Happy New Year

2023 has finally arrived and, with it, the resumption of inter-county action. The county’s footballers and hurlers both have matches on tomorrow – the former a challenge game against Sligo in Ballina and the latter a Connacht Hurling League clash with Leitrim at the Dome – so the long break from inter-county activity is at last at an end.

Not a moment too soon either. Here’s to a positive year for all Mayo teams in 2023. Happy New Year all.

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to all who follow the Green and Red, and to you WJ for your unceasing efforts in letting us know what is going on, and facilitating the blog where people can share our thoughts.

    I plan to watch the football match tomorrow on line but plan to be in Castlebar for the first round of the league and then go “hell for leather” to wherever our 2023 journey takes us.

  2. 1.Colm Reape
    2.Jack Coyne
    3.David McBrien
    4.Sam Callinan
    5.Stephen Coen
    6.Conor Loftus captain
    7.Donnacha McHugh
    8.Matty Ruane
    9.Diarmuid O’Connor
    10.Jack Carney
    11.Bob Tuohy
    12.Jordan Flynn
    13.Conor McStay
    14.James Carr
    15.Ryan O’Donoghue

  3. That’s a strong looking team for a challenge game at the start of January. Interesting middle 8 selection.

  4. Given the other players selected Conor Loftus as captain is an interesting choice. He is probably the most senior player there though so maybe that’s it

  5. Loftus at 6 is interesting, McStay did simliar with Roscommon playing forwards Conor Devaney and Fintan Cregg in defence.

  6. I like the team selection. A nice mix of new/established. Normaly would take no notice of captain but considering the 2022 captain also selected it probably means we will see a new captain this year. I didnt think Stephen had a great year last year – I though 2021 was his best so hopefully he gets back to that level in 2023.

  7. Ya Conor Loftus picking up Ciaran Kilkenny and Seanie O’Shea later in the Summer, cant see it happening.

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