Good luck to the minors today

Mayo flags Conn Final 2009The Kerry-Dublin fever has even infected this household today and I’ll be sitting down this afternoon with the little Jackeens to see Pat Gilroy’s finest take on the cute hoors from down South.  Three million hundred and forty five is, according to the small lad, what the Dubs’ winning margin is going to be today but, as I’ve been trying to tell him, victory by a single point would do just fine.

Anyway, away from all that, the minors are in action this afternoon too but because I’m on Dub worship duties today, I won’t make it to Tullamore to see our U18s take on Tipperary in the All-Ireland quarter-final.  TIALTNGO provides an excellent primer for this contest, one that we’re favoured to win and which, if we do, will provide a return ticket to Croke Park later in the month.  I’ll try to keep an ear to Midwest during the game later on and, if I do so, will provide some updates here via Twitter.  Best of lucks lads – hope it’s not too quiet down there in O’Connor Park.

5 thoughts on “Good luck to the minors today

  1. So its setting up nicely for us now lads, Meath to revenge 96, Kerry in the semis to avenge 04 and 06 and then Cork in the final to avenge 89! Its written in the stars lads, BELIEVE!
    I’m more worried about Meath to be honest, we all know we’re not good as favourites (although you’d have to question if we really are), and they’ve been playing football week in week out. Of course the pundits can never decide which it is at this time of year, if the back door team wins its because they’ve been playing week in week out and the provincial champions have been off too long. If the provincial champions win its because the back door team are wrecked. The truth is somewhere in between I reckon, stats show anything over 4 weeks is too long, but hopefully the 3 we’ve had will just be enough. Allready, no-one gives the winners of these quarters a chance in the semi against the Kerry “machine”. If its us, I dont care how professional Kerry are, they will have to be the smallest bit complacent against us. These are more or less the same players that wiped us out in 06 so its only human. An inglorious victory by a point or two with us struggeling over the line against Meath, while twont be good for the heart, will be just enough to put us in as the raging underdogs and the program makers allready putting the type print on the Cluiche Ceannis 2009 clar, Ciarrai in aghaidh Corcaigh (becuase I think they could rattle Tyrone). Twouldnt be the first time we surprised someone in a semi.

  2. Arragh facetheball IF we beat Meath we have no reason to fea Kerry if we play to an attacking game plane. I reckon we should aim to to a Roscommon to them rather than try and sneak by like against Galway, basically we should try and blow them away & keep it up for 70 minutes +

    Obviously we have to beat the Royals first.

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