Good luck to Galway

The Covid-era Christmas All-Ireland final was weird – as so much of life in those lockdown times was – but so too is today’s late-July Sam Maguire decider. This year’s Championship has gone by at dizzying speed, with the shutters coming clanging down on the 2022 inter-county season once today’s final is over.

As it does, either Galway or Kerry will be crowned All-Ireland champions. From our perspective, having lost to both of them in this campaign, we can have no complaints. Regrets, for sure, but we had our chances against both of them and weren’t able to capitalise on these opportunities.

So instead we find ourselves looking on as two counties many of us would prefer not to win the All-Ireland battle it out for glory. There’s been a good discussion here on the blog all week about which of the two people would like to see win (or lose). Like much in life, it’s a personal choice.

I get the point made by those living in Galway or close to the border about what’s heading their way should the Tribesmen prevail. I can associate with that, having lived up here in Dublin right through the blue wave, when we lost five times to the Dubs at the business end of the Championship, three times in the final itself. That stung but, you know, you get over it.

It’s important to note in this respect the often stark difference between what one encounters in the real world and on social media. Sure, there are plenty of eejits in the former (and we have our own too) but GAA Twitter can often be a deranged and toxic place – more than most, where it comes to Mayo – and the worst of it should simply be avoided.

There’s a fair bit of angst among our supporters this week that the thing we’ve long dreaded – that they’d win the bloody thing before we would – may be about to come true. But, you know, it’s not as if we haven’t had our chances to make sure that didn’t happen, having contested eight finals since they were last in it. And we lost the bloody lost of them.

There’ll be Mayo supporters shouting for Kerry today and plenty more shouting for Galway. Plenty too doing no shouting at all.

For my own part, I hope Galway do it. As has also been pointed out on the blog this week, Connacht teams have only rarely won the All-Ireland – this has only happened a grand total of 14 times. Given the prominent place Gaelic football holds for all Connacht counties, that’s a damning statistic.

A win for Galway today would raise the province’s profile and it would also, for sure, make ourselves and the Rossies sharpen our focus still further for next year. Plus, whichever of us draws Galway in Connacht next year will get the chance to sock it the All-Ireland champions then.

Aside from all that, though, I think Galway’s story this year is a compelling one. Damien Comer a reborn wrecking ball, Paul Conroy still doing his stuff in the engine room in his fifteenth year as an inter-county player, unshowy but hugely talented lads like Seán Kelly, John Daly, Cillian McDaid and Matthew Tierney going about their stuff match after match. And the prospect of Shane Walsh catching fire on the biggest day of all.

Set against this, do we really need to see Kerry win another All-Ireland? Personally, I was done with them after the four-in-a-row and I’ve no desire to see them win what would be their first title in eight years.

If they do it – as they’re favoured to – then the concern for everyone looking in is that this could be the start of another dynasty. And, you know, it could.

If they lose it, though, it could set them back years. This would also mean opportunities for others to snatch titles over the next few years at a time when standards aren’t as high as when Dublin were in their prime.

As I said, it’s up to each of us to shout for whoever we want later on today. For me, though, it’s a no-brainer – it has to be Galway.

It breaks my heart that we never did it when we had all those chances – especially last year, the one that broke so many of us – but it’s the neighbours who have that opportunity today and I hope they do it. The very best of luck to them.

134 thoughts on “Good luck to Galway

  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if Galway lose today but go on to win it next year…

  2. I heard enough ‘Show us your medals’ shouts at Mayo players for years after 98 to realise that I never want to see Galway win one

  3. Well said,of course I am in North Mayo so it is not as bad as being on the border,but we should always support our neighbours,as you said we have had t chances to win it,hopefully next year,but today it is up Galway

  4. Well said Willie Joe, I know why I supported Mayo all these years and will continue to do, despite being a Galway woman. Hoping for a fantastic team effort and to shade it!

  5. Final score Ky 2-13 to Galway 0-12
    Hopefully Willie Joe with a good break now, a new manager, a few new players, a new style of play we will all get our appetite back again next year.

  6. I was all for Galway to win Sam until i saw posts on Facebook today about Kerry going to do a Mayo and choke in the final and the Convoy of Galway cars ready to go into Ballindine and Shrule “celebrating” well screw Galway and the horse they rode in on I hope Kerry hammer them out the gate and Clifford score 4 or 5 goals. Best of luck Gamechanger10 and all from Kerry.

