Happy Christmas

Right, it’s definitely time now to sign off for the Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who has passed this way during the year and whose contributions have added to a discussion that never really stops at any point at this stage. No, that’s not fully correct – I don’t expect too much online chat about football to be happening tomorrow though, once the day itself is over and New Year approaches, the debate is sure to be off and running once again.

In the meantime, I hope you have a relaxing and peaceful Christmas and here’s to another season of thrills and spills – hopefully more weighted towards the former rather than the latter – in the year to come.

30 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Happy Christmas to you Willie Joe , your family and all who contribute here. Looking forward to 24 and hoping for some new ideas.

  2. We are only 7 months away till the last Sunday in July , you never know when you expect nothing of Mayo thats when they usually perform.
    My Xmas wishes is a consistent full forward line of ROD, Cillian and Tommy Conroy all year.
    Bob Tuohy to establish himself as the emerging midfielder.Would like to see ROD get captaincy.
    A good season I think would be just avoiding relegation and establishing new players in the NFL and in the championship a Semi Final appearance minimum and no more than a 3 point loss to Dublin or Kerry.
    Dont think a Connacht Title is a priorty like some but topping last 16 group stages is essential after this season.

  3. A very happy Christmas to you Willie Joe,thank you for your great sorry for causing you hassle over the year,my new years resolution is to stop replying to other posters

  4. Happy Christmas Willie Joe and to everyone on the blog!

    We need to make our come back next year and get to at least a semi final…..

    Be interesting to see how we go in the first proper match on the 7th!

  5. Happy Christmas, Willie Joe, to you and yours…and to all who frequent this mighty blog!
    Maigh Eo Abú i gconaí!

  6. Happy Christmas Willie Joe and to all contributors to this forum. Huge appreciation for providing this service where we can share ideas, voice individual opinions and let off steam to ease our frustrations. As ever, we will look forward to the new season with optimism, whether justified or not.

  7. Merry Christmas to Willie Joe and all the blog devotees. Hope we’re all ready to go again. Maigheo Abu!

  8. Mile buiochas WJ. Go neiri leath i gcónai agus do clann.
    Beannachtai na fheile Nollaigh agus athbliain faoi mhaise daoibh uilig agus gach duine ar an blog!
    Bigí linn
    Mhuigeo Abú

  9. Willie Joe, thanks for providing us with your blog and the unrivalled, comprehensive coverage you give to Mayo GAA, simply put, it makes following the fortunes of our many teams so much more enjoyable. Happy Christmas to you and your family, and to all contributors.

  10. Thanks for the Blog Willie Joe a godsend for us exiles,my Gaa friends in Meath can’t believe that we have a resource that names every player that ever played for the county at any grade.

  11. Oh I should add to Jr’s bit..

    The archive proved very useful over Xmas, when the conversation led from James Dillon to Henry Kenny – I was very helpfully able to add the details of Henry’s Mayo career.

  12. Yeah we’re so very lucky to have this blog!

    Really can’t wait for the 7th know it’s only FBD and we should easily beat London no disrespect to them but feels like an awful long time since we got hammered out the gate by the dubs ha

    Really want to see Ryan O D cillian I Connor and Tommy cinroy get as much game time in that full forward line as they can and of course try out new players heres to a better 24 season!

  13. Oh and if anyone wants to keep me in mind – I’m looking for two tickets for the fbd semi final on Saturday 13th, irrespective of the opposition.

    I’m going with a Rossie friend; so we’re hoping that will be Mayo v Roscommon, but we’re really just going for the Dome experience.

  14. Brilliant and thoroughly entertaining interview with Ryan. As expected he seems really driven, dedicated and professional. If the whole Mayo panel were of the same nature they’d take some stopping. Looking forward now to the charity game on Saturday and hopefully there’s a great turnout for a worthy cause.

  15. I wonder with the current weather conditions and forecast – is there any chance that game on Saturday will be switched to the Dome – would make a lot of since.
    Pitch in Claremorris is going to be very heavy- this coupled with some of the club team likely to be doing little or no training plus a challenge game been played at three quarter pace is a receipe for picking up injuries. It would also be more appealing to supporters to be inside in the dome rather than out in the cold and wet.

  16. The only thing about matches being played in the dome you can’t tell where teams are at because it’s totally different playing out in actual weather. But for a charity game it would make total sense for it to be played in the dome…

    Ryan O D is such a class act we are lucky to have him if we stay injury free and have cillan o Connor and Tommy c along with Ryan O D for most of championship with game time from league behind them they will be hard stopping…

  17. After that interview Ryan would be my choice as captain for the coming year. He has all the qualities. Interesting to hear him say his favorite position would be ” top of the D” as he puts it.
    Also good to hear him name check some of the new lads in who are doing well plus more u-20s.
    Roll on ’24.
    And happy New Year to all.

  18. Happy Christmas Willie Joe and all.
    Ryan is one of those angry towards greatness type of fellas. Look at how strong he has made himself since minor.

  19. Could be a problem Southmayo Exile switching to the Dome if more than 2,000 tickets have been sold.

  20. Such a graat interview Ryan O D says it all when you don’t win the all Ireland it’s a dissapointing year that’s because that’s our goal not FBD, not the league it was good league title but Sam is the goal… We are one of the lucky counties to be in with a chance and be at the business end nearly every year..

    He’s so driven and commited and he also doesn’t let anyone bully him around the pitch but he’s also one of the best forwards in the country atm…. !

    Here’s to another rollercoaster of year I’m sure that is following mayo haha!

  21. Was in Bekan today , all outdoor pitches in great condition , and main pitch beside Dome with stand could be used I would guess if game doesn’t go ahead in Claremorris

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