Graham Geraghty’s political credentials

You have to hand it to him, you really do. Graham Geraghty first showed his adroit political sensibilities Down Under in 1999 and has always been known as a man who is far from afraid to, ahem, fight his corner. Up till now, these confrontations have tended to be with the opposition – as, for example, Dublin’s David Henry could testify from their encounter a few weeks back – but reports today suggest that his penchant for such manly romping extends to the internecine variety as well. A fully-fledged Alpha Male, one that’s well capable of putting it about both verbally and physically: you can see now why the Blueshirts wanted him on board. It’s such a pity those unenlightened electors in Meath West only saw fit to bestow 1,284 first preference votes on him: can you could just imagine what he’d have done to John O’Donoghue in the Dail had the new Ceann Comhairle had that toddler fit with him instead of with Mayo’s own Michael Ring?

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