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I’m off out the door shortly, heading for the airport and off to London for tonight’s Mayo News football podcast Over for the Match event at the Oxford Arms in Camden Town. Throw-in time there for the event, which is being held in association with Ireland West Airport, is set for 9pm tonight.

It’s set to be a fun evening, with a large Mayo expected at the event. We’ve a few special guests lined up too, including, as Mike Finnerty mentioned yesterday in the Mayo News, former London senior football manager Paul Coggins. If you’re at a loose end in London town this evening then maybe we’ll see you there later on.

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  1. Enjoy Willie Joe. Really lovely to have this event in London for the huge contingent of lovely Mayo people there. Up Mayo.

  2. Gutted it’s now looking like I’ll have to miss this event, but enjoy everyone.
    The local goths and metal-heads will be wondering what the hell is going on around that part of the high street.

  3. I thought that was an excellent piece by Dara O se today on Mayo. He gets a lot of stick on this site but i find him the most interesting read on GAA out there at the moment. His analysis on the lack of credit mayo get will resonate with a lot of people best exemplified I suppose by the fact that Tyrone were 5/2 to beat Dublin and Mayo are now 3/1.

    I’m sure most here would enjoy the read and likely endorse 100%.

  4. Having shared a dressing room with Paul Coggins a few times many moons ago I can honestly say he is a funny funny man. An absolute character and handy player in his day too.

  5. Have a great night in London Willie Joe. I agree that is a great article by Daire O’Shea in the Times this morning.. Sorry I can’t provide a link.

  6. Nasty dig by O Shea on a defenseless Killian Burns in that article. Basically making the lad out to be a coward. Not right.

  7. @satriani
    I think some latitude has to be given to journalists to give their views. I don’t see anything nasty or a dig in his article. He is stating a fact that a lad got dropped and giving some insight to why he believes it happened. He in fact said it was harsh on KB implying it wasn’t his football that cost him his place but rather his inability to take a man out of it. Reads as totally fair comment to me.

    It all gets pretty boring if all anecdotes are nameless….a particular player didn’t do this because another player did this etc etc…

  8. Good luck with the gig in London tonight WJ.
    I only wish the soccer team had two more games between now and the AIF as they seem to get a lot of space in the newspapers and tv. Keeps the hype/attention off our fellas and helps the whole ‘under the radar, waiting in the long grass’ thing. Anyway, I’m sure next week normal service will resume.

  9. Go neiri libh i Londuin WJOE. Bain sult as.
    It is fantastic that you are bringing the Blog to our diaspora. These people are so important in supporting all things Irish. Muintir Acla thall i London are great supporters of charity events i Oileán Acla. They never forgot their heritage culture and comminity in Acilll and Mayo.They are also great supporters of foireann Mhuigheo. Please give them a mention tonight agus mile buiochas daoibh uilig.
    Go neiri libh agus Mhuigheo Abu i gconai. Le cunadh De beidh Sam ag teacht trasna na Sionnaine!

  10. Good luck wj with your trip. It certainly is something that will be enjoyed by the Mayo heads in the city. Had a visit there recently, and easy to see why it draws so many people to it.

  11. Best of luck with the trip to Camden Town. It will be a memorable night I’m sure. Hope everybody has made the necessary work arrangements for Thursday morning. Looking forward to the podcast.

  12. I read that article by D O Shea in today’s Times.Very insightful.But what about the article by Sean Cavanagh.He is “convonced that Dublin will beat Mayo”I suggest Rochford cuts that out and pins it to dressing room door on 17th.Wouldnt it make Tyrone look absolute shite if we were to win.

  13. Seán Cavanagh is quoted on The Irish Daily Mail today as saying he expects Mayo to start a row during the match and that Joe McQuillan will do nothing about it. This will be done by Mayo in an attempt to disrupt Dublin. That would be their only hope, Cavanagh thinks. However he doesn’t give Mayo an earthly chance of beating the greatest team that ever played. He thinks Dublin will go on to win more consecutive All Irelands. Where on earth did he get that notion that Mayo would start a row?

