Happy Christmas

Christmas 2012

It’s very close to Christmas Day itself and I meant to post this earlier on but ended up getting way-laid on other stuff. In any event it’s just a quick one to wish everyone all the best for Christmas and to say thanks to all who called around or contributed to the site in some or other fashion over the course of what was a rather memorable year for the county’s footballers. We didn’t reach the summit this year and the lad dispensing the goodies tonight won’t have Sam in his sack for us either but what we achieved in 2012 leaves us in good shape as we face into the New Year.

It’s been quieter than ever here on the site since September but, you know, at a time when there’s not much to be said about football, it’s probably true that it’s best say nothing at all. Hopefully we’ll all have plenty to say once the action gets going again.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year.

8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. All the best to you Willie Joe for Christmas and the New Year. Thank you for all your hard work during the year. Hope you’ll have plenty to write about in the coming year.

  2. Fair play to you WJ, you did an amazing job with this site in 2012! Keep up the good work and all the best to you and your family on this Christmas Day.

  3. Happy Christmas WJ,

    This site is a national (or at least, local) treasure. The detail that is there in the archive section has it all over the last ten years. Furthermore, the forum that it provides for all Mayo heads to let off steam and inform ourselves (is there a better grapevine?), is a truly democratic facility that just gets better and better.

  4. Belated happy christmas WJ and to everyone else on the site. Onwards and up for 2013, not too long now till first fbd match up in ballinamore, not too sure yet if i’ll be able to make it, or indeed any of the fbd league as a date with the surgon is looming!

  5. Happy new year to all and mick, whoever you are I hope the surgeon is easy on you and you get to ballina more.
    Hope this is the year that mayo seniors finally deliver, and if not that we at least get as much entertainment as 2012 excluding 15 second half minutes against Dublin.

  6. Belated happy Christmas & New Year to ye all.
    Cheers for all the hard work WJ, hope you continue with the site.

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