6 thoughts on “Good start to the year continues

  1. Sounded like they did well in the first half against a very strong wind. Loved that stat that all 11 points in the first half were scored with the left foot.

    If two teams finish level on points in the FBD League, what is the seperator? Is it head-to-head like the Allianz League, or points difference? Either way, a loss next week will see our interest in the competition end, while a draw would see us through. Might be no harm for some of these young bucks to have a crack at Galway in the final.

  2. A draw or win should see us in the final I’d think Digits? Would be good I think too for the lads to get more game time. Some good looking prospects and options there today!

  3. Interesting outing today with some of the new players showing up very well. Both debutant wing backs showed up well in the old Mayo tradition of attacking defenders. However I think Michael Hall in particular needs more work on his physique for senior county. Alex Corduff showed up very well, a much controlled effort compared to last week. I am looking forward to seeing more of Peter Dravins and Evan Regan in particular as spring runs on. Great to see David Clarke back again and looking as commanding as ever.
    I would like to see Jason Gibbons on the “40”. I thought last year that he showed good possibilities before he got injured. I am almost as certain now as I was then that it is not Aiden O’Shea’s position.
    Looking forward to next Sunday. Perhaps Gavin Duffy will make his long awaited debut although I suspect he must have been injured when he missed out on a start on his old home ground.

  4. Apparently, it was something to do with paperwork that stopped Duffy playing today. Good to see as many players as possible being given a run out. Happy enough to see Regan doing well also, three points from play is good going. The league will be a better barometer of where these players are really at though.

  5. Very early days yet and today was no great competition, but all the same, it was a pacey enough game (for January) and some of our new lads showed well. Corduff I think is a real prospect, Morgan Lyons did well, and Regan knocked over some lovely points, but I think he could do with some work on his decision-making. Durkan played well too and you can really tell that they are trying to impress which is great.

    I thought the Donie at no.3 experiment went okay, but I’m not convinced yet – would sooner see it repeated the Rossies before getting off the fence. Kevin Mc looked very sharp and kicked some lovely passes.

    All in all, not a bad day out (better than Bekan last year!) but next week will be a good test.

    On an another note, those IT Sligo jerseys are bloody awful!

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