Getting geared up for tomorrow

Photo by Catcol from his holliers

The focus is now switching firmly to the match we have to play tomorrow evening. Our latest do-or-die test in the qualifiers, another step – we hope – on the road to the All-Ireland Series, the Super 8s and all that fun and games.

There’s been a fair bit of activity on the blog today about tickets and I’d say this is set to continue well into the evening. As I’ve been doing so far, I’m happy to keep facilitating such interaction and I can put people directly in touch via email if that helps. If you’re happy for the world and his/her spouse to see your mobile number then knock yourself out and post it here if it helps you give/get a ticket more easily.  Just bear in mind that, if you attempt to post your email address, WordPress interprets this as an internet link and so will deposit the comment straight into moderation.

On that note, as I said in the comments, I’m around to do this kind of behind-the-scenes handshaking today but I have to drop the young lad to Connemara early doors tomorrow for the start of his first ever Gaeltacht adventure before I then head to Newbridge. This means I won’t be online for much of the day tomorrow. A by-product of this, I should add, is that there’s going to be a serious noise deficit in our support with the young buck not there so the rest of you lot who are going will simply have to roar that bit louder.

Talking of being there, I was informed a short time ago about the availability to purchase a pair of tickets for the game if anyone is interested. They’ll be available to collect either in Balla or Kiltimagh later on this evening or early tomorrow so if anyone wants them and can take part in the necessary rendezvous in either place shout now. First shout secures both tickets. UPDATE: Those tickets are now gone.  

In terms of logistics for tomorrow, I think I’m not alone in having a small concern at the back of my mind about parking. The Garda traffic management plan announced by Kildare GAA is here and if you’re driving you’ll need to have a good look at it and plan your journey accordingly. Get there early, appears to be the most sensible advice.

At least the match programmes have arrived, as I see Kildare GAA have also confirmed. That’s nice.

Our team for tomorrow evening’s match will be announced later on this evening. I’ll post details here when that happens.

Team news already released today by Mayo GAA relates to our Connacht U17 Round 4 fixture against Galway at Tuam Stadium – full details here. This match throws in at Tuam this evening at 7.30pm. There are worse ways to pass some time on a scorching Friday evening in summer. Best of luck to Tomás Morley and the lads in that one.

27 thoughts on “Getting geared up for tomorrow

  1. If its still scorching at 7pm tomorrow, would it be better to start the young lads and run the bejaysus out of Kildare for the first 40 minutes or start the experienced lads and bring on the young lads later on to run the bejaysus out of Kildare ? I’m leaning towards starting as many of the young lads as possible. Let them empty the tank and then send on a few of the more experienced lads to pile on the agony.

  2. Any chance of Barry Moran playing ? Lack of big men compared to Kildare is startling.

  3. Running around in the sun is no place for big men, only joking but by all accounts the pitch will be rock and we don’t need any more injuries…

  4. Forecast for Newbridge is actually not that bad, about 23 degrees. Still warm and would suggest more long ball in with a good ball winner inside might yield divideds.

  5. If everyone brings 2 chairs with them tomorrow that will bring the capacity up to 24,600. The chairs will be badly needed anyway when the big cccc predicted crowd trouble and riot breaks out.
    No sofas.

  6. WJ, with everything that goes on in a busy house plus work, I honestly don’t know how you find time to put in the hours necessary to run the blog. You must have a masters degree in Time Management. Thanks again.

  7. Marcella can I grab that adult ticket off you? I’m in the Ballina area, thanks.

  8. Pat i can meet you in Dublin City tomorrow desperate for a ticket. How can I contact you?

  9. Team up on Mayo Gaa Twitter. Diarmuid and Stephen centrefield. No other changes.

  10. I have one adult season ticket not being used. Can meet in Newbridge if anyone interested.

  11. Top o’ the morning to ye..
    Looking forward from my hospital bed to this evenings game. I was admitted to Mayo Gen on Thursday witha a dicky ticker, so i’ve been advised about the excitement levels for later!
    I like the look of our side, although i fear we may be a little lightweight around the middle third compared to the Lillies, so i’d expect Aido to pull back a bit and help in this area, i’m sure he will. Kildare aren’t the team they were a few years back, and even though they are at home and may have their tails up after ‘newbridgegate’, i still expect our superior class and majority support to pave the way to a win for us by 5/6 points. My prediction – Mayo 2.13, Kildare 1.10.
    By the way WJ, that’s the Portugeese flag that catcol has posted above, not the Mayo flag, just saying!
    Maigh Eo Abú!!

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