Happy Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve, so time to sign off here for a short while over the festive period.

In truth, it’s been a quiet enough lead-in to Christmas here on the blog but, with the football getting going once again right after New Year, the peace and quiet will be over soon enough then.

This Christmas is obviously a bittersweet one in our family – as it will be for so many others too – but that’s the way life goes. Loss does, though, help to focus the mind on the important things in life and all that we remain thankful for, including the support of friends.

That thanks extends to the support everyone has provided here on the blog, where it’s been another very full year. As I keep saying, this place would be nothing without all of you who visit so regularly and keep it humming along. We’ll keep it lit in ’23 as well.

Happy Christmas to you all and best wishes for the New Year.

30 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Same to you WJ. It’s been a long haul waiting for the lads to get back in action. Too long. A lot to look forward to next year not least seeing how the new manager and his team will approach their task on and off the pitch. Will it be a few tweaks here and there or will be some radical new approach to how we play the game. It is crucial that any new methodology is consistent in all age groups to ensure a smooth transition for players as they progress through to the senior ranks. We need a lot of work input into our forward play as this has been an area of weakness down the years. Injuries have also given us a lot of grief in recent years so S&C will have to be a priority.

    We must give the new management time to settle in so may have a few frustrating days ahead but nothing we can’t handle at this stage.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

  2. Losing someone dear is always tough but especially around Christmas. Hopefully ye can all make the best of it WJ.

  3. Merry Christmas and best wishes Willie Joe. Thanks for everything you do. Merry Christmas to all on the blog.

  4. – A very happy Christmas to WJ and all the bloggers.
    – In 2023 it would be great if our new management is given time to make their mark, we concentrate on the players that are available to play rather than those that are absent and finally that the Shane Walsh appreciation society open up a thread on a Galway blog….

  5. Happy Christmas to all Mayo fans and especially our bloggers. Convinced we are going to reach the promised land in the next year or so and these pages will explode! 63 years since my first Mayo game so can hardly be accused of a lack of patience. Keep safe everyone.

  6. Thanks for all you do WJ. Merry Christmas to you, your colleagues on the Pod and all my fellow Mayo fans. May 2023 be a year of good health and prosperity to all.

  7. Christmas wishes to all the bloggers and especially Willie Joe for this excellent service.
    Just want to travel back in time to the last team manager who had an army background . In a news paper article it said John Maughan in his first Christmas in charge called a training session for Christmas day morning.When all had assembled he said now guys you can all go home and open your presents, for John it was an exercise in commitment.
    Just wondering will Kevin play any mind games tomorrow.

  8. Happy xmas Willie Joe and keep up the good work.
    The forum is a great link for those of us living outside Mayo.
    Am I right to say that the last time an amalgamation won a a final was 1977
    The semi between them and the Mitchells in 1978 was a classic
    It is the way forward

  9. Happy Christmas to you and yours Willie Joe and to all fellow bloggers. May the New Year bring renewed focus and energy for “Project Mayo”!

  10. To all bloggers a merry Christmas to you all and WJ a ponderous time for the family but we all hope you see it through.

  11. Thank you Willie Joe and best wishes to you and all your family on this special and bitter sweet day.
    May the coming year bring many blessings and happiness….and peace.
    Maigheo abú
    Nollaig Shona daoibh go léir.

  12. Thank you very much Willie Joe,all the best for next year,hopefully we will be cheering Mayo for Sam

  13. “Remembrance, like a candle, burns brightest at Christmas time.” Thanks WJ for keeping us so well informed on all things Mayo GAA.
    New management team not wasting any time getting a game under their belt. Encouraging that they appear to be going down the road of rebuilding. We may have to be patient, but it is the way forward imo.

  14. I see Dubs Banter Page have it going on FB that Lee retired…..nice tributes and the usual shit pouring in………Chancers, I still think he’ll give us one more year…..

  15. MartyK, @mayofootball was posting the same rumour non stop on St. Stephen’s Day too on twitter.

  16. Tickets for the Leitrim v Galway game in the dome on open sale I notice . Will it be the same script for our opener the week after v the winners ?

  17. Regards the ticket situation, Sean Burke, I can’t see why not. But you’ll probably need to have all hands on deck clicking like a mad thing to get them.

  18. Final pod of the year has just gone online for club members, this one featuring Mike chatting with Paddy Durcan. This is our 146th pod of the year, with 99 of these available exclusively to our club members on Patreon.

  19. Don’t know if it’s been posted already but the mayo v sligo game on Jan 2nd will be on mayo tv. Wasn’t expecting it to be but it’s great to have it

  20. A belated Christmas greeting and a Happy New Year to all contributors to this wonderful forum, which is very much appreciated by all Mayo supporters, at home and abroad. Thanks Willie Joe for your time and effort in making this a great source of news, discussion and opinions and seasons greetings to you. Hopefully 2023 will be a good year-I know that we are in transition, but we live in hope. Hopefully the Lee rumour is false-either way I would like to acknowledge the gracious comments from many Dublin fans and we had the usual sprinkling of arseholes, who seem to be under the illusion that they are smart and funny.

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