Glór hits the thirty mark

You’ll indulge me, I’m sure, while I give a plug to a local endeavour of significant note. This comes in the form of the annual magazine of the Aghamore area, Glór Achadh Mór, which was published, as it always is, just before Christmas.

This year’s annual is a significant one, as it’s the 30th anniversary edition. Much has changed in Aghamore and the wider world since the late Eighties and, thanks to those contributing to the Glór every year, plenty of detail about that change, coupled with information on what life was like in the locality in the distant and not-so-distant past, has been captured within the annual’s covers down the years.

My late uncle used to refer to Glór simply as ‘Joe Byrne’s book’ and that wasn’t far from the mark as an apt description of it. The annual was Joe’s brainchild and it’s largely thanks to his indefatigable stewardship that this milestone has been achieved.

Joe would, though, be the first to point out that the magazine is a team effort. Many of those who put their shoulders to the wheel on it have done so for several years and, in his Introduction to this year’s edition, Joe pays tribute to four people who’ve been involved every single year since 1988. This ongoing effort is, surely, community action at its finest.

This year’s edition is organised around four main sections – Contemporary, Arts & Review, Reminiscence & Reflection and Sport & Leisure. Each section contains a wealth of articles and photos, with the sports section edited once again by Adrian Hession, who, of course, has guested here on the site on a number of occasions.

Packed to the brim with local lore, as well as stories from Aghamore people who have spread their wings far and wide, there’s plenty in this year’s edition to interest everyone. Glór 2018 is on sale widely in Aghamore, Kilkelly, Knock and Ballyhaunis.

11 thoughts on “Glór hits the thirty mark

  1. I’m not sure, James – you might have to take a trip out the road to get it! In Kilkelly Tarpey’s and Cunniffe’s have it, as do Coyne’s petrol station on the N17 between Kilkelly and Knock. In Knock Burke’s, Heneghan’s and Costcutter have it, while it’s available in Forde’s, Herr’s, Caulfield’s and The Gem in Ballyhaunis as well as in Aghamore itself at Moran’s.

  2. Hello,

    Are there any past publications available? My Grandfather had a feature story in the 2006 edition, The Yank, only a few are floating around with the family in America, I would love to get another copy.

  3. As an American, my Aunt Kitty gave me the 2003 edition. As the family tree entusiast in the family Pages 102 and 103 of that edition has members of my family. Is there a way to obtain past and present editions here in the states? Thank you. Bill

  4. Hello, I have Mullee ancestor’s who were from the Aghamore area and are featured in the 2003 edition that the previous post mentioned. I am also in the United States but was wondering if there was any way to get past editions, either on line or at any local store in Ireland. I will be visiting Ireland in the beginning of May and will be in that area. Thank you

  5. Hi I am from Australia I am interested in an article published in your magazine by Michael Kelly in 2016.
    Aghamore to Adelaide The world travels of Peter Moran (1850 – 1934). Peter Moran was my great grandfather, and I am acknowledged in the article for use of my family history research.
    I along with 3 younger sisters and a brother are planning a visit to Ireland in October 2023. We are planning to visit the Ballyhaunis area the birthplace of our ancestors. We were wondering if you had a contact email for Michael Kelly as we are very interested in perhaps meeting up with him.
    Many thanks for any help you may b able to provide for us it would be much appreciated.
    Kind regards Faye James (nee Moran)

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