  7. That kinda makes my point, Glorydays. I wouldn’t be relying on Facebook – or any other social media platform – as a barometer for anything and I doubt very much that what you’ve come across there is representative of mainstream Galway opinions.

  8. That’s a brilliant article WJ and I would hope it captures the views and thoughts of the vast majority on here but obviously not all. A Kerry win today will embolden them beyond belief and they could go on to win another four in a row or more. On the other hand a Galway win will level the National playing field and thereby give ourselves a better chance in the coming years.

  9. I’ll be supporting Galway and hope they win. It is not their fault that with so many chances since 2001 we never finished the job. That is entirely down to ourselves especially last year. In 98 after we blew it in 96 and 97 they showed us how to do it and have every chance of doing it again today.

  10. Well said WJ. You nearly had me swayed but I still can’t go completely behind Galway and I’m North West Mayo.
    Kerry Galway is the worst combination for me. My heart can’t go with either but I know I could stomach a Kerry win easier. It’s awful and it makes me feel guilty esp on one of my best friends who is from Galway but I was the same over 20 years ago at the Kerry Galway final drawn game with her. Standing beside her in Croke Park I realised when it came to the crunch I didn’t want Galway to win and it shocked me at the time. And I’d nearly bet on it that her heart hasn’t bled for Mayo over our 8 final losses since. Even though the poor girl made mayo headbands with me in the mid 90’s run. I’d say Galway sick to the teeth of us the past decade. So really I should say we had our chances and didn’t do it and good luck to them but I can’t. Where does it come from?! Who knows?! My dad is fully behind them today. There was no social media over 20 years ago but I suppose we had come off the back of two defeats for me to be wounded. It’s some sort of rivalry I can’t get past. Like Kerry cork/Dublin meath/ Donegal Tyrone. It just applies to football. I don’t want my friend to be upset today but it’s only a game of football at the end of the day. Oops!!! Says me who is finding it hard to deal with the match and I’m not even from either county involved. Ha ha!!

  11. @williejoe. Believe me it is the mainstream view anywhere near the border. Lads who can’t name 3 players on the galway team telling us how they’ll show us how to win the all ireland. Nightmare stuff if they win.

  12. Fair play to them Cheseny , it’s great to see the true supporters make an appearance on AIF day , it warms the heart .

  13. Chesney I wonder where all these Galway supporters were for the last 20 years – nowhere to be seen.

  14. Good luck to Galway today??? imagine seeing this on a Cork gaa forum wishing good luck to Kerry in an All Ireland final or Meath wishing good luck to Dublin.Imagine Manchester United wishing good luck to Liverpool in a Champions League Final.Imagine the FAI wishing good luck to England in a World cup Final or Argentina wishing Brazil good luck ,noI couldnt see it but some Mayo people feel they have to wish Galway good luck cause it benefits the West,I just dont get it.I hate even turning on the telly seeing any winner today the thought of either Clifford or Sean Kelly lifting Sam.At least Aido said on the Colm Parkinson podcast Friday he would love to see the game abandoned today and hated to see any winner.

  15. I could be wrong but I don’t buy into the narrative that if Kerry win today it could be the start of a spree. Winning would certainly be a monkey off their back, but with due respect I don’t think they’d be comparable to the recent great Dublin side and there’ll still be a number of teams who would be more than capable of challenging over the coming years.

    Hoping for a cracker today. If it’s half as good as the hurling…

  16. Good luck to Galway today! Connacht needs a win and I don’t savour the thought of Kerry getting any sense of invincibility back either. I’m just getting over Dublin. Maigh Eo Abù!

  17. Going for Galway as the lesser of two “evils”, I hope it is a good game and people enjoy whatever the result.

  18. Spillane cant even tell the difference between Oisin Mullin and Paddy Durcan , with all his stupid facts and research.Good riddance to him today.

  19. On Spillane raving about O’Shea point for me O’Neill point v galway was a better score. O’Sheas kick was to win whereas O’Neill was to keep the team alive. More pressure

  20. Agreed Willie Joe – a Galway win will be good for all Connacht teams. Gaillimh Abú!

  21. Fantastic stuff.

    Gleeson bypassing David Moran at MF.

    Galway well up for it.

  22. Kerry are nervous and look one dimensional, they have dominated midfield but still behind, big 35 minutes coming up

  23. Great first half from Galway, impressive economy to their shooting. Kerry had at least 60% possession in the first half but can thank that stupid mark rule for three easy scores, otherwise they’d be a bit adrift. Where’s Comer though? I can’t recall him having touched the ball yet.

