Happy Christmas

Christmas tree 2014

So once again it’s that time of year when the world falls in love when every song you hear … yes, those little buggers have moved the dial over to Christmas FM again and sure why not, isn’t the Christmas almost here? It is, apparently and so once again it’s time to bring the metaphorical shutters down for another festive season and to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Things have, I know, been pretty quiet here of late but with the on-field action set to resume early in the New Year we’ll finally have something tangible to talk about again. In the meantime, though, there’s the festive season to enjoy and the chance to kick back and relax for a bit.

Have a great one, see you on the other side.

41 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Happy Christmas to all. Empire State Building has green and red lights on its spire every Christmas, for the last few years I’ve been sayin it’s a sign, maybe it will have been a sign in September 2015.
    With all these finals it feels like Christmas Eve for years now.
    Can’t wait for Christmas.

  2. A very happy Christmas to yourself Willie Joe and all your family, and to the many who have made this blog a must read over the years, have a good one…..

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you and the family WJ. Here’s hoping 2015 will be mayos year. And if it’s not, well shag it, we’ll keep goin anyway!

  4. Happy Christmas to you WJ and to all who post on this site and thanks for providing us Mayo supporters with a brilliant outlet to express our views and a fantastic resource when we want information. Long may you continue your good work and long may our team continue to give their all in search of Sam.

  5. To Willie Joe and family, wishing you and yours a HAPPY CHRISTMAS. And with God,s grace may we all have a GOOD 2015. Thanks to every one who made their views on W J’s site. Isn’t it good that we have a good place to share our views, and long may it continue.

  6. Happy christmas to one and all on this magnificent site, and as my father used to say, “please God we’ll all be here again this time next year”….and hopefully as all ireland champions. Enjoy everyone,

  7. Happy Christmas to you WJ and to everyone on this site.

    Safe travelling to all heading back home.

    I see our U21’s are in the Hastings cup in the new year. And so it all begins again…

    3/1 – Westmeath v Mayo (Mullingar – 2pm)
    10/1 – Mayo v Monaghan (Ballina – 2pm)
    17/1 – Mayo v Wicklow (Ballyhaunis – 2pm)

  8. Merry Christmas wj,your family and all who look at this site.as mister mayor says here’s hoping this is our year and if not shag it we’ll keep going anyway..MAIGHEO ABU

  9. Santy is a biteen of a bollix….I asked him for Sam last year and he explained that he was too busy himself,but he was leaving it in the capable hands of his top elves,O Neill & O Reilly.He wrote to me this year saying that O Reilly was fired after last years debacle and O Neill promised that he would step down after the Elves convention.Santy said that he would look after things personally for the coming year and he would guarantee that Sam will be in the sack for next Christmas!.

  10. Thank you for this blog Willie Joe. It has added an estimable dimension to my life as a Mayo supporter for nearly seventy years.
    Two comments I’d like to make at this time are:
    (1) Is there any team in GAA history that has come back to fight the good battle
    as often as ours, suffering defeat after defeat at or near the finishing post,
    yet rising to join the fray again and again and again ? and
    (2) John Cuffe’s contribution was a delight. Does he by any chance remember
    a Miss Murphy, who resided in the Erris Hotel (run by the Reeves family) in
    Belmullet ? She had had her coffin made in advance and it was lodged in
    McIntires across the road from the hotel. The old lady was pleased to show
    the coffin to visitors.

    The greetings of the season to your goodself and all your “care”.

  11. I want to wish WJ and all the other posters who have far more information than I could ever have a happy, peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. And, yes prosperous means that Sam will be residing in Mayo this time next year.

    Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhaoibh go léir.

  12. Happy Christmas to ye all from Wollongong, New South Wales. Hopefully I’ll be heading back in April to take in a league game, my first Mayo game since 2009. Been too long since i was home.
    Aiming for the Donegal game in Castlebar at the start of April. Will try to meet up with a few of ye then.

  13. Happy Christmas to all on the blog. Looking forward to sharing thoughts with you all again in 2015.
    Best Wishes All.

