Gilvarry for minor gig

Terry Reilly of the Irish Examiner is reporting via Twitter (with thanks to Digits for the heads-up on this) that Enda Gilvarry was this evening named as the new manager of the Mayo minors.  The Mayo News stated earlier in the week that the decision on the appointment of the manager of the minor team would be made on Thursday and while there’s not yet any official announcement confirming the appointment, there’s no reason either to doubt the veracity of Terry’s story.

Enda has a strong pedigree within the Mayo GAA scene, having been a member of the most recent team – in 1985 – that claimed All-Ireland success at minor level for the county.  He went on to manage his native Ballina to senior county success in 2003 and 2004 and he has also been in charge of nearby Killala. He joined former minor boss Tony Duffy’s backroom team as a selector last year and has now seen off opposition from the joint ticket of John Kelly and Vinnie Gavin to become the new man at the helm for the county’s minor team. Best of luck to him in the role.

16 thoughts on “Gilvarry for minor gig

  1. Here we go!

    I bet jh will take him back, why not? If he shuts his mouth and does what he’s told and accept that he may not be the centre of the universe after all he may find Horan will use him.
    I felt bad for mort last June or July when he should really have started but that’s the way it’s goes sometimes, I have seen terrible footballers getting a game while much better sat on the bench because they were from a different county to the man in charge.
    But, Mortimer should have sat there and waited his chance which would have came within 20 minutes of the game he walked out on. He would be an addition to mayo and the fact is that Mayo are inches away from being a champion team for at least a year sometime soon.
    JH appears to be a determined chap, as far as Mayo are involved, Mortimer back as early as possible would be a good thing. I bet Andy Moran and co would welcome him back.

  2. As the man himself said, it’s a matter for the team management to decide. JH will make the decision as to whether Mortimer could fit in again.

  3. A better player by far than the 11,13 and 15 that started the final but we need to find a few big young players who can win their own ball and score.However, watching the atrocious standard of football played at club level this year,these type of players will be hard to find.It sums him up when he goes through to the media to say he wants to come back instead of knuckling down,working hard and shutting his mouth.

  4. Conor is going to eat crow if wants to wear a Mayo jersey in 2013. My money is on him being back for the fbd after the hatchet is buried.

  5. He let down the management and team last season.

    At the same time he is needed. We should always play our best team. If he is deemed good enough bring him back. Management and player will be eating h.p.???

  6. If he does come back I hope he shows more respect to the jersey on his 2nd coming, than he did his first.I was disgusted by his actions this year,as I was 10 years ago versus limerick . Perhaps he can aid the cause, and if so , this time , then Mayo must come first and get over his childish behaviour . I for one couldn’t care less what names appear on the team sheet if we win the Sam .

  7. Would be a positive development if he rejoins the squad. With possibly andy Moran and a Conor Mortimer who buys into horans team philosophy, our forward options would be greatly strengthened from the all Ireland final. I would love to see him come back, keep his head down and work hard, and hopefully make a valuable contribution to the team next year, time will tell

  8. Agree with above contributions particularly David’s post which I think is spot on.
    Anything that increases our options is to be welcomed.
    If we are ever going to win the big one we need at least 25 players operating at the required level and as Brighton said we also need to find a few big young players who can win their own ball and score.
    Here’s to 2013. All our main rivals have taken the holy grail in recent seasons. Alone we stand as we approach the new year. May we also stand alone come September.

  9. There’s a reason Conor didn’t start the Connacht final: he isn’t good enough. He can’t win his own ball and he is too easily bullied out of a game. This was demonstrated on countless occasions e.g. in both of the All-Ireland Finals he played, and again most disappointingly in this year’s League final where Cork hit him a few hefty shoulders and left him utterly anonymous.

    He’s accurate with frees. So is Cillian O’Connor, and Cillian can hit 45s too. Cillian may not take them from the right wing for Mayo at the moment but I don’t see that situation lasting much longer, and Enda Varley can fill in – and has done, impressively – in the meantime.

    Along with being too small to win his own ball and too easily bullied, he is also too prone to the stupid, selfish type of gesture we saw against Limerick years ago and again IN THE WEEK OF THE CONNACHT FINAL last year. I put that in capitals so people might remember it. Particularly the timing.

    That’s about the last thing you expect a ‘team’ player to do. It was outrageous. It remains outrageous now. And don’t get me started on the radio interview with the family trying to make the situation into a second Saipan.

    Bottom line, Conor walked, as ‘mé féiners’ do. Mayo moved on, as real teams do. No regrets, and I certainly hope there’s no going back.

  10. One of the highlights for me this year was Horan getting rid of Conor, there is no place for a [deleted] in a sucessful team. I left the AI final disappoined, but at least we knew we had a team united in the cause for Mayo football. A team who fought to the end, despite loosing Andy for semi and final.
    That would be lost in an instant if Conor ever wore the Green and Red again. No matter how good he is (or thinks he is), the improvement after he walked was massive and I put this down to the boys pulling togeather.

  11. I just don’t understand what all the fuss is about regarding Mortimer, he’s been around the Mayo team for years and has never in my opinion performed on the big stage. DavyJ is spot on, he may have scored a lot of frees and from play against weaker teams but when the going got tough against the big teams, he went missing.

    Anyway were he to come back now, I couldn’t see him making any worthwhile contribution to the team. Also there’s been to much water under the bridge at this stage and the last thing the Manager needs, is for this whole sorry mess to continue into next year !!!

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