Goals galore under the Dome

It was, in hindsight, an inspired decision to shift this match from Claremorris to the Dome.

On my way down from Dublin this morning I’d battled through heavy rain and howling winds but the day down here in the west was fine and sunny for a time. The beating rain outside was, though, clearly audible during the match and, sitting here now in the carpark in the gathering winter darkness, it’s hammering down on the roof of the car.

Speaking of the car, I need to be somewhere else fairly soon so I’ll keep this account of today’s game – if it could be thus termed – short. In truth, this match was merely the prelude to the pre-season so it doesn’t really merit much in the way of serious discussion.

Today’s match was, first and foremost, a fundraiser for the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. There was a decent-sized crowd in the Dome today and, one assumes, plenty more watching the stream on Mayo GAA TV so hopefully this very deserving cause received plenty of well-deserved financial support from today’s game.

The game itself was a useful run-out for all the players involved. There was the chance to impress for some of the lesser-known fringe players, the opportunity for a few returning players to announce their reappearance and, of course, it also provided a stage for the experienced lads to show why they’re still so key to our hopes.

Of the first cohort, names like Tom O’Flaherty, who hammered home a real rasper of a goal in the first half, Diarmuid Duffy, Kevin Quinn, Conor Reid, Conal Dawson and Kuba Callaghan all stood out. Rory Brickenden, Eoin O’Donoghue and Rob Hennelly – the latter a guest on our Final Whistle pod after the game – were prominent returnees while Ryan O’Donoghue, Paddy Durcan, Sam Callinan, Jordan Flynn, Jack Carney and Cillian O’Connor all showed why they’ll be central to what we aim to do this year.

The Mayo selection ran out winners by 7-20 to 0-17. I dutifully kept a log of scorers for most of the first half but the scores were coming so regularly and, given the near-impossibility of telling the similarly attired players apart for this poor benighted colour-blind observer, I gave up that task for the remainder of the game.

It goes without saying – but I’ll say it nonetheless – that the goals were decisive in deciding the outcome. The ones for the Mayo selection were bagged, in this order, by Paul Towey, Conor McStay, Tom O’Flaherty, Cillian O’Connor, Kuba Callaghan, Paddy Durcan and Eoghan McLaughlin.

Mayo GAA have some highlights of the game, which you’ll find here.

Our Final Whistle pod from the Dome is up now on Patreon. On it, I chat with Rob Hennelly and Club Stars co-manager Niall Heffernan.

3 thoughts on “Goals galore under the Dome

  1. Happy new year to all, and thanks for the Blog Willie Joe.
    A good GAA friend of mine, trained Meath to win a minor and u21 all Irelands was constantly asking me what happened Brickendon, he rated him as a full back prospect.
    Hope he makes it.

  2. FBD Team;



    McLeod ~


    Touhy ~

    Quinn ~
    Feeney ~

    I was impressed with the 4 guys who played for the All Stars – marked with a ~. – Quinn scored well. McLeod showed well in a 6 like position with Aido behind him; might be another season or two away from championship ready on the S&C side. Feeney looks well able physically; and may actually be more suited to League football than the indoor FBD. Touhy oozed classed and looks ready to devour as much football as he can get his teeth into.

    Duffy also showed really well; but I was really impressed with the half forwards on show today. Irwin and Touhy look like a bit of FBD will have them league ready; dropping Tom O’Flaherty feels harsh tbh.

    Hands down Ryan O’Donoghue was the best fullforward on show – but Ryan does not need an fbd campaign.
    Best fullforward line though, was the one that the All Stars started with – the link up between Regan and Aiden was brilliant, and I hope Evan is at least sticking on the boots in training every once in awhile to show the younger lads how it’s done. Feeney showed well in there too, and despite his age, his natural physique suggests he might hold his own in the league.
    Quinn scored well when he came in.
    I’d like to see James Carr and Tommy Conroy get a bit of FBD time.
    Cillian and Towey scored well, but I still have doubts over Towey physically and Cillian by his own standards doesn’t deserve to start the next game; I have no idea when he came off, it could have been at any point after 20 minutes.

    I was really impressed with Donnacha McHugh at midfield – looking like he’s possibly the next Donal Vaughan. Flynn looks like he’s taking on the responsibility of leading the team, and the FBD is ideal for that.

    Paddy showed best in the half back line. Fahey earnt another run. Eoghan was prominent at the end of the first half, but I think we should at this stage be expecting more from him. Callahan and Kelly on the All Stars worth keeping an eye on.

    Brickenden and Boland showed well enough to keep their places. Keane has the jersey but I’d hope there are lads putting serious pressure on him.

    Very positive day – a lot of talent on show.
    A lot of talent we haven’t seen yet either…
    Excited for the year, and years, ahead.

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