Happy Christmas one and all

Christmas treeWell, here it is once again folks and once again I’m reaching for the corkscrew to open a rather nice Christmas bottle of red wine and proceed to get more than a little mellow by the fireside.  But before I do (and having brought to your attention the match report on and the post-match quotes relating to the over-40s All-Ireland in the Mayo News and a piece in the same paper about the interviews for the minor job), it’s time to sign off here for the Festive Season.

In doing so, I’d like to extend Season’s Greetings to all and sundry (even the Kerrymen, I suppose – it is Christmas after all) and to thank everyone for all the comments and emails received over the past twelve months.  In an otherwise gloomy year, I’ve had a ball here and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.  All the best for Christmas, hombres, and here’s to bigger and better things in 2010.

7 thoughts on “Happy Christmas one and all

  1. Happy Christmas Willie Joe, thanks for all your efforts this past 12 months, the results archive especially is fantastic. I must say seeing some of the beatings we gave Galway back in the early 50’s filled me with seasonal cheer. UP MAYO!

  2. Happy Christmas WJ and all on here.

    Thanks again WJ for all your efforts with this, it’s invaluable for all us exiled Mayomen

  3. thanks a million for all WJ. WIshing u and ur family a happy Christmas and peaceful new Year.
    As for Mayo football….it will be a peaceful one at senior level for all the wrong reasons but i expect the U21s to possibly provide the higlight of the next year by winning it out…and id settle for that right now.

  4. Have a great new year lads , Have already ploughed through the contents of my stocking and read

    Kings of september
    working on a dream

    currently reading the limerick hurling book and then its GAA peoples history.

    will post up a book report when done !

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