  24. This is a great match. Hard not want Galway to do it I’m finding!!!! For all my talk!!! I’ll just stay off social media for the rest of my life if they win!!!

  25. Galway need to get under Kerrys skin.
    Clifford escaped a red card for a strike to Galway players face.
    Galway just need to sort out the high ball going in to their defence and this game is there for the taking.
    No Comer yet.
    Conroy looks injured or else he is winded, maybe he can sort out that high ball to Clifford in 2nd half.

  26. Kerry misfiring and Galway up for it. I expect kerry to get their act together in 2nd half and pull away. Shane walsh showing what it really means to have marquee forward..on the other hand Comer completely anonymous…

  27. Kerry living off soft frees
    Galway played most of the football
    Kerry 2pts from play
    Paudie Clifford and Paul Geany very poor
    John Daly very solid as is Shane Walshe
    Galway have every chance to win this.
    Too much hype about this Kerry team.

  28. Maybe Kerry played their All Ireland in the semi against the Dubs.

  29. Clifford the only one showing up for Kerry. Moran having a terrible game, as is usual for him in finals. Getting caught in possession kicking it out over the sideline.

  30. According to GAA Statsman, Galway had shot conversion of 80% (71% conversion rate from play) compared to 46% (22%) for Kerry. Wides tell a tale too – seven for Kerry, just the one (into the swirling wind at the Hill end too) for Galway.

  31. It’s the Clifford and Walsh show today. If we had Shane Walsh on our team in the last decade. We’d have won one or 2. A class act.

  32. To my Mayo brothers and sisters, stay classy. We know the feeling and they fought well.

  33. Hard luck to Galway but Kerry just about deserved it, they gave Galway the short kick out in the second half and it suited Kerry, Walsh was as good as Clifford but as we know, the winners write history.

  34. This will haunt Galway. There was a moment just the final quarter where a pass on the 40 was on to put a Galway man through on goal. Very disappointing from Comer and Conroy.

  35. How many handy frees did Kerry get, one that brought them 1 point ahead when the Galway corner back was alleged to have fouled a Kerry player, a free out all day.
    Galway ran out of scores in the last 15 minutes.

  36. Galway had no bench – Kerry had.
    We saw two markee forwards today. Are the people who doubted Clifford still not convinced.

  37. Kerry were the better team. Only for their unlike Kerry shooting in first half, game would have been over. Galway had to play perfect game. They did that for 50 minutes but then started to tire and started making mistakes.

  38. Did Mcstay play for Kerry sometime in the past?
    He had some pair of blinkers on him today.
    I hope he doesn’t get within an asses roar of the Mayo job.
    Galway put up a great fight fair play to them.
    They couldn’t get good ball to Walshe when needed most.
    Conroy was a big loss.

  39. Kerry bench made the difference. Galway were gassed in the last 15. But they gave a good account of themselves in the first half. Just didn’t have it in the tank in the second. Kerry won without really playing well for the full 70.

  40. Kerry stepped up a lot in the second half but still far from formidable

    They won’t care a jot though and will probably only get better

    Shane Walsh is an absolutely phenomenal footballer.. didn’t deserve to lose today. What a player

    They’ll be there or thereabouts the next few years, just need flaherty back for in goal

  41. Commiserations to Galway, they gave it a right good rattle but it went awry for them in the second half. Did Paul Conroy pick up a knock after those two clatters in the first half? It looked like he did and they really missed his power around the middle where Kerry had the upper hand most of the day. Still trying to understand as well what was the story with Damien Comer, he never got into the game at all. Kerry deserved it, no doubt there, congrats to them.

  42. Commiserations to Tuamstar, Chesney and Big Mike. Hard luck lads.

  43. Galway’s legs went half way through the second half. It was Kerry’s then.

  44. Galway had a run of luck all summer, no injuries (same team picked for 4 games in a row), no suspensions after that disgraceful melee against Armagh which was started by Comer, winning on penalties in that game after letting in the soft goals, and getting the easy side of the draw. Well the luck ran out today. I won’t pretend to say I’m sorry to see them lose.

  45. Hard luck to galway…just when it mattered galway ran out of steam and kerry do what kerry do…win all Irelands

  46. Definitely one very controversial free awarded to Kerry late on, worth more than a point at the late stage of the game. Hard luck Galway .. Especially Shane Walsh, what a magnificent performance he gave ..I think Kerry probably deserved to edge it , they finished the last quarter the strongest. .. Congratulations to Kerry, it was a fantastic game..

