Good luck to Galway’s hurlers today

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It’s a wet old morning here in the capital but it looks as if the deluge is finally easing off. It may even be dry for this afternoon’s All-Ireland hurling final at Croke Park.

It’s impossible as a neutral not to be torn about who you’d like to see win this one. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want Waterford to end a gap that stretches all the way back to 1959? Equally, you’d need to be sadly lacking in empathy not to wish that Galway would finally end a sequence of final losses that, while paling against our own House of Pain, now numbers six since they last tasted glory in 1988.

Whichever way today’s historic Liam McCarthy Cup decider goes it’ll end a long famine in either Waterford or Galway. Much and all as I’d like the Deise to enjoy the sweet taste of All-Ireland success, the West is the West. And so I simply have to root for Galway today.

It’s been a great GAA summer this year west of the Shannon. Now, with the evenings drawing in and the first hints of cold in the air, it’s time to bring the harvest in. What a September it would be if Galway win the hurling today and our two football teams do likewise in two and three weeks time respectively.

So the best of luck to the neighbours today. Up the West. C’mon Galway.

31 thoughts on “Good luck to Galway’s hurlers today

  1. Agree Willie Joe. It’s hard not to empathise with Waterford but my heart belongs to the West. Rooting for Galway and wishing for the West to clear the boards this year. The west’s awake!

  2. Best of luck Galway – I let the wife off for the big day in Croke Park today – makes up for all my Mayo outings all year. The Wests awake!!!

  3. Have to go with Waterford because they have suffered like us…bad beating in Croke Park…no cup since 50s …still keep coming back.Sure Galway won in 87 88 98 01 so its Waterford for me.
    Having said that my emotion on hold either way for 2 weeks time!

  4. Great stuff lads.. On route now and hoping that today Joe Canning will lead us to glory.. Liam to come West today and Sam to follow in 2 weeks !

  5. I know that a lot of Galway people shout for us in finals therefore I’ll do the same today for them.
    The thing I like about Waterford though is that they are playing to a system that’s really working and it doesn’t matter if key personnel are missing, i.e. de Burca in the semi. That’s the sign of a team in the zone and it’s something I like a lot about them.

  6. Best of luck galway. Will be roaring yea on. I wish yea silverware on your mantlepiece come 5pm.

    Hon the tribe.

  7. I will be happy for whichever of the teams that win today, Waterford’s long wait since 1958 and Galways bad fortune with 6 losses since winning back in 1988.
    Mayo actually combine both of those teams misfortunes, haven’t won Sam since 51 and have a record of 8 losses, all in all, I would prefer Galway to win and hopefully lead the way for the Western revival. It’s within both of the teams capabilities to finally banish the demons once and for all. The West may be truly awake in a few weeks time.

  8. I think Galway will do it. Their strength and physicality this year has been impressive. Shame it couldn’t be against one of the traditional hurling powers but they will be foolish to underestimate Waterford. Overall it will be a spectacle. Hon the Wesht

  9. Best of luck to Galway seniors, the minors are doing OK at the moment after half time

    Let’s hope this willl be a memorable year for the West.

  10. Have to go with the neighbours and fully expect them to do it on the day. It’s a novel pairing and a nice change from the Kilkenny, Tipp and Cork. Hope it’s a tight game and goes down to the wire

  11. “Mayo actually combine both of those team’s misfortunes” – You nailed it there, ’88. I’m torn on this one and will be delighted for whoever prevails.

  12. Willie Joe, thanks you very much for that, nice touch. Minor and Senior double, I’m numb to be honest.

  13. That was some game, it looked like Waterford were nervous and couldn’t control the ball like they normally do. Well done to Galway, I’d say the buck giving the speech at the end spent as much time writing as he did training to actually play the game. Waterford will be back but the definitely need to work on ball control, that was the difference. A lesson in it for Mayo, do the simple stuff right and you’ll be in with a chance.

  14. Congratulations Galway! So satisfying to see a Connacht team bringing silverware back to the west. And hard luck to Waterford. If you feel like throwing in the towel and can’t find inspiration then you should take a look at how our lads have dealt with All-Ireland defeats and keep coming back again and again and again.

  15. Amazing scenes on the final whistle. Found myself welling up too. Really wanted Galway to win, my grandmother is from Connemara, but it was more the thought of Mayo replicating that feat.

    I’m not religious, quite the opposite, but if there is anyone up there…..

  16. After ten years of trying Joe Canning gets his Celtic cross. Inspirational, highlighting the huge sacrifice players make. It won’t be lonely around the fields of Athenry tonight. We in Mayo can take a lot of inertia from this result. Let’s complete the double for the west

  17. Great game today It really is the greatest spectacle. Delighted to see Galway win and indeed do the double. In those last ten minutes you could see how the hurt of 2012 and 2015 was driving them on today was not going to be a repeat of those years and the other finals lost since 1988. We can be in the same position in two weeks time and use that hurt to get over the finishing line at last. Waterford can be proud of their efforts and as King Henry said left nothing behind Just beaten by the best team in the country all year.

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