  14. Gas – if cavanagh was from Mayo (Brady, McHale, McStay etc…) everyone would be commending him for staying on script hyping up the Dubs. Because he is from Tyrone he brings the blood to the boil.

    mind you if he said that about starting a row – hard to know what to make of it but its very odd stuff to come out with regardless what his thought process is. Thats not saying they shouldn’t start a row – they need to do whatever gives them the best chance of winning….Meath still are the names behind 1988 and 1996 AI champions list…despite their less than creditable approach

  15. Re: S Cavanagh …
    He is still sore following last year’s defeat to mayo & how keegan put him in his pocket until he gother a second yellow.
    Some Tyrone people have never rated mayo (even though this team had always beaten Tyrone when it matters. ..) & and he is a fully paid up member of this club.
    If Mayo even compete against Dublin it sure puts Tyrone feeble effort into context.

  16. Cavanagh to me is beginning to come across a bit of a sore loser with his various jibes re. Mayo. Who knows & who cares. Up Mayo.

  17. Is it just me or is this the most downbeat hypeless build up to a final ever? It would be nice to see a bit of a buzz

  18. Backdoor Sam,
    Be happy it’s a low key affair with your team written off, we should be thanking the likes of cavanagh for his words in print. Mayo go in as a written off team just there to kick to ball out to the ” greatest team in the history of the game”.
    Let Sean and co keep talking, sure aren’t they right? Experts that these analysts are and all that.

  19. Fair play to Cavannagh, thats exactly the stuff I like to see written….sure we haven’t a hope. Embrace the low key build up over the next 10 days, and unleash hell from the stands at 3.30pm on the 17th. Mightn’t be be much of a buzz now, but imagine the life long buzz we’ll experience if we win….christ we’ll all die happy men/women.

  20. Backdoorsam..its perfect build up for us I believe..A week of painted sheep,nails and buildings is loads..
    WJ Enjoy tonight..

  21. I have disagree with some of ye… , I met Séan Cavanagh some years ago and spoke with him for a while about football in general,.. A most affable young man, he was without doubt very pro Tyrone, but not in any way anti Mayo…. Tomás O Sean has said something similar, re Dublin winning five or six in a row…. There might be a concerted effort to swell Dublin heads… Ah ‘The games people play now, every night and every day now, ….. Never sayin what they mean, and never meaning what they say!

  22. The days are slowly evolving towards the 17th and I must say, at times, especially since last Sunday …. Sunday week seems like an interminable eternity.
    Dublin are a serious outfit – but Mayo have shown they are too. Notwithstanding Sean Cavanaghs opinions, I expect a close, tense, evenly-matched encounter. The strength of the Dublin bench worries me slightly – especially when the game enters its final straight – but I’m confident Rochford & Co will devise a strategy, through the maximum use of all our 21 players to
    be sent into the foray – to negate that worry.

    Intuitively I feel the Mayo team are going to give a performance for the ages. Mayo’s performances since August have incrementally improved. Many of our players are in the form of their lives and when one adds in to the mix their experience, belief, conditioning, insatiable desire and the obvious confidence derived from beating their nemesis (Kerry !), I feel a mother of all performances will be unfurled. Will it be good enough? I think it will be and like all of you I hope I’m right. But for lord’s sake – roll on the 17th !!

  23. Will meet Sean Kavanagh at a breakfast preview of All Ireland in Croker tomorrow. Anyone got a question you would like me to ask him?

  24. let them talk up the dubs all i wish for is they give a 70 mins performance will be happy then if galway hurlers can do it why cant mayo.

  25. Ask him what did Lee say to him before the start of the second half of last years quarter final to cause him to start that brawl ?!

  26. Ask him why the Dubs are so much better than last year and why they are now so far ahead of everyone else.

  27. Can you ask him does he think Harte should have shook his hand when he came off, after all he played under him 15/16 years and wonder 3 all irl with him

  28. Sean Cavanagh is entitled to his opinion. Bookies have us down as 11/4 outsiders, I fail to understand why ye are getting offended. Its hardly shock horror to be of the opinion Dublin are brilliant , theyve won four out of the last six for crikeys sake, they are unbelievably good.

