Gormley cleared

The news has been leaking out on Twitter over the course of the evening but in the last few minutes the Tyrone County Board have confirmed (also via Twitter) that Conor Gormley’s ‘proposed’ one-match ban has been overturned by the CHC and that, as a result, he’ll be available for selection against us:

Why the GAA bothered with this process at all is beyond me. Given other similar high profile cases of this kind in recent years it was screamingly obvious that the CCCC’s proposal was always going to get struck down. Plus ça change in the weird and wacky world of GAA disciplinary action, in other words.

28 thoughts on “Gormley cleared

  1. Im not surprised .but surely if the cccccccccccbloodyc had a good analysis of the clip they would have seen he didn’t strike the Monahan lad.it only took me 15 minutes studying the clip to see that.wonder how much those cccc chaps get paid for wasting players time hah?

  2. Mad mad stuff.

    Why do I think it will get worse before it gets better discipline wise.our lads need to be careful or have a good spokesman ready for ccc

  3. Right decision, don’t know why it couldn’t be made first time………Am glad because we need to meet Tyrone at their best, with them having no excuses…………..hold onto your hats lads and girls this could be another landslide…………..a 12 to 15 pts one.

  4. Right decision purely because of the ridiculous and unfair the way the initial ban was decided and handed out to Gormely. We can’t have players cited by the Sunday Game/Brolly , it has to be a proper independent and transparent process regardless of whether it seems the player is guilty or innocent.

  5. Cleared as expected though i still don’t know why was he banned for push in the 1st place? Penrose had no case a clear strike and deserved red card and ban.

    Pebblesmeller what do you think now?

  6. True Trevor-I’m sure a good dose of a 30 something chasing Kevin McLoughlin is something to behold for us.Lift penroses ban & give then no excuses!!!

  7. Lads. The cccc is clearly disfuncional, but Gormley clearly struck the guy. Those of you who can’t see that, even with the video evidence, need your eyes examined.
    Anyway. Doesn’t make a difference, we’ll still bate the $hit out of them.

  8. Terry Reilly of the examiner is tweeting about good news for mayo on the injury front, I think he’s referring to Mickey Conroy who will be available for selection, O Malley is doubtful while Clarke is out. Would be good if O Malley was available so we could have experienced backup between the sticks

  9. Mister Mayor says:
    August 16, 2013 at 2:11 am
    Lads. The cccc is clearly disfuncional, but Gormley clearly struck the guy. Those of you who can’t see that, even with the video evidence, need your eyes examined.

    Not they aren’t and i think you need watch it back again, the GIF is on the other thread Gormley pushed the arm of the Monaghan player away and he got hit in the face with his own fist by accident.

  10. Why concern about Tyrone starting 15. We know we have 15 +5 to beat them. Go lads and finish the job. Mayo Abhu.

  11. As someone said under the previous topic there hasn’t being a peep out of the mayo camp.because there busy preparing themselves for a good performance and beating Tyrone.There is not much that gets me too excited but GAA does so wake me up next Sunday morning.

  12. The Tyrone build up to next Sunday’s game has all been about suspensions, conspiracy theories and the general us against the world crap.

    Meanwhile the Mayo camp have been very quiet and getting on with their job. Tyrone will pose a serious threat but I believe if our lads perform to their ability we will win through.

  13. Pebblesmeller what do you think now?. MO2013 I think now what I thought then and the decision of CHC will certainly not change my opinion on the issue. There was a strike/or attempt to strike and his intention was clear. Now, in case you failed to read the rest of my comments at the time I have surmised them as follows…
    1. I hope Tyrone are at full strength as I do not want an easy run to the final, or, any excuses from Tyrone should they lose.
    2. I don’t believe his appearance or otherwise will make a huge difference on the game if we are focused on our own jobs and “at it”.
    3. We should only be concentrating on what we can control and what we plan to do.

    I, unlike some others, have not become obsessed by the Gormley incident and have moved on from it a good while ago.

    What the entire situation does highlight though is a possible weakness in the whole CCCC, CHC and appeals process in the GAA. If a CCCC decision can be as easily overturned as this one was, why bother with any retrospective citations? The process is too lengthy and it took too long for the CCCC to even decide they were going to “propose” a ban in the first place. Why even “propose” it anyway if the entire decision making process is open to appeal? Just give the ban, or not, and let every decision go to appeal. Of course players should have the right to appeal a decision they may feel is unfair on them but surely to God there is a speedier more efficient way of doing it?

  14. “There was a strike/or attempt to strike and his intention was clear.”

    I really don’t know how you can see that? CCCC were correct and lets be honest you aren’t going to get banned for pushing someones arm away.

    P.S what has the rest of your post got to do with anything? Gormley cleared proves
    rule book i read was correct.,

  15. MO2013 we agree to disagree then…forget all about the CCCC’s handling of the issue, I still see Gormley striking the guy…lets not turn this into hoganstand though. Carry on.

  16. MO2013, “P.S what has the rest of your post got to do with anything?” My opinion that’s what, and also my post is in theme with comments expressed by other contributors on the same thread. Or should I ask for permission from you or possibly get you to proof read my posts before I express my thoughts and opinions?

  17. Pebblesmeller.i wasn’t looking for full review of other issues, when i said above what do you think it was about Gormley been cleared nothing else.

    They overturned the ban because they didn’t see any punch thrown though you still claim a punch was thrown. I don’t want to see players getting suspended for hand bag stuff the game will become a total farce if that happens.

    Thats final post on the topic time to move on.

  18. Lads just read the thread now. I watched the highlights back tonight and replayed the incident over 10 times. Its clearly a punch. Hes smacks him clean in the face with a closed fist. FACT.

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