.

    That goal was the winning of the game.

    It’s a huge opportunity now

  57. Mayos championship record against Tyrone is played 5, won 4 lost 1, much happier to be playing Tyrone than the yerras, no historical baggage

  58. Dublin out with a 9 point turnaround and a complete melt down.
    Kerry out with no goals scored and players dropping like flies with cramp.
    A novel final feels a little like ’96 and 2012.

    Just like ourselves Tyrone will see this a great chance for their 4th All Ireland …just like we will. I have no doubt James and the lads will underestimate no one and will have a plan for Tyrone. Unlikely we will get a better chance. Maigheo abú

  59. This years AIF is unique in that there will be no players on the pitch with a Celtic cross

  60. I have to say I did not see that coming. Bought into the hype around this Kerry team. A friend of mine on the other hand backed Tyrone this morning at 11/2 so he is a happy man tonight. The fact is Tyrone should have won this game in normal time by a few points and we very nearly ended up with a penalty shoot out. The HSE should find out what the Tyrone secret is for recovering from a covid outbreak.
    Hard to know now what to think about the final. Could we for once be favourites. We will certainly not be afraid of them. Our record with them going back to 1989 is very good and the match we lost in 2008 was there to be won.
    Anyway roll on the 11th.

  61. I’m one of the ones who voted on the poll for a Tyrone win even though I know shit compared to everyone here. I felt over the years they have been the toughest we play after Dublin and that Kerry team are not tough in my opinion, despite all the admiration that comes with them. Felt they were overhyped for yet another year but I was so nervous watching the match in case I was wrong. Beginning to wish I was wrong. Another scrappy dogfight ahead.
    Couldn’t decide who I wanted to face in the final but now I know!! Kerry would have been easier but I still feel same in that we have the measure of both. So let’s do this.

  62. Conor McKenna will take some watching. Won that game for Tyrone, and if I remember, he destroyed us in Castlebar last year.

    They sure pulled a fast one on Kerry, though to give Kerry credit they were only an inch away from levelling, after a nightmare first half of ET.

  63. I finally got a prediction right 😉 and a handsome pay out from paddy power aswell 🙂

    Important now to stay focused, we are i stalled as favourites in an AIF for the first time ever. Lets focus 100% now. Tyrone will be extremely hard to beat! McShane is a serious handful.

  64. Spot on MartyK. Also where was the fatigue? All on the Kerry side. Kerry will rue shafting Donie Buckley. – really poor execution of the tackle, no cuteness in defence, and tactically naive.

  65. Kerry butchered a gilt edged goal chance, then gifted Tyrone a goal in ET with one of the worst pieces of defending I’ve ever seen in Croker yet they scored 8 points more and …scored 3 more scores overall.

    Think about that!

    WTF was the Kerry defender doing kicking a ball back into play – he neither caught it or let it go out. It got no real mention on RTE but it was some error

  66. Delighted with that result but wary for final . If we can watch mcshane it’s up to Tyrone to work out best match ups. We can use our best players offensively

  67. If Mato play to their potential then we will win. Tyrone are an average team but work very hard. Two average teams today, Tyrone discipline almost cost them but Kerry were found out For what they are, way overrated! Kerry’s sheer arrogance beat them today, all day going for goals when easy scores available to win the game, played 20min of the game v 14 men and couldn’t make it count, not fit enough, Kerry looked like the team recovering from Covid.

  68. Are mayo fans happier to play Tyrone than Kerry in the final? I be in croker for the final hoping mayo win sam very important 2 weeks ahead for the mayo squad and management it be great to have mayo v the dubs in the league next year in castlebar with mayo as all Ireland champions!

  69. Wish we got Kerry Tony. A soft centre who need a few more marquee forwards

  70. Got to feel sorry for Jack Barry.
    He was so far out of his depth today it was difficult to watch at times.
    Kerry very average side. There’s probably 10 teams in the country with a better set of 6 defenders than Kerry.

  71. @regina.i can totally see how 75percent voted for kerry but my point is about the way Tyrone were dismissed as if they were a division 4 side. I backed Tyrone myself to win and get nothing as it went to extra time but I only put €5 on because I thought it was so hard to call. Anyway time to start the real giddy machine for September 11.