  29. No problem with Cavanagh tipping the Dubs to win, they’re favourites after all.

    However, he comes off fairly bitter by suggesting we turned the game into a fight when we played Tyrone last year. Apparently we did the same thing in the drawn final last year and are going to try it again this year?

  30. Just what i wanted to hear. Mayo completely written off. Can we have more of the same please right up to 3.30 on 17/9. Last thing we need is somebody actually saying we have even an outside chance against the best team since Brazil 1970.

    Lads this is set up brilliantly for us. We couldn’t ask for better conditions for an ambush. This could be the greatest smash and grab job in living memory. None of them saw it coming.

  31. I’d have to agree it’s an incredibly quiet build up this year. Even when you hear people talking about it they seem to speak in hushed tones! Wether it’s a good or a bad thing it doesn’t matter a jot to the players. Although the bookies are not giving us great odds the vibe I get from talking to people from outside the county is very positive. I think most football people realise that most counties have lied down in front of Dublin this year(including seanie’s tyrone) and mayo certainly won’t.

  32. Keep it coming Sean. Lay it on as thick as you can.

    He was a superb player for Tyrone and at his peak was close to unplayable. His powers have been diminishing for some time now though and I think some of his comments over the last week are borne out of pure frustration.

    If the quote about Mayo needing to start a row is true, I find that really bizarre. All the more so given that Tyrone never laid a hand on the Dubs. They needed to rattle into them and lay down a marker, but they were so passive it was untrue. Apart from his brother’s desperately poor kick on Fenton, they never raised any kind of muster.

    Looking in from the outside it seems to me that maybe some of the Tyrone lads had little or no belief they could square up to the Dubs. You have to compete with them before you can beat them.

  33. All in all Sean Cavanagh has gotten a pretty rotten ending to a great career. He really is laying on think the praise for Dublin. Fair enough given their current form.
    But I still find it surprising that he hasn’t buried his head in the sand for a while after his sides embarrassing show in the semi, retirement or no retirement.
    As we know in Mayo, Sean is a very sore loser.

    Can’t wait for the final on the 17th.

  34. Who cares what is written at this stage? Mayo are preparing for an All Ireland final….I am sure Sean would love to be doing the same instead of giving interviews.

  35. Sean probably doing public appearance’s rather than interviews… Probably getting a few euro for it …but good luck to him …he owes the Gaa nothing

  36. Talk of an ambush is for the likes of Facebook, and has no real place in a serious discussion of this final.

    It would be foolish and naive to think that anything anyone says about how good Dublin are will have even the slightest affect on the Dublin squad or their management team. No top tier team does complacency any more. Both Mayo and Dublin did not accidentally wander into an all Ireland final – both are there wholly on merit.

    Mayo’s journey has been a long, hard slog, full of twists and turns. Any outsider could not help but admire that level of resilience. Dead and buried half a dozen times, and yet somehow still standing. They’ve played more football to reach an all Ireland final than any other team in history, and still look like they want more.

    Dublin on the other hand, have either won in 2nd gear, or crushed every team they have played this year. Reigning back to back champions, looking for the three-in-a-row – an unparalleled feat in the modern game.

    Both teams, without a doubt, have been improving all season. Both look better than last year. Both seem to be peaking when they need to. Everything is aligning to clash of the Titans. I hope it lives up to this billing.

    To even consider that Rochford is thinking “Sure we’ll sneak in under the radar and swipe Sam off the Dubs when they’re not looking”, or that Gavin thinks “Mayo? Ah sure we always beat them, no worries there lads, we have this in the bag.” – is ridiculous.

    There will be no surprises here – both sides will be focused, primed, and fully aware of the capability of the other.

    Mayo want Sam, Dublin want to bury Mayo and keep it. All this talk of ambush is Yerra – leave that to the lads in the south who get to watch this from the sidelines.

