Happy Christmas everyone

It’s the eve of Christmas Eve and the excitement levels here are rising faster than the S&P 500 has done this week. With a bit over 24 hours left before the Ho, Ho, Ho-ing gets go, go, going I can see that it’ll be tough to keep the lid on things around here in the interim.

All this domestic excitement contrasts with the eerie calm and quietness on the site over the last month or so but, then again, December never has been a happening month in Mayo GAA circles. With the FBD getting underway early in the New Year, however, I’ve no doubt but that we’ll all be back chomping at the collective bit once again in the very near future.

But before that lies Christmas and so it’s time to sign off from here ahead of the day itself and to wish everyone the best for the festive season. As I do so, I’d like once again to say thanks to everyone who stopped by over the course of the year and to everyone who has been in touch either through the comments or via email or Twitter or whatever. I’d particularly like to thank the growing band of guest contributors who have added their own fresh perspective on things and from whom I hope we’ll be hearing more in 2012.

Have a ball, y’all.

8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas everyone

  1. WJ, thanks for all you do to keep us up to date on all things Mayo. Merry Christmas to you and Mayo supporters everywhere!

  2. Your site is now a big part of the season, really enjoy it and so does my brother in Oz. thank you for all the hard work, Happy Christmas.

  3. As the old Meath man said on LMFM back in 1996 “only that the Mayos came here there would have been no football in Meath”. Ungrateful curs!!

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