Happy White Christmas

Well, although the prevailing weather has been a proper pain in the hole of late, at least we’re about to get payoff, in the form of the whitest of white Christmases that most of us will have ever seen.  I doubt if we’ll be warbling that old Bing Crosby number with the same gusto in future years, now that those romantic notions of a white Christmas have well and truly been trumped by the uncompromising reality of same but at least the big lad in the red suit should have no trouble finding a suitable landing spot for his sleigh dish ear.

Me, I’m about to open another bottle of O’Hara’s (one of my finds of the year) and put my online feet up for a few days but, before I do, I’d like to wish everyone all the best for Christmas and New Year.    Thanks to all who provided comments on the site over the course of the year as well as to the growing numbers who made contact via email.  It was also very nice to meet some of you (you know who you are) during 2010 and it’d be good to see this online community grow in the real world over the next while.

I’d like to pay special tribute to Ed, Liam, ontheroad and Spailpín for their wonderful guest contributions to the site over the last few weeks:  this is an experiment I’m very keen to expand on in the year ahead.  Thanks too to Donal O’Donoghue, Mick Byrne and Padraig Ferguson for their invaluable help in making the results archive as extensive as it now is.

Take it away, Bing:

5 thoughts on “Happy White Christmas

  1. Happy Christmas Willie Joe and thanks for all the sterling work you have done all year with the magnificant site. I have literally been ontheroad for the last three days, and am virtually snow blind at this stage. Once more happy Christmas to you and all the fellow posters.

  2. Belated Happy Christmas Willie Joe. Thanks for the great resource and all the best for next year.

  3. Happy New Year WJ and many thanks for the updates throughout the year. As cautious as i am when it comes to making predictions about mayo football id be pretty sure the coming year will see an improvement on the one that is about to pass. Thats as positive as it gets for now….

  4. Just after reading the Independent and like a panto character, just when you think he is gone away someone shouts “he’s behind you!”

    I presumed the next time we would hear from Johnno would be in March when we get to put in a different team into the dail to continue to swiss us. But no; this is what Johnno had to say in regards Mayo football today, “I would have liked to have finished with a good championship run, which I am confident the team can have in 2011, but patience is not in plentiful supply in Mayo over the years and I believe in accountability”.

    He is dead right about the patience bit especially if your name is Holmes, MacDonald or especially Moran. However Johnno was given four years first time out 1987/88 to 1991. He was given the same this time around 2006/07 to 2010. Eight years in total is a long time especially with the dross we endured since 2006.

    By the way…he intends to manage another county as well. One thing for sure…it will be more successful than his reign with us over the last four years. Aaaaghhhh!

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