    I like the lower key build up – less of the vitriolic hoseshit to wade through in the media. Do yer talking on the pitch, and your shouting from the stands, everything else is shadowboxing.

  37. On a another note – Rob or Willie Joe ,did either of ye get the shift in the Oxford arms last night ??:)

    hope it was a good night , looking forward to the podcast

  38. Thank god we have so many professors of the game enlightening us on how good dublin are and the laughable notion that we might dare to think we have even half a chance of winning the final.

    How stupid and absent minded must we be. Do we not all remember how we were absolutely hammered by 1 point after a replay by the same opposition in last year’s final.

    Sure after last year’s wide margin of victory by Dublin I don’t see why their even goin ahead with a final this year.

  39. No problem with Cavanagh giving his opinion. His team got hit by a juggernaut in the first 25 mins and hadn’t enough flexibility in the game plan to get back in the game. In those circumstances Dublin did look like the best team ever. To beat Dublin a team firstly has to put it up to them. I think Mayo will and that gives us fans the opportunity to roar our bloody lungs out and turn the game into an epic Mayo victory. On his issues with Mayo, Tyrone will feel they had enough chances to win and it hurt them bad losing it. He hates losing, simple as… not alone there.

  40. Sean Cavanagh has just retired and is probably looking to get himself a media gig by making as many incendiary comments as possible, let him off.

    Mind you, Tyrone complaining about rough tactics from the opposition did spark a wry chuckle ; how quickly things turn around !

    I agree with Jaden as to the benefits of a low-key build-up : some of the social media stuff last year was fairly noxious and definitely transmitted itself to some of the more impressionable fans (read “gobshites”) on the two final days.

    Mind you, if the Dubs wheel out their media machine to influence the officials again, we will have to respond. Let’s see what happens.

  41. Also, hope Willie Joe and Rob enjoyed the hospitality in London. I was in Ruislip last year and a great night was had by all ! Trips there and to NY should remind everyone how much this team and gaelic games in general matter to the diaspora.

  42. Sean Cavanagh reckoned this morning that Dublin will beat Mayo easily. Knocked him back on his heels when I asked if he was ever marked by a better player than Lee Keegan. He had to admit in the end no. Gooch Cooper also speaking and he said Dublin by 3 or 4. Matt Cooper ended the breakfast talk to a packed room in Croke Park asking is there anyone in the room that thinks Mayo could win this All Ireland?

  43. Excellent build up so far, steady she goes. As one of the crew said unleash the fury on the 17th. Reminds me of the story about the two bulls at the top of the field looking down at a herd of cows in the distance, let’s run down and shag two cows says young bull, no, says the older bull, let’s walk down and shag them all!

  44. Who needs a Dublin media machine campaign when you have Sean Cavanagh.?! Sore man. Lost some respect for him last year but now!! Shit stirring. He got his comeuppance in the end and only way he can make himself feel better is if Mayo get slaughtered. Even more depressing winter ahead for him when we win. I don’t think he is a great Sportsman anymore – missing sportsmanship.

  45. Think Cavanagh would have retired a year ago had they got to the final. He had reckoned had they beaten mayo they would have gone on to beat dublin.

    This year he found out what time of day it is.

    He has also said he would be interested in media work now that he is retired. I think he is trying to build up favour with some of the daily rags so that he might get a weekly column and earn a nice bit of pocket money for himself.

  46. Someone had commented a few days ago about the final Sunday game of last year. There was a big panel on that show and as Just Outside Ballagh said there about Matt Cooper, Des Cahill asked the panel much the same question. Can this Mayo team win an All Ireland ? All no’s except for Brolly who said “I don’t see why not”.

    Just wondering if they were asked again today would it still be all emphatic no’s.

    Just Outside Ballagh, what was the reaction in the room when Cooper asked if Mayo could win this All Ireland ?

