Good luck to the U21s tonight

Tonight’s a big one for the county’s U21s as they face Roscommon in the preliminary round of this year’s Connacht championship. The Rossies will – as they invariably are at this level – be tough opponents and as it’s the old-fashioned straight knockout format it’s sure to be hell for leather right from the throw-in.

Needless to say, I won’t be there but I’m still hoping to have a first-hand account on hostilities at MacHale Park at some stage later on tonight so watch out for that. I’m not sure if Midwest will be doing commentary on it (having looked at their website I think not) so, if you can’t make it to Castlebar, then the regular updates via Twitter from @MayoGAA might be as good as it gets on this occasion.

Best of luck to Niall Heffernan and his charges tonight – here’s hoping for an overdue change of fortune for us at U21 level. Up Mayo!


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  1. I thought Midwest were doing commentary also, but I can’t see any mention of it anywhere. I’d be surprised if the likes of Shannonside didn’t broadcast as they seem to cover a lot of Roscommon games generally ,not just the bigger games they are involved in

  2. Best of luck to the players and management tonight.
    This indeed is a big one as Roscommon are well placed with the bookies to win this tournament outright whilst we are down the list, 8th or 9th favourite I think. I believe we are a better balanced squad than the bookies are given us credit for, with a blend of All Ireland winning minors and seasoned U21’s, but I suppose there is only one way to prove it! The word on the street is there has been a greater focus by the powers that be on the U21 grade this year so hopefully we can see the results of that tonight. It will be tough for our boys but it would be nice to add the U21 grade to our success with the minors and seniors in Connaught.

  3. Willie Joe MWR will be doing live commentary on the match tonight. At least, that’s what they said this morning.

  4. Roscommon missing centre half back, 2 midfielders, 2 other certain starters also out. Donie Smith just back from injury. Watch out for Enda Smith he is playing decent stuff at the moment. I believe Mayo may be missing one of their big stars tonight. Bookies have this one with both sides evens to win. Hopefully it will be a good game with Roscommon winning. Up the Rossies.

  5. Boylesports has both sides evens and same odds for all Ireland. Midfield will be key should be high scoring game and rossies injuries should swing it for mayo

  6. Just to put to bed the favourites with the bookies confusion. Paddy power had Roscommon as 5/6 favs this morning , they have taken some heavy bets in the last few hours on Ross and they are now 4/6 favs and are expected to go even lower by throw in.

  7. Best of luck to the lads tonight. A win tonight would be a great start to the season for Mayo.

  8. Well according to BoyleSports, these are the latest outright winner odds:

    6/4 Dublin 6/1 Galway 7/1 Roscommon
    9/1 Tipperary 10/1 Tyrone 10/1 Kerry
    10/1 Cork 12/1 Cavan 14/1 Mayo

    Best of luck to Mayo!

  9. It can’t sound as bad on the radio as it is in the flesh! We are getting cleaned out in the middle and Murtagh is destroying our fullback line. It could be a long cold night here in Castlebar.

  10. Big rossie support here. Our midfield diamond all minors last year. Being out muscled in middle and it pains me to say it but ros have gems in murtagh and smith at 13/15. This could be a rout.

  11. 4 goals now, I have died and gone to heaven. Murtagh and Smith are doing the business.

  12. You’re living your life in the future a pure sign of being anxious. Its the 12th of March 20.34 the Ros are kicking Mayo’s arse. In fairness the midwest boys are showing humility in their commentary, you could learn from them Sean.

  13. Well done to Ross, best side by a mile. We have to have a serious look at where we are going wrong at this grade. I really believed we had put an effort in this year .

  14. All over and what a pasting, and in our own back yard too. This must be one almighty Roscommon team or else we didn’t turn up…..

  15. Disappointing but it must be a real downer for the bucks themselves ,no second chance at this grade, mountain of training put in, some might never get to wear the green and red again . My heart is with them bucks tonight.

    All the talk of academy coming through and showing fruit this year and then to get such a hiding in Castlebar is a right kick in the teeth for a lot of men .

  16. Not sure what to think, are they that good and are we that bad? Commentators were saying the Roscommon are putting huge work into underage football, but , who are the champions? Mayo
    Maybe we just lack the quality at this 21 level today? Hard to know, we compete at minor and senior with the best teams in the country fairly comfortably and fall down at u21, something’s not right with this picture.

    Congrats, I’ll be hoping your guys win it all

  17. . We should be better and shouldnt be relying on lads just out of minor to dominate key positions for us. We should enjoy and be grateful for our fine senior team at the moment because Ross are on the up and Galway after their U21 successes recently will surely be a serious force at senior level soonr Very disappointing result. tonight This is a serious Ross team and in fairness they have been putting in a serious effort at under age and are now getting their rewards

  18. It was a disgrace. It was a shambles. Was my msg deleted WJ?

    Never in my life have I seen a mayo team beaten like this at home… And to roscommon:/

    Yeah we won a minor last year and a heap of them featured tonight, but this game don’t have done any of them a bit of good.

    We better start dominating again at minor VERY SOON otherwise last years winners will merely become a flash in the pan and in a few years when Dillon, Moran, Higgins, caff, cunniffe, boyler, b moran and our 21’s from 2006 hang up their boots at senior we will be getting wiped. I’m worried. We all should be. Our relative success at senior and last years minor success are papering over the cracks… Those cracks being our very poor underage teams for the past 6 years.

  19. I remember the last time we won the U21 AI in 2006 we had 5 lads just out of minor and some in key positions too. Caff at FB, Cunniffe at CHB, Barrett at wing back, S O’Sé at midfield and Aiden Campbell at wing forward.
    The difference was that they were physically ready to step up. It looks like our current crop were not. In fact it seems from the reports that Ros were much too physical for us to compete with. I’m not sure how we address that but we don’t seem to have a problem at senior grade. Maybe all the resources are being poughed into senior.

  20. I understand your anger Mayonaze . We are still miles ahead of them at senior though , we have a void in the market at 21s of about 4/5 years now but we still have players from them years who are making the grade , Cillian played in tuam last year for example and is obviously a proven senior at this early stage . Evan Regan is a classy forward and will hopefully get his chance at some stage and young Gallagher is coming along nice enough .

    My point is if we can still pick up 3/4 from this grade every other year or so and keep producing senior teams who dominate the province I’ll take that over the Galway and Roscommon models who are winning at u-21 and producing next to nothing at senior level.

  21. If u were at the game maybe you’d think differently. When u put this result into perspective it was one of the worst I’ve ever witnessed… As bad, if not worse than when I stood on the canal end in 1993.

  22. Sean..I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mayo underage team as good as that Roscommon team tnte and that concerns me greatly.

    Evan regan wud want to start doin it as senior and soon…apart from the opening ten mins he was pretty anonymous:/

    Take cillian out of the frame and when’s the last time we produced corner forwards like murtagh, smith.

    I just hope ye powers that be I mayo football realise that we need more at underage otherwise I fear and predict that our current dominance at senior will soon fade.

  23. Jesus this makes for disappointing and downright depressing reading. Hard luck to the lads, I’m sure tonight is a very low point for them. Good luck with the rest of the campaign Rossoneri.

  24. Mayonaze, Last years winning minors played a fantastic brand of attacking high scoring football that was the pride of the country.
    Evan Regan didn’t get 1 decent ball to work with from the 12 minute on in tonights game. what do want him to do? Go out the field and win his own ball, then pass it into himself in the full forward line??
    Cillian O’Connor came to the fore 3 years ago. Most counties would love to produce a player of that calibre every 6 or 7 years. It must be 20 years since the Rossies produced a forward of that quality.

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