Happy Mayo Day

I am, I know, a bit late to this particular party, due to a long day’s work out in the garden. Still, better late than never – Happy Mayo Day everyone.

I think my favourite Mayo Day has to remain the first one in the series. That was 2016 and on Mayo Day that year we landed the U21 All-Ireland title, beating Cork down in Ennis. A good day for Mayo that certainly was.

This Mayo Day is the second one of the Covid era and so all the celebrations for the day have had to remain in the realm of the virtual. Unlike last time, however, this year we’re beginning to get a glimpse of what life might be like when this blasted pandemic is finally behind us. Here’s hoping that Mayo Day 2022 will be the first of the post-Covid era.

Today isn’t just Mayo Day either. It’s also May Day, which means that the start of our inter-county year is now just two weeks away. After months without football, finally we can look forward with anticipation to the resumption of the on-field action and all the promise a new year of football offers us.

So, on a day for Mayo people all over the world, it’s good to know that the thing that unites us all will be back with us again very soon. It can’t come soon enough at this stage. Up Mayo on this very Mayo of days.

6 thoughts on “Happy Mayo Day

  1. Being resident outside the county Mayo Day passes over my head I’m afraid. This is the first time I heard that the first Mayo Day was celebrated in Ennis, 2016, even though I was part of that celebration. Looking back that day might be seen as the start of a new era for Mayo football even though that was not obvious for about five years. Anyway, happy Mayo Day to all and hopefully things are beginning to look up, even though if you looked at all the world news, Covid et al, it would be hard to be hopeful.

  2. Two very special days in Ennis : 2006 and 2016; both wins over Cork. So sweet to see Keith and Stephen lift those cups.

  3. Looking at reeling in the years on TV shows that Mayos problems in the last decade has been giving away soft goals and yet we all complain about our forwards.

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