Happy Christmas and all that

It’s nearly Christmas Eve, I’m nearly drunk and I’m nearly going to switch the laptop off and get more than nearly bladdered shortly. Some very nice red wine (thanks, Gerry!) is already coursing through my veins and not even Martin Breheny’s assessment in yesterday’s Indo of where he reckons we’ve ended the year in the pecking order (12th, down from 4th last year) can spoil the moment. Santie’s on his way in a little over 24 hours and the little people asleep upstairs are more than a bit interested in what’ll be in his bag.

It’s Christmas, in other words, and so time to sign off for a few days. However, plans are already afoot for a revamp of the site early in the New Year (new look, new domain, that sort of thing) so keep an eye out for what’s in store.

Meanwhile, have a great Christmas and New Year and I hope that the experience of reading my various rants here have been at least partly as enjoyable as has been my creation of them.

Keep the faith!

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