  47. Congratulations to Kerry worth champions. Intresting to see if they can win a few now. Comiserations to Galway. 16 scores in losing a final. They can be proud. Develop some panel depth and and AL coould be there for them.

  48. Conroy didn’t look fit did he WJ?

    Fair play to Galway as you say, gave it a right rattle, an exhibition of score taking at times.. very few wasted opportunities. Definitely a great team waiting to break out there, probably a year or two too early

    Big matches bring out the best in great players and Shane Walsh was absolutely majestic today. Mcdaid too put in a famous performance

    Comer never really got into it which was a pity for him.. a fine season though, after being plagued by injuries the last two seasons

    They needed goals today though and never looked truly close to getting one really

  49. 16 points won’t win too many finals
    Only 2 of their forwards scored from play and one of them is a converted half back.
    Turns out they don’t have the forwards

    Shane walsh was sensational today to be fair . But all the rest didn’t turn up including comer

  50. Willie Joe, have you changed your mind about David Clifford now? Genuine question as I remember you before saying you didn’t agree with all the hype about him.

  51. Shame Walshe scored 9 and the other 5 Galway starting forwards scored 1 point between them.

    Every Kerry starting forward scored.

    Well played Galway and hard luck.

    Congratulations to Kerry.

  52. Congrats Kerry. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to a period of dominance similar to Dublin in the last decade.

  53. Well done to Kerry.
    Today’s game proved again that omens and curses don’t matter in an All Ireland Final . Performance and only performance is what will
    Win a All Ireland Final for any team.

  54. Last 6 All Ireland winners have hit at least a score of 20. In fact, its now 3 years in a row that winner has hit a score of exactly 20. Only 5 times in last 20 years would 16 points have won the All Ireland.

  55. He backed it up today, for sure, Travelling Wilbury. It wasn’t that I doubted him and I always acknowledged his talent but I just felt that crowning him as the best player of all time before he’d even done his stuff in an All-Ireland final was OTT. He definitely did the business for Kerry today.

  56. Tough luck to Galway, their regular posters here and their genuine (as distinct from fair weather) fans. They Played well and had outstanding performers in Walsh and McDaid. Disappointing really from their forwards especially Comer and Finnerty. Thought the ref was fine other than what should have been a black card for Galway goalie. Clifford simply a genius, the best I have ever seen and still only 23. Could be the start of something big for Kerry but not a certainty.Some of their forwards including O Shea were very average today. Galway found to their cost what we have often found over the years that you need a strong bench to win an All Ireland. At least our neighbors living in north Galway will save a few quid on petrol and diesel not having to drive across the border to tell us they won ( the last sentence is in jest. I get no satisfaction seeing them lose or Kerry win)

  57. With Kerry not playing well in the first half Clifford kept them in it. Galway missed Conroy big time.. don’t think he was fully right for a lot of the game. Kerry had the greater strength and depth and Galway ran out of gas.. there was only going to be one winner with 10 minutes to go. Congrats Kerry and Gamechanger10

  58. Commiserations to Galway. Well done Kerry.
    Shane Walshe is amazing. I love watching him play.
    Galway played really well, were organised, confident, held their nerve, and had an impressive defensive display. They had a good array of scorers too.

    It was a worthy performance in a final from them and they can hold their heads up.

    Somehow Kerry won that game, just pulling clear with a few points in the end. Pity Comer didn’t have a chance to put something on the scoreboard.

    We know how hard it is to actually get over the line at the end of a game. It’s a thing, not something simple.

  59. Congratulations to Kerry and game changer who is always very fair in his posts,hard luck to Galway and their posters on here,we will certainly have to improve next year

  60. Some people bemoaning the ref giving Kerry easy frees. Let’s not forget he let the Galway goalie off a definite black card midway through the second half. That would have been a disaster for Galway as they would have had to put an outfielder in goal or make two subs (one at the time and another after 10 mins if they wanted to bring the goalie back on). Swings and round abouts – Galway started well but faded badly. Walsh and mcdaid outstanding but no one else stood up for them. Hopefully we can get a good management ticket in place and full squad injury free for next year as I firmly believe we’re a better team than Galway. They have one better player than any of ours but we’re a better team! Roll on 2023

  61. Just heading home now lads. Im gutted, we gave a great account of ourselves but as said above Kerry made good changes at right time. Thanks to genuine Mayo fans on here for their support. Up to lads to drive on now from this defeat and get back into another final. We just lacked the experience. As my friend from Ardfert said to me after match this AI has been 5 years in the making.

