Going South

The sun is shining and it’s veering on warm here in the capital today, where, with my Mac still busted and lots of non-laptop stuff to do, this’ll need to be a quick one.

The Brother and myself are heading off tomorrow morning to Páirc Uí Chaoimh for the match  – that’ll be another GAA ground ticked off the list – where we’re obviously hoping to see the lads book their place in the NFL final, also against the Rebels in a fortnight’s time.  It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that what we want to see tomorrow (apart from a teamsheet) is another of those committed, all-for-one-and-one-for-all away performances, one that sees us get one over on the Langers before we then face them for real at Croke Park two weeks hence.

But, of course, regardless of how we get on down South, what happens up in Omagh will be of equal importance in dictating this year’s NFL final line-up.  Tyrone need to win to be sure of staying in Division 1 (although it looks like Derry and Monaghan are for the hop there) while Pat Gilroy has been poo-pawing any talk about the league being important and has picked his team accordingly.  I expect Tyrone to win tomorrow, which, of course, would mean we’d be in the league final regardless of what happens to us in Páirc Uí Chaoimh.

In that sense, it could turn out to be an odd game for us because if it becomes clear by half-time that the Dubs have little chance of beating Tyrone, minds are likely to starting wandering in the Southern capital, with attention possibly switching to the real clash between us in the decider at HQ.  I hope this doesn’t happen and that instead we tear into them – mindful of those lacerating championship defeats suffered to them down the years – with the aim of ensuring that we book our place in the final on the basis of our own efforts.  I’m reasonably optimistic that we’ll do this.

Enough of the blather – I think the grass hereabouts finally needs to be reacquainted with the lawnmower.  Back after the match with some audio blabbering and then the usual (albeit Windows-based) match report later on tomorrow night. ‘Till then.

3 thoughts on “Going South

  1. I’ll be there myself WJ. Here’s to the sunshine and a place in the league final!

  2. I must add my voice to the complaints about the lack of TV coverage. As I wasn’t able to be in Cork, I looked forward to seeing some highlights of what sounded like a great performance, but not even a short report on Sunday Sport!! Indeed even TG4 didn’t give us as much as deferred coverage. When they were planning their coverage, they probably didn’t anticipate that Mayo would be in the running for a final spot. Anyway, we must bear in mind that, if Dublin are playing, their game must be covered

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