Goal glut seals FBD win in Big Apple

The lads obviously weren’t taking any chances in Gaelic Park in New York a bit earlier on and they clearly were in no mood to get sucked into a second battle this year against overseas opposition. 4-5 to 0-3 to the good against the Exiles at half-time, we ran out 7-12 to 2-8 winners in the end to seal a second FBD title on the trot. More later on from a special correspondent who was at the match in the Bronx.

10 thoughts on “Goal glut seals FBD win in Big Apple

  1. I know it doesn’t make much difference but on the Mayogaa twitter it said FT was 2-09 to 7-11

  2. Willie how’s it going back there , I read your column every week enjoy your comments, miss the old Games every Sunday but follow the results on the net.

  3. The game finished 7.12 to 2.08.Ger caff went off in the first half with what looked like a shoulder injury.The game was not much better than a challenge game as cillian oconnor finished the game as a contest with 2 first half goals.Not to much to learn from this as NY were poor and the game was blown up 5 min early

  4. Given the carefree way that the dubs are throwing sam around the capital we could prob just snatch it and forget about having to play football for it at all! Any volunteers

  5. Maybe the USA should review the strict immigration laws. There are not too many Irish moving there anymore and the football team will get some wicked beatings in the coming years before the plug is pulled.

  6. Agree David.I was home a for the All Ireland a few weeks back and was amazed by the amount of people still smitten by Mr Obama.He has been a huge bust and pretty much continued on the with same policies of Bush which includes completely ignoring immigration reform.Boston teams are also struggling for numbers as its now very hard to live illegally anywhere in the country.Its sad to see.

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