  62. Well done to Kerry, great second half. I’d say Jack gave them a good bollocking at half time, they couldn’t wait to get out of the dressing room,
    Galway played well but not well enough. Is the new Mayo manager in Dubai or where will he appear from???

  63. “Walsh and mcdaid outstanding but no one else stood up for them”

    Na, that’s way off.. silke, Molloy, Glynn, Patrick Kelly (mainly first half granted), Daly all had fine games. McHugh came into it well also

    Sean Kelly did all he could too really – I think they’re better served long term with him further up the field though, mulkerrins should slot back into 3 next year

    As a team they died with their boots on – that’s all you can ask

  64. McDaid and walsh just brilliant, galway right there in game to last ten mins. Just gave away possession cheaply on a few occasions.
    Scoring forwards win games at the end of the day.
    Closing dates 29 july lads for the big job. Then theres the interviews, the supporting cast, the speculation and finally the announcement. Should be sorted mid august.

  65. For all the Galway cheerleaders, remember if you’re not first you’re last

  66. A few Galway forwards didn’t turn up, but surely you’d have to say the same for Kerry?

    O’Brien has absolutely zero end product anymore, geaney had another shocker and O’Connor (a midfielder really) mixed the good and the bad.. Spillane to be fair made a fine impact

    Still a far cry from the Kerry team of the 00s but Clifford alone makes them a formidable side in their own right.

    They have the personnel though, you’d have to suspect out of the Spillanes, moynihan and brosnan at least one will develop into a “marquee forward” from next season

  67. Between subs and starting forwards 7 out of the 8 Galway forwards only scored 1 point from play or a mark.

  68. Brilliant game. Best final I’ve seen (as a neutral anyway!). That performance from Shane Walsh was incredible. Surely the best ever from a losing finalist. Thought he was actually better than Clifford but they’ll obviously give DC the award.

    Galway were so much better than I thought they would be. What Mayo would give to have McDaid in midfield. Conroy was very poor all game and was rightly substituted. But as was mentioned, Galway just lacked a bit if talent off the bench. They are a very good team now though.

  69. I was shouting for Galway as I thought they showed great fight, thought they did really well in first half, in the second half they made 5 attack without a score, they lost their way Abit
    I think it’s a good results for Mayo, dont see that Galway team getting to back to back all Irelands
    Normal service resumed i hope

  70. Congrats Kerry and a good effort by Galway but came up short. Galway’s defensive system kept them in it for a long time but when the fat was in the fire the endless up and down the pitch told on their legs. Kerry were also defensive but save their legs by kicking far more ball into the forwards. David Clifford is a class act and so is Shane Walsh but Kerry got a great return from their subs and was probably the difference. A special word for McDaid he left nothing on the pitch. I said before that timing is everything and this one was there to be won because in all honesty neither of these are within an asses roar of “that” Dublin team.

  71. Having a few beverages in James Gills.
    We ran out of steam and no bench
    Can’t complain
    Thanks to all for there best wishes

  72. Don’t see how some people are complaining about a certain free given to Kerry. The ref was spot on with that one, Cillian Spilane was tackling hard but fair, defender is seen to hold onto Spilanes arm, pulling him in trying to make it look like Spillane was doing the fouling. Tackled players especially forwards are at that all the time and it’s something that should be pulled up alot more.

  73. Ciaran, Can’t agree with Molloy he gave away 2-3 scored frees to Kerry – sloppy in defence – good on the break. But your defenders should defend first and foremost. Aside from Walsh, Galway’s forwards were shocking.

  74. Maybe it was technically a free but 99% of those will never be given though – especially at that stage of a final

    That’s how it goes though, Kerry were always going to push on at that stage regardless tbh

  75. Ciaran if its technically a free then it is a free. You are correct the majority are not given, but that’s not an excuse. I d like to see it give more, (mayo would win alot more frees with our high press) but really depends of the refs position and View of the tackle, on this occasion he had full view of the Galway defender holding onto Spillanes arm.