  72. Of course there’s no hiding place now. We could make excuses for all our losses over the years: Cork playing in two final before ’89; Meath in their glory days; Kerry; Donegal, impregnable in defence; Dublin.

    Tyrone come under none of those categories.

  73. I could see Tyrone beating Kerry all along, Tyrone are masters at tight defence & now they have fast attacking methods, the way they tore into the Kerry forwards was brilliant, take D Clifford out of that Kerry team & they looked ordinary enough. It’s going to be some final & I am looking forward to a serious battle, hope Mayo will be fully ready for it, I’m sure James Horan & Co will have the Mayo team in great shape. Come on Mayo.

  74. I’m delighted to get Tyrone Tony. I was fearful of Kerry and no doubt if they scraped through they would have improved for the final. I don’t see the same room for improvement in Tyrone. Tactically they were completely focused on Kerry. 2 weeks short turn around to get ready for our set up by the time they recover mid week. We started looking at them tactically at 3:30 today.
    Goes to show though Kerry are soft mentally – blew it 3 years in a row now

  75. Exactly Mayo.Dunphy I watched with several neutrals and they all think Tyrome were ravenous and will need an improved Mayo performance from our semi final to beat them.

    Once the emotion subsided from our win over Dublin, the reality is we were horrendous 1st half. 4 points and not from a forward!!??? Yes our 2and half and ET was better.

    Mayo need to keep the heads focused now. Tyrone are shrewd operators, tough defence and serious ballers in Conor McKenna (class act), McShane and young Canavan. Brian Dooher is a wily fox. Mayo. Be ready.

  76. Tyrone will be aim to bridge a 13 year gap and we will be aiming to win the final on our 13 attempt since 1951. It has the makings of a great final and I think MAYO will win the final. I shudder to think that we will find a new way to lose this final. I have no ticket yet but have my fingers crossed I may get lucky in the draw for season ticket holder next week in croke park . I would say it will be hard to pick up a ticket in Dublin on day of game as thousands of mayo and tyrone fans will travel without tickets. Let the ticket search begin in earnest

  77. Just saw the Tyrone players on two large team buses going up from Drumcondra, they look shattered.

  78. No McHale Park next year but hopefully the League away games are shared around 3 or 4 divisional grounds around the county, maybe North Ballina, East Charlestown and South Garrymore or Ballinrobe

  79. “Ravenous”……..Great word used above…….That’s what our lads have got to be on 11th………Somethibg like we were when we dethroned All Ireland champs Donegal in 2013………That, coupled with Mayo’s superior fitness this year might just be the winning formula……..

  80. @Mayo88 – What an effort. Im so delighted for them and their supporters. I for one completely discounted and thought heat and intensity would undo them. How wrong was I!!! If anything they looked fresher than Kerry!? I’m delighted Kerry are knocked out.

    Now onwards and upwards. We need to refine this ‘one plan of ours’ !!!!!!!!

  81. Impressive from Tyrone, especially after two black cards. The goals came at the right time for them, the second one especially as until that point in the second half the game seemed to be running away from them. We must have a plan for McShane and McKenna. We saw two weeks ago what can happen when we do not concede goals and we saw today how much they can lift a team. Tyrone will be no pushovers but we must be confident we can win.

    Kerry looked tired, the disruption seemed to upset their rhythm. So much for the showpiece final…

  82. Any team that beats Donegal and Kerry are a very strong side. Donegal were gunning for Ulster after what happened them last year. Tyrone looked seriously fit and physical too.

    This will go down to wire. Horan & Co need to get it right on the day. A few have mentioned O’Shea. He certainly has been getting serious stick since the semi final. Hope he goes out there with a point to prove

  83. Kerry are making a habit of constantly losing huge matches. Any other team would be labelled bottlers, publicly ridiculed by prominent and outdated pundits.

  84. As said above no excuses now. No mental hang up’s looking at the sight of green and gold jerseys. We need to play it cute in the build up, let McStay, Brady ?, Billie Joe etc, blow up Tyrone to the hilt. We can’t f**k sround with this one. We genuinely will never get a better chance imo. Lets play our part on here aswell, show respect to Tyrone and keep our cards close to our chest. We are so close now, lets not make a 1996 out of it. We’ve a hell of a battle ahead, need Oisin and Eoin in a big way for this.