  14. WJ, best wishes to you and all on this blog. This year? Yes. There are good teams to overcome, but no one wants to meet Mayo.

  15. Followed this site for a good few years.its my first port of call in the matters of mayo football,keep up the good work!!

  16. Happy Christmas to all and hope everyone has a good one. Thanks again Willie Joe for ur great efforts and know when we win Sam it will be worth all the hassle. Its just a matter of time. As James horan says…..????

  17. I have yet to see the new jersey in the flesh but from pics I think it looks meaner,(a more here to do business look about it)I like it,New jersey new attitude,get out of the way cos mayo are going all the way in 2015 MAIGHEO ABU

  18. News filtering through of a retirement from the Senior squad – won’t mention name until its confirmed but a complete shock and very very depressing loss if true….

  19. 45 – I think it’s just rubbish (re. Keith Higgins). The Twitter brigade seem to think he lost a bet! I hope to Christ it’s just that anyway!!

  20. i wonder whats the story with keith higgans is he retireing it said that on the independant it was said on twitter

  21. A very belated happy Christmas, and an early happy new year to you all. I can’t describe what a big part this site plays in the life of a Mayo supporter exiled on the other side of the country (in fairness, it’s not exactly NSW, but still) and how much I enjoy the contributions, debate and discussion here, heated as it might get at times! So thank you WJ, for the effort you put in, and your dedication to the cause. It’s priceless.

    Wishing you and yours all good health and happiness in the year ahead, and who knows, this time next year we might just be celebrating the greatest Christmas gift of all.

    And after today’s near heart-attack moment, if Keith didn’t know before today how much he is revered in the county, he sure as hell knows now!

  22. How is everyone doing now? This Craic of eating and, drinking and waking up with a hangover every morning is beginning to get tiring. This day week we play our first game in 2015 under the new regime and I cannot wait. up Mayo

  23. Steve
    Wait til you hit 40, the hangover will last 2 days and you’ll be dead on your feet for the first day.

  24. For any sadists amoungs us TG4 showing Mayo V Kerry match today( the drawn one) at 4pm. The Limerick match is on the following day!

  25. I usually low from this site .I’m sure I’m like others saw it as another painful year. Maybe more painful than the 2 years previous.I tend to block out GAA till new year. That being said I woke up today with the passion back in my belly.New year brings fresh new hopes. Not sure how anyone else feels but I’m actually quietly optimistic. Some may see the foreseeable future for this Mayo team as a transition but I think that Noel and Pat have a massive platform to build from thanks to James.Maybe in time we will look back on the work Horan done with the lads and really appreciate it.I think 5 Connaught titles in a row is very achievable this year.After that who knows. There is no doubt there is an All Ireland in these lads.We have the best footballers in the country. One last push needed.One day we will see Cillian walk those steps to bring home the big one.

  26. mayomaningalway I have to admire your optimism, you appear to have come from the depths of despair to Mayo doing five in a row in Connaught and winning Sam, all in the space of one sleep, love it though. It may very well turn out that way, but some how I’ve got a feeling 2015 is going to be a lot tougher than of late. The biggest challenge facing Noel and Pat is not so much selecting the best 15 to take the field, but getting the players heads right for the big ones. League form at the time might seem important but will count for nothing if our heads aren’t right come the Championship. The opposition is getting stronger all the time and with Dublin smarting from last year somewhat surprising defeat, Kerry on a high after steeling an All Ireland, Armagh on the up and Donegal far from finished, throw Roscommon and Galway into the mix and one can see what a tough road lies ahead. Now I know we don’t have to play them all, but from where I’m sitting, my view is and I’m not alone in this view is that this team sadly might have missed the boat

  27. A bit early to be talking of missed boats when we haven’t even serviced the car never mind set out on the road. that selfsame car we purring nicely last year even after a fill of bad diesel in August.
    If need a service, we should have the spare parts available and tested.
    I for one am happy to go for the ride with this fine motor, to the ferry, and accross to the promised land

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