  76. “shocking” is probably a bit harsh, they all worked very hard to be fair, and showed for ball, and Kerry defended well to be fair.. 4 starters not scoring from play is damning though, but then again 3 Kerry starting forwards didn’t score from play either? Winners write the history and all that

    Tierney was extremely quiet but I suspect there’s a real top player waiting to break out in him over the coming seasons

    They’re certainly a side going the right way

  77. I’ll never call shane walsh flaky ever again, on the biggest day he gave a performance for the ages, one of the great individual performances in a final. Imperious

    Galway were excellent and very well set up just ran out of steam and had nothing on the bench

    Mcdaid for poty

    Great game of ball, kerry far from unbeatable and any one of about 8 teams including mayo should be thinking of an AI title next year

  78. ….also some of the chat on here about David clifford being nothing special is bewildering. He is an incredible, once in a lifetime talent that always delivers. Imperious again today especially when kerry were struggling

  79. Agree on Tierney’s potential Ciaran. But similar to Mayo in years gone by, the game just passed-by some of the forwards and they will regret it.

    I for one can’t wait for a potential Galway v Mayo Connacht SFC match in salthill next year

  80. Mcdaid will be nominated for poty alright.. Clifford will obviously win it though..

    I agree with GBX I can’t ever recall a better performance from a losing finalist than Walsh.. a joy and a half to watch

    Hopefully KC go far in Galway intermediate I want to keep watching him over and over!!

  81. Regarding frees I thought it was a fair shoulder on McDaid and they were lucky to get the free. Galway had too many underperformers and only for exceptional performances from Walsh and to a lesser extent McDaid and poor 1st half shooting by kerry there would have been a lot more in it in the end. I know that sounds obvious but I mean Walsh won’t perform like that every game so I wonder where would they find winners without an exceptional performance

  82. The much vaunted Kerry forwards were very ordinary besides Clifford. The replacements made a big difference

  83. Absolutely OurTime, will meet in the league first too, I expect both sides will be in experimental mode though for the most part in February and march so result won’t be too big a concern I suspect – Galway need to find a few more options, and mayo with a new manager will be looking at different players/ combinations etc

  84. For all the magnificent performance Walsh put in and it was a savage performance, he probably missed one of the most of the important scores . Never a gimmie by a long shot right out on the sideline but I think if that had gone over there would have been a huge cheer from the Galway supporters and gave the team huge confidence I think that could have been a game changer .
    But alas and as someone said on a watts app group as the song goes It will be lonely around the fields of Athenry and it certainly will and all the other towns and villages around Galway .

  85. Come on, that free was out on the sideline…

    Doubt Galway fans will be too despondent, the team turned up and played very well and they were about 3/1 to win after all… It was a complete free shot today… this time last year they looked in disarray – perspective

  86. Absolutely Ciaran, that free was rediculously hard. I actually think McStay and Maloney were so obsessed with Clifford they overlooked what was an even better performance from Walsh. The free off his left late in the 2nd half from way out, my God.

  87. I dont think either Kerry or Galway have an air of invincibility about them. It could be wide open championship next year. We should be thereabouts… We just need to find a ‘walsh’ or even a ‘clifford’.

  88. Think your missing my point . Because it was such a tricky one if it had of gone over it would have been a great confidence booster. Croker would have been rocking .
    All ifs and buts but it would definitely have lifted the crowd and team. Momentum is everything.

  89. Huge respect for Walsh after that performance. As good as any performance you could ask from a forward. Especially when you take into account he was being marked by an all star in waiting. McDaid is developing into a serious midfielder, different gravy. Fair play to the older Clifford for coming out and delivering a huge performance in the second half after the first half didn’t go his way. Sean O’Se looked awful nervous in the team parade and his performance correlated with that.

  90. Well do to the Kingdom, they were by far the most consistent and best team of 2022.

    Galway had a great season and a near full bill of health all season which makes a big difference, they will need to strengthen their squad depth if they want to keep competing at this level, an injury to walsh or comer and they might struggle for scores against the bigger teams no more than ourselves this season once we lost tommy and ryan .

  91. Fully agree GBXI I’d genuinely give Walsh motm – it’ll obviously be Clifford – but Walsh gave a 10/10 performance for me

    There was several comments on both on here this year which certainly haven’t aged well!!

  92. It was a great performance from Shane Walshe.
    What a player he is, was MOM for me.
    On the other hand, Finnerty and Comer were kept very quiet, I don’t think either scored.

    Overall it was a great performance from Galway.
    They ran out of Steam in the end and Kerry’s subs made more impact.

  93. If only a Mayo forward could come even close Walsh’s performance today…
    Fully agree, he was motm.

  94. The free that Kerry got to go 17-16 ahead was totally correct, the defender clear trapped Spillane’s hand to engineer a free.