  85. Mayonaze, In fairness to Aido he was obviously injured for that Dublin game, he was in a boot for a week before the game and was still in a boot this week. He wouldn’t be wearing it for 2 weeks unless there was something wrong.

  86. In their history have Mayo ever been favourites in a senior all ireland final I wonder? Getting nervous…..

  87. Fair point Niall.

    @ Pullhard, being underdogs hasnt exactly worked out for us either!! Its irrelevant really. All on the day. We need a really good performance.

    We need our best of the year(or even past 2 years) to win.

  88. So true Mayonaze. Underdog hasn’t worked in our favour. Time to try it the other way.

  89. @Pullhard. In 2013, I think we started 11/10 against Dublin 10/11 so Dublin the very slightest of favourites, earlier in the week both teams were even money, I remember because I had money on Mayo..All the other finals we we were clear enough underdogs.

  90. At least now there are no surprises with Tyrone. I think they’ll have to soak up there fair share of hype over the next two weeks, knocking out the mighty Kingdom. We’ve the bonus of the experience of last year’s final for our younger lads. You’d still have to say that the final will be a 50:50 match. Tyrone looked incredibly fit and handled extra time just as good as we did two weeks ago.

    I just loved Sean Cavanaghs attitude before the match, saying he doesn’t know why Kerry should be feared, why teams should even think twice about laying a glove on them, ie the Kings of gaelic football (words tothateffect). That’s precisely why Sean is a multiple All Ireland winner. Gotta love the Tyrone attitude. Reputations mean NOTHING to them, and by god they’ll not fear us.

  91. I think Kerry were partly psyched out of it before a ball was thrown in today….. The COVID story got many people including me really believing that the Northeners would be limping and needing oxygen bottles at the water breaks…..As COVID is a hard respiratory virus for many, it would be easy for any opposition to have some degree of false belief that there was a wound there to open…….How could you not think that…..But.far from it, as we saw…..

  92. No. Donegal were favourites

    @ Liberal…Remember too, Tyrone played in the final 3 yrs ago, so plenty of them have final experience and they won an u21 in 2015.

    While we may historically have an edge over them in championship, they sure as hell have given us plenty of lessons in the league over the years. Most recently last October when Conor McKenna ran the show. While we did narrow it back to a point, Tyrone were the better side on a very unusual score line….

    Mayo 1-19 (22pts) to Tyrone 3-14 (23pts)

    Look familiar???

    We need to remedy that.

  93. I remember the game last October well. Aido was doubled up on at FF and completely snuffed out. Tommy Conroy scored 1-3. Canavan and McKenna did the damage for Tyrone.

    We were very naive defensively that day. Pushing up aggressively on Tyrone kickouts even against the breeze.

  94. That’s true Mayonaze re their final appearance.

    And good reference point noting last October league match. Lessons to be learned. They’ve threats all over the pitch.

  95. I agree Liberal role. Mayo never and don’t fear Dublin. But there is a considerable amount of Mayo fans (older mostly I might add) who fawn and drool over Kerry football…load of crap. Tear onto them like Amy other team. Tyrone never show them respect and they have beaten them deservingly.

    I respect Kerry football but don’t fear them. If Kerry were in Ulster they wouldn’t have near as many All Ireland’s.

  96. Let’s be honest. Before throw-in today, if you were told tyrone would win by a point, you’d have been bloody delighted!
    Neither Kerry nor Tyrone were great today to say the least. If we perform for the full 70-80 mins (unlike last 2 matches) we will win. It’s up to our lads to grab it.

  97. I suspect it’ll be a dogged low scoring affair, the final. Probably not much excitement for the neutral. But I genuinely believe we have a great chance. Possibly our best chance in years and I would be saying that whether it was Tyrone or Kerry.

  98. Today was a weird one. At the start I would have bitten your hand off for a Tyrone victory. This was mainly based on our history against Kerry in finals and believing the hype about this Kerry team. Now in my mind beating Kerry in the final would be all the sweeter but at this stage I just want to see Mayo win and I felt playing Tyrone in a final would be a better option.

