Have a nice day, Johnno!

johnomahony2009Aren’t the Yanks great with their positive outlook on life?  There we’d be muttering things like “will you look at that bollix, who does he think he is?” whereas the Americans are like walking self-help books and seem only to have bad things to say about the likes of Osama bin Laden and his ilk.

So, although, he’s only getting his boarding card at this stage, maybe it’s the prospect of all that American positivity that’s got to The Deputy in his interview with Martin Breheny in this morning’s Indo.   For once, El Jefe casts off his normal sourpuss demeanour and instead speaks warmly about our chances over the coming months.  Not only does he not play up New York’s prospects this weekend, he even talks about where we stand vis-à-vis the big guns of the game and how we might break back into the top group of counties this year.

It’s a nice change, don’t you think?  Have a nice day, y’all.

6 thoughts on “Have a nice day, Johnno!

  1. a lovely change for sure WJ. I really think his previous demeanor was that of a man who actually didnt believe in the teams ability. Now i think he’s starting to see potential and realises that we could be at the beginning of something big, not this year but in the coming years. Im surprised that he has gone as far as not to rule out an all ireland this year though….thats really stretching it. 12 months ago I think he would have walked if he had an excuse….not so sure he would be as quick to walk away from them now even if we dont win connacht. I really feel he is starting to believe a really big day is only a few short years away and sure why would he hand these promising youngsters over to someone else. He has filled some key positions and a few more left to fill( including a free taker) but so far so good. Its a work in progress and i have promised to be patient. Looking at the bigger picture i have to say im a lot more optimistic than i was 12 months ago.

  2. a very welcome change on mindset for JohnO – i could never understand the negative tone that became so cringing in last year or so . It didn’t tally with what you would expect from a team manager i.e. even if you have doubts you give it the postive treatment to instill confidenece in players or fans.
    So nice to see ‘the glass is half full’ approach just at the team starts out on the 2009 campaign.

  3. Now that he has George Lee on his team it is no wonder he sounds so positive!!!

  4. Team now up on the mayo gaa site:

    Mayo team to face New York in full: 1, David Clarke, Ballina; 2, Liam O’Malley, Burrishoole; 3, Ger Cafferkey, Ballina; 4, Kevin McLoughlin, Knockmore; 5, Peadar Gardiner, Crossmolina; 6, Trevor Howley, Knockmore; 7, Donal Vaughan, Ballinrobe; 8, Tom Parsons, Charlestown; 9, Ronan McGarrity, Ballina; 10, Pat Harte, Ballina; 11, Trevor Mortimer, Shrule/Glencorrib; 12, Alan Dillon, Ballintubber; 13, Andy Moran, Ballaghaderreen; 14, Aidan O’Shea, Breaffy; 15, Barry Moran, Castlebar.

  5. It’s good to see Howley back and against NY is the time to give him the chance to ease back in. Can’t fathom Andy at 13 though. There is nothing to learn from that. Good to see Barry starting. Now the centre field can send in high ball all day!

  6. Great to see Howley back but in the space of 24 hours our forward line looks like a stronger division than our defensive one. I can only presume/hope the back division is an experimental one. Its a lightweight backline…and certainly not one for the real stuff although its great to see the hit man back at CHB. Cuniffe must be injured?? Our FF line is a little bit “obvious” isnt it. But i wont argue with it…all 3 are great ball winners which isnt something we have been able to say about our FF line in a long time. It has the look of a line that will be hunting for goals this summer and thats all good and well but it can backfire as we saw with Kerry in last years all ireland. Its worth trying though. MF and half forward line kind of picked themselves.

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