    Even if you think refs shouldn’t call stuff like that in the final stretch of big games (which I don’t get), Galway were hugely lucky on the other two big calls in the second half that the ref got wrong, the foul by Gleeson which should have been a black card and the free incorrectly awarded against Gavin White for a perfectly executed shoulder which Walsh pointed to bring them back to 16-15.

  95. Joyce must be thinking what could have been if Ian Burke, Adrian Varley and Micheal Daly were on the field today.No score from Rob Finnerty ,Damien Comer, Matty Tierney and Paul Kelly today.Shane Walsh was on a different planet today ,my man of the match ,what a player.Best display from a Galway player since Padraic Joyce in 2001 against Meath.

  96. Walsh should get motm but how do the logistics around that even work, isn’t it usually presented at the winners hotel 😀

    I think galway’s depth issue is due to Joyce basically having to settle on a team this year and persist with mainly the same 17 or so players the whole season . He was very much a man under pressure remember

    He’ll get to try plenty of lads in the league next year

    They genuinely have the players.. Eoin finnerty and Dessie Conneely gave tour de force performances in the last two county finals.. and Paul Kelly has been a real standout the past couple of years

    In typical Galway fashion though they could well either bomb out early next year or just as easily win the all Ireland, you just never know with them.. their future looked very bright in 2001 after all…

  97. Varley and Daly are not as good as what was out there to be honest

    Varley is a solid squad player nothing more, and Daly – while talented and with a high ceiling – had an absolute shocker in pearse stadium two years ago against ourselves.. I don’t know is he fully cut out for the county stuff to be blunt

    Mulkerrin will be a big boost as Sean Kelly will be a better asset to them around the middle of the field

  98. That was one of the great AI displays from Walshe today. He would surely deserve motm but might not get it.

    Kerry were relying on lobbed balls and route one for big parts of the game.

    The mark is a strange rule where you get rewarded for bringing play to a halt.

    Overall Kerry deserved the win.
    No help for Walshe from his team mates in the forwards.

    Jack O’Connor certainly added staying power to that Kerry outfit. They’ll go off favourites again for next year’s Sam and will be better again I feel.

  99. But Ciaran Galway had no one on the bench today to come on and score.Walsh and McDaid carried ye through that game for scores.Its been thrown at Mayo for years we have no fowards outside Andy and Cillian .But 4 Galway forwards didnt score today.I would argue Varley is a much better ball winner than Rob Finnerty is and Michael Daly has the ability to kick scores against the top teams.Dont pick me up wrong Galway did so may things well today and performed very well for alot of players in there first final.Joyce and Cian O’Neill deserve great credit.

  100. I feel sorry for Conroy. I don’t think he was injured – just didn’t get into the game at all due to nerves. A great servant all the same and he’ll probably give it another year.

  101. I’d love to see a poll on man of match. Don’t think I ever saw 2 outstanding performances on opposite teams in an all ireland final and even though Walsh was outstanding I thought Clifford was outstanding and a half. Clifford for me.

  102. @Th I think they had a good lad playing a few years ago. Cooke. Not sure where he went.

    I remember the night Carr scored the two goals in Limerick, I thought Cooke was Galways best player that night.

  103. @auldstock.its 14 losses each to mayo and Galway.. .even tho they take the piss out of mayo for losing finals galway lost 3 in a row in the 40s and 3 out of 4 in the 70s and this is rarely talked about.

  104. Right, Auldstock, you’ve had your fun. You’ll need to go somewhere else to continue with your trolling as you’re not going to be doing it here. We’ve had great discussion the last few weeks with sound contributors from Galway and I’m not going to allow them to be subjected to that kind of blackguarding tonight.

  105. Ya Peter Cooke moved to the States earlier this year.He kicked 4 points from play against us in Limerick in 2019.Every effort must be made in Galway to get him back,Joyce must mend ties with Ian Burke ,Varley and Michael Daly.Ciaran Duggan from Annaghdown was a midfileder that impressed me in Galways run in 2018, where did he go? Could Galway bring Paul Conroy further forward into centre or full forward next year?

  106. @Ciaran – Eoin finnerty and Dessie Conneely are no better than what started today. Paul Kelly i thought would have had more of a role in the team this year, he seemed to have fall out of favour after the league. It will be interesting to see where Galway go from here everything went to plan this season in terms of injuries and route to the final and a good showing today will surely have ye excited for next season.