    By the time it was all over, I think I would have rathered see Kerry in the final especially if they were minus an injured David Clifford. There were times in that match where Tyrone ran at that Kerry backline and completely opened them up. With the sheer pace in the Mayo team I could see Mayo do some serious damage.

    Now I really feel the time has come to lay some ghosts to rest. It won’t be easy but there is absolutely no reason for Mayo to not go ahead and win this final. If we play to our potential for seventy minutes plus I really feel we will have too much for Tyrone. It’s gonna be a long two weeks!

  99. Will leave the detailed analysis to the experts and really looking forward to the podcasts – but please God let the boys win!

  100. Would have preferred Kerry to win especially as looking like Clifford would miss the final
    Tyrone are physical and tenacious,I feel the key is to get ahead of them,which means they have to push out and leave gaps at the back

  101. @Exile, what experts are you thinking about, these are the same guys that stated Dublin would beat Mayo and Kerry would easily beat Tyrone. Those experts were playing safe or just don’t believe it can be done.
    They say if you hear the same shite time and time again that you will believe it to be true, Kerry were made out to be All Ireland favourites, great team etc.

    It’s far time that Mayo actually believe they should win All Ireland finals, dump the previous final appearances for good and do whatever it takes to win in 2 weeks time.
    Plenty good enough to do it.

  102. We start at the bottom of the hill. No airs or graces. It’s all about being humble and believing in the challenge ahead.

    One last hill to climb.

    70 years waiting.

  103. I didnt see Tyrone’s win over Donegal but they put 23 points past them. That’s some score, right?

  104. We are in for one hell of a scrap in 2 weeks time against a battle hardened outfit in Tyrone and although I would have been wary of getting into a gunfight with Kerry I think we should take the game to Tyrone and attack them from the off.
    We will need to be wary of Tyrone on the break and will have to make sure we remember to mind the house at all times which may be crucial.

  105. I was in the 25% that picked Tyrone to win.

    I was hoping so much that we would be playing Kerry as I feel they would have been a much easier nut to crack.

    I don’t understand the people that think Tyrone are the easier option of the two.

    They are teak tough, mentally and physically. This all Ireland has become a much tougher proposition imo now that we have to face Tyrone.

    Anyway. Tyrone it is and in two weeks time I believe we will witness one of the toughest all Ireland’s in manies the long year.

    Two teams that will not know when they are beaten.

    By fuck it’s going to be a tough All Ireland to win.

  106. @liberal. I agree with you about kerry losing big games. Was thinking about it after the game since their win in 2000 they have come up against Tyrone Dublin and mayo at their peak and only for the refs help in 2014 they lost almost all those games. Winning what could be described as soft all irelands in 04,06 and 09 against poorish teams. It seems they living of the reputation from the 70s and 80s.

  107. Revellino understand if you are using Tyrone tactics and talking them up. Outside of that would take Tyrone everyday over Kerry.

  108. Justoutsideballagh, I agree fully with Revellino.

    Tyrone will not know when they are beaten and they are teak tough, and it is this that makes them a very dangerous proposition.

    I cannot say Kerry showed that hard tenacity – they need to find that.

    If we are to win, we will earn it, and we need to play until the final whistle, we need to be prepared, tuned in, and as Mayo13BG says, keep humble and graft.

    In my opinion, if we do this, we are in with a good shout.

  109. Will the GAA increase the attendance for the final inline with the Government easing of restrictions?

  110. I would have prefered Kerry in all honesty. These days they are all fur coat and no knickers, silky footballers who don’t like a battle. Any time a team has gone toe to toe with them in recent years they have crumbled, whether it be against a 14 man Dublin for over half of the drawn All-Ireland final in 2019 (could you imagine what would have been said if we had failed to win in those circumstances?), losing against a poor Cork side last year and now capitulating to Tyrone.

    We’d have pulverised them if they had won through against Tyrone, no doubt in my mind whatsoever about that.

    Tyrone on the other hand have the stomach for the battle, decent forwards (although not as technically skilled as Kerry’s) and a very solid defensive set-up. Conceding just one goal through a competitive Ulster championship and against a free-scoring Kerry says all we need to know.

    This will not be an easy match by any manner of means.

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