Happy Mayo Day!

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The Mayo Day concept began in 2015 and it has gone from strength to strength in the years since then, my own favourite without question being the 2016 one. This is the sixth year Mayo Day has been celebrated and, like so much of life nowadays, it’s set to be a much-changed day this year.

I mentioned yesterday the raft of fundraisers that are taking place on or around today. If you haven’t had a look at details of these you can do so here. They’re all very worthy causes.

Because of the times we’re living in at the minute, all of the action for Mayo Day 2020 is happening online so check out the Mayo.ie website (here) for details on what’s on throughout the day.

Taking centre-stage for the online celebrations will be Liam Horan and Louise Duffy who’ll be presenting Mayo Day Live – Global Voices at 1pm today. The show will be a mix of chat, interviews, music and messages of hope and solidarity from well-known people from Mayo and those who love our great county. The show will be streamed on the Mayo.ie website.

In case you haven’t watched it yet, don’t forget the Croí discussion with Martin Carney, Andy Moran and James Horan. You’ll find that, along with details of their Mayo jersey raffle here.

If it’s audio entertainment you’re seeking then our own Mayo News football podcast is the obvious place to go. The latest episode features an in-depth interview by Mike Finnerty with Jason Doherty. It’s a great listen as you’ll hear about how he’s recovered from the cruciate injury he picked up against Donegal in the Super 8s last year and how he’s raring to go again, when the time comes for this to happen. You’ll find that here.

If it’s reading material you want then you’ll be glad to know that We are Mayo, the new book by Tom Brett and Seán Rice, is now available to buy online from Castle Books – details here.

Me? I’m heading for the garden. This hedge isn’t going to cut itself after all. Happy Mayo Day everyone.

20 thoughts on “Happy Mayo Day!

  1. I got sick of looking at “ 1 comment” for the last week on this post so Happy Mayo Day to all. Hope you are all staying well and getting along with things as good as you can. Btw. Well done to Jason Doherty on his recovery, I’m sure that he and his team will be out and lighting our lives up again in the not too distant future.

  2. With a bit of luck Mayo Day 2021 will be a more chatty and happier day than what just passed us.

  3. Not really related to Mayo day but I really can’t see any County championship this year and I don’t see how club teams could train safely at any age group until at least September when school returns.

  4. School may not even return in sept in how we imagine “normal” school. A lot of moving parts here. Contact sport won’t be returning until it’s safe to do so and unfortunately that’s when we have a vaccine or treatment….

  5. Certainly there seems to be a push against it from ex-players, understandably due to close contact nature of football and impossibility of distancing. I’m actually surprised there’s so much push-back against the leaving cert as you’d think there’d be plenty vacant halls/buildings countrywide to safely seperate students. PPE for teachers supervising. Totally different to sports. Important though to take views of all concerned.

    You get the feeling that there’s not much appetite for behind-closed-doors football this year, be it club or intercounty. Personally I’d love to see it to break the monotony but I totally understand if players just would prefer to write off 2020 and go again next year. Their safety must come first in this.

  6. Some pub quiz questions of the future.in

    1, which County never lost an All Ireland football final that they played in ?
    2, Who won the 2020 All Ireland final ( trick question).
    3, How much have the Gaa lost in Revenue in 2020.

    I am one of those that are now against the lockdown, things are way over the top, let’s open everything up, back to work, making some money again and see how we go. We have become a Nanny state, eg, weather warnings issued for light winds, etc.
    If all is well, start up all Sports with testing mandatory for all involved.

  7. Mayo 88 I think Down is the county that never lost an all ireland though I could be wrong they might have lost to Cork in 2010

  8. At the risk of being accused of nannyish behaviour, Mayo88, I have to chide you again for straying into political type discussion. This isn’t the place for that.

    In other news, a new episode of the podcast has just gone online.

  9. Limerick. Won both 1887 and 1896 All Ireland football finals. Haven’t played in any other.

  10. Sorry Willie Joe but there is very little other things going on at the moment, some of us would like to get things moving again.
    It was Limerick, they appeared in the very first football All Ireland, won it and never got to a final again.
    Down lost only one final, that was v Cork in 2010, I attended that final, very dour and was won on free kicks.

  11. Mayo88, I remember you saying that all would be back to normal in May. You were wrong unfortunately. I think the CMO is doing a good job with what’s going on. A few extra months of this won’t kill us. The virus potentially could.

  12. I am still hoping that things will be back to close to normal in a month or so, lockdown started on 30th March roll on to 30th June, I still believe that this Country will be fully clear on that date.
    We need to get Business up and running and all people back to work.
    If I were in charge things would be moving well by now.
    RIP Fr Cribben, a lovely man served as Priest in our Parish many years ago. I marked his Nephew in a Secondary Schools game back in late 1980’s.

  13. RIP JJ Cribben…….a boyhood hero of mine along with some other really great players.

  14. Mayo88, back to normal in June?
    Have some respect for people who have lost loved ones from this terrible disease.
    Have to say today is the first day I really miss the GAA but it all seems so insignificant considering what’s going on around the world..

  15. Tuamstar, theres a good game on RTE at the moment, All Ireland semi final from 2002, Dubs v Armagh and the Sunday Game is on TV tonight at 9.30 pm.
    The circle of life must keep rolling, I say enough of this lockdown get things back with precautions, some Social Distancing, masks etc.
    The Germans are leading the by opening up their Bundesliga.
    Sure look at us Mayo supporters, I have not seen a Senior win and I’m 50 soon, and still living in hope.
    The Virus has come and will go.

  16. Mayo88. And look what happened in the Bundesliga. 2 Dynamo Dresden players tested positive and whole team quarenteened! Glad youre not involved in decisions regarding lifting the restrictions.

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