  107. That’s an unfair comment ‘young fella”. To my knowledge Galway were without their goalkeeper, full back and the best midfielder had to quit through work. They were well better than Armagh and gave away a few fluke goals. Kerry definitely the best team in Ireland but hard pressed to say who’s next best between them and the dubs. Dubs probably but Galway are a lot younger. They need to get a bench together, too many good footballers opting not to play

  108. Hard luck Galway, ye give it one hell of a go!! And Shane Walsh was outstanding, surely there never has been a better individual performance from a player on a losing team in a final. McDaid was immense too.
    Overall Galway football is in a strong place
    now between the underage team success and todays appearance in the final.
    However I reckon there is still overall very little between the top 4 or 5 teams in the country and next year with a clean bill of health we will be there or there abouts .
    As a side note will any Mayo player make team of the year? Keegan maybe?

  109. Galway will have learned a lot about themselves from this defeat today. I’ve no doubt that over the next few months Joyce will spend a lot of time attending the club championship matches hoping to unearth some new talent to strengthen the panel.
    The big problem for galway could be, that kerry could go from strength to strength over the next few years and a bit like ourselves v dublin find it difficult to get over the line.
    In sport as in life you’ve got to seize the moment and Galway had a great chance today. If only a few more of the forwards stepped up to the plate it could have been a different story.
    Mayo have lost finals because the forwards weren’t good enough…for the same reason Galway lost out today!

  110. Not sure first comment went through WJ said it was in moderation, have a new phone and email input was wrong. Apologies

  111. Galway had no bench today , just like Mayo no scoring forwards except Walsh, on top in first half but didnt score enough should have and needed to be about 5 up at halftime. Next year will be interesting if Mayo have Donaghue and Conroy back.

  112. Hard luck to Galway, put up a great effort. I never had a problem with Galway until their reaction to beating us in Castlebar in 2016. I couldn’t believe the hatred and savagery towards us in the aftermath and hadn’t realised their absolute despise for us. Our crime was that we were just better during that period without ever winning all Irelands. Well what’s good for the goose……. Feel what we’ve felt and maybe don’t be so quick to hate

  113. I though that Kerry underperformed today. Clifford alone, saved kerry in that first half. Galway were one goal away from giving Kerry the fright of their lives, their goose might have even been cooked, but it wasn’t to be. Galway needed goals and Comer was doubled marked the entire game and no one else stepped up to the Mark for them. Kerry defense was rock solid in that 2nd half. The Spillanes really upped the pace in the 2nd when they came on. Paudie Clifford got motoring, and Galway in all honesty seemed to be gassed after a fantastic first half. They just couldn’t deal pace of the game anymore.
    No Bench with real replacements for Galway. Shane Walsh and McDaid gave it their all, Comer had an abseloute stinker, although he was doubled marked in all fairness. Kerry are worthy champions, but a fresh injury free Mayo side with a whole deck of players to choose from, would have given Kerry a good run for it. Lads we kicked away that semi final with an understrength team. Get a fully functioning O Connor, Donughue and Loftus back and you have the making of a half decent forward line. It does sound petty, but I have never been happier, the last thing I wanted today after an era where we dominated the herring chokers was to have them show up after 20 years and win the thing, and then have our noses rubbed in it by them afterwards, just like in 1998. I’m sorry but their Galway for gods sake. You think the Kerry boys would support Cork just because there neighbours, and if Mayo are serious contenders going forward let the herring chokers know it. My father is originally from Dingle and yes he lords it over me. But I keep telling him you can take your 38 all Ireland’s we just need one and the floodgates will open. Guaranteed. What a display by Clifford for any young lad watching today, you want to be the best there is, then your left foot needs
    to be as good as your right. He is a master craftsman at work. If ever there was a perfect Gaelic footballer, the build, skill, workrate , honesty, then he is it. The purity and honesty of the football on view today was just wonderful to watch. But teams used the kick pass to great effect. I really hope the new manager stops the bloody basketball we play. I’m on the fence right now about the next Mayo manager. Part of me wants a manger who knows what it’s like to win. However had we a Raymond Dempsey type of player these past ten years we would have won most of those finals. Congrats Kerry, see you next year!!

  114. Maybe some things are preordained.
    Tyrone won the All Ireland in 2003
    Jack O’connor led Kerry to win in 2004
    Tyrone won in 2005
    Jack and Kerry 2006
    Tyrone in 2009
    Jack and Kerry 2010
    Tyrone won again in 2021
    Sure enough Jack and Kerry win in 2022.

  115. Pittsburgh if it’s Ray Dempsey it will be more basketball.
    He will have Terry Kennedy with him.

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