  47. Baconfactoryend….. Talking Bull’s???…. It’s a very good metaphor for some of the ‘Media explayer pundits’ consincus ‘ Mayo haven’t a prayer’….. The only real recent evidence we have, would be the All Ireland final and Replay between the two teams last year…. I drove past McHale Park yesterday evening , the lights were on.. I assume that the homework was being done…. All the Mayo player’s have the all clear,. Everyone Fit, and Everyone good to go…. Clarke, Barrett, Higgins, Vaughan, Parson’s, SOS, AOS, Andy, Boyler Jason Doc and Cillian, all veterans, all regular and reliable starter’s, all household names throughout the Gaelic World , at this stage, some still young enough to play several years more, Have any of them ever played better???? No..! The answer is most definitely NO… Young guns, Durcan, Coen, Diarmuid Harrison, Louftus,… Only Diarmuid needs that few % extra to bring him back to his very best… The rest also in the form of their lives…. Our Player of the Year, Lee Keegan will be back to full health and fitness, after his set back in hospital…. Kirby, Nally, Barry Moran, COS, aand Caff all available..Some but not all can be played, all ready, willing, and able to bring Mayo over the line… . The question should be, can Dublin possibly get near to Mayo????

  48. As Leiutennant Colombo often said as he rubbed his forehead… ‘Something been bothering me’… How could I leave out the Knockmore flyer, Kevin McLoughlin?… Don’t worry Kevin, Steven Rochford won’t be leaving you out!

  49. Revellino – all the panel had said no at that stage. They had talked for an hour. The only time they talked about Mayo was for 5 minutes when Gooch gave us some praise. The best they could say about Mayo was that we were ‘Pig Ignorant’. The other 55 minutes were all about how exceptional Dublin are, led by Matt Cooper and Sean Cavanagh. When Matt Cooper asked for a show of hands as to whether anyone in the room believed Mayo could win the All Ireland, about 5 Mayo hands went up in a room of 200 people. Not surprising after the hour that had gone before. One interesting story from Cavanagh as well. He said at the Dublin V Monaghan QF, Tyrone had played Armagh beforehand. One of the Tyrone Management Team were leaving Croke Park at half time of the Dublin game and they met Diarmuid Connolly, also leaving the ground. Sean felt that he may not get getting his place as he has not shown 100% commitment to the team.

  50. Ah Baconfactoryend thanks for the lovely image. I’ve not laughed so much in the silence of my car…alone. Looking forward to seeing our bulls at work. In your own time now lads…

  51. Just Outside Ballagh, Connolly going to the game with the team while suspended shows plenty of commitment. I believe Diarmuid will start the final in place of O’Callaghan in the final. Connolly is a big game player and also in starting him Gavin will hope to pin Leeroy down to one position. O’Callaghan is a fantastic talent and is a shoe in for young player of the year but the likes of Boyler will snap him in half early on with a shoulder. This game will be a physical arm wrestle of a game (not the pure game of football pundits are spouting about)

  52. Thanks Justoutsideballagh for the update. Great information.

    I would consider it a big compliment anytime I hear something negative from the Dublin camp.

    Mayo want to win an All Ireland.

    Dublin want to become known as the greatest team that has ever played the game. They want to win finals by a margin playing champagne football. Mayo are ruining their big claim to fame. They haven’t been able to give us the hiding they would dearly love to in the championship.

    We are a total pain the ass to this dublin team because any time we play them we look every bit as good as them and sometimes even better.

    Imagine if mayo were not at the level we are at. Dublin would waltz through Leinster and then to a facile win in the final. This would bring them the highest admiration in the game, the fame and glory that they crave. Mayo don’t cower to the Dubs, push them right to the limits and this doesn’t sit well with them.

    Dublin aren’t goin to look like untouchables in this final either because like it or not, Mayo are heading to croke park with their own target, and that’s to win.

  53. Dave, that was the point, he was there as a spectator but left at half time. Tyrone tried to use it as motivation to show division in Dublin camp. Obviously did not get them far. Cavanagh also not very supportive of Micky Harte today which was surprising.

