Halfway to a million

Here’s one for all you weblog traffic nerds.  I first began clocking traffic on this site (via the super wonderful Statcounter) back in April 2007, i.e. two months or so after I opened for business here, and earlier on this afternoon the cumulative hit count on the site since then went over the half a million mark.  The graph opposite (double-click on it to see a bigger version) illustrates the growth in traffic over this time period.

When I started out on this humble initiative almost four years ago, I never thought for one minute it’d take off in this way.  Then again, I never thought we’d only have one Connacht title to show for our efforts since then.  Or that we’d lose to Longford in the first round of the qualifiers.

For my part, I’ve greatly enjoyed (despite all those frequent downers) the ride to the half a million point and I hope that you have too.  With positive thoughts about our future prospects once more coming into vogue, I guess it’s only fair to wish that the push towards the million mark will also involve the chronicling of more satisfactory contests. If it does, we could all be in for some fun times.  God knows, we could all do with such a development.

7 thoughts on “Halfway to a million

  1. Congratulations WJ. Fantastic numbers. Dont forget Sligo as well last year. A year when Sligo and Longford beat you in championship football should set the alarm bells ringing.

  2. Great figures WJ… I think like most people that know about the blog, I check in most days for a look, see what you and regular contributors like ontheroad or corkexile, to name but two, have to say about the state of inter county football on any given day…

    Great to have a purely Mayo orientated forum..

    Maigh Eo Abu!!

  3. Slightly off topic wj, facetheball.com have started the 2011 predictions league, just wondering if your going to set up a mini league like last year? usual prize money ect. :-))

  4. Hi Mick – yes, I will be doing the honours on the mini-league front again. Modesty almost forbids me from admitting that I won last year’s championship mini-league and all that vast booty I’d put up for it!

  5. Greta stuff Willie Joe.
    Those numbers are very impressive and I am not surprised. It is a delight to read your honest ‘from the heart’ articles and the passionate and intelligent comments of other contributors. This site has the good of Mayo football at heart and a kind of daft, irrational,charming, biased optimism that I love. I check in as often as I can and always enjoy it and look forward to Willlie Joe’s first article after a Mayo captain gets his paws on Sam.
    Keep her lit!

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