  54. Great insight Justoutsideballagh – its exactly what we want to hear,although Robot Jim lads will know this will not be the case – do we honestly think a young pup like Callaghan would be able to score a goal like that against a Boyle or Barrett. This game will be won by targeting 1.Cluxtons kickouts i.e if forward players are not on defenders once a Mayo shot is midway in the air Cluxtons will have a handy day as this is where attacking players from the opposition admire the shot while Cluxtons and the backs are looking for the quick kick out 2. Ensuring O Sullivan is not allowed sweep – he is a expert at this 3. Substitutions – Dublins main asset we need to have men on the 55 minute to do a job on Mcmennanion and Brogan as i feel Connolly will be in for Andrews 4. Cillian O Connor has to contribute more the team we cannot expect Andy to be a target every time- last year Fitzsimons cleaned him in replay – could we use both AOS and COC as target men and break it down to our smartest player Andy?
    We all know Dublin have not had to dig into the reserves like us, this game will we won through leaders like Andy, Boyler, AOS and hopefully Leeroy and off the determination of ourseleves to drown out Molly and her hill 16 friends

  55. Justoutsideballagh..Thanks for post..interesting morning for you..Are we mental thinking we can win this??!I am listening to so many people saying how awesome Dublin are..and am still pig headed(or deluded maybe) to think we can take them..more than other years if truth be told..

  56. First time poster,brilliant blog willie joe.we are blessed to have you,enjoy it so much,the different opinions,plans plots and scenarios,and all with one aim,to bring sam home,he’s in exile,but not for much longer.and like myself,he’s coming home too, to our wonderful people,and our exceptional footballers,it’s going to be one mighty party,we have waited long enough,I cant wait to step off that plane,in my beautiful county,and be with my wonderful family and friends,and share in the joy that’s coming our way,thanks again willie joe,hope I haven’t broken any house rules.Mayo exile.green and red forever.

  57. The last time I heard this much talk about how good Dublin are and the no. of All-Irelands in a row that they are going to win was before the 2014 All-Ireland semi-final against Donegal. We know how that game finished up, so there is plenty of hope for us, we can do this!

  58. I seen the bit where you mentioned him leaving at half time. Did you see him leave with your own eyes? I doubt that connolly left the park without a good reason or else was instructed to, maybe a ploy from jim to hint that theres a rift? I think we should assume connolly will be playing, and if not, thats fine too.
    Wait til monday or tuesday of next week when the rumours of injuries starts flying and keeps everyone guessing. Remember mark mchugh was about to lose his leg to injury in the days leading to the 2013 quarterfinal with Mayo, of course he survived and kicked a point or two in the game all the same. Believe nothing, and you wont be too dissappointed.

  59. Regina, so many Mayo people believe this year. I think the difference is we have watched them and seen an increased level of determination and skill level this year that is not being recognised by some of these would be pundits and sunshine supporters. Of course Gavin will not buy this so we still habe to go out and beat them to get any credit.

  60. Dave, Tyrone Management walked out with him. Dont think anything of it really but Cavanagh felt he may have been left out of semi as not giving Gavin 100%

  61. That’s very possible ballagh, or maybe Jim is tiring of the discipline issues on the pitch and doesn’t want to risk him in a semi or final? A red card wouldn’t suit jims plans.
    Anyways, let him play him or not play him, he’s not Mayos problem.

  62. Jaysus, it’s goin to be like a Clint Eastwood film on the 17th with Rochford, mcquillan and Gavin.

    The good the bad and the ugly.

  63. Think Cavanagh was a brilliant player but both himself and Mickey are sore losers especially v Mayo. Cluxtons big hug and all the lovely dublin boys words of sympathy obviously had an impact on Sean. In fairness I have no issue with him hyping up the dubs. They are a brilliant team with an excellent manager and a hugely impressive panel. Most outside Mayo expect a Dublin win. Why wouldnt they. They have hammered the daylights out of all opposition this year. Only Carlow even gave them a test for one half. The bookies see Dubs as red hot favourites. My gripe with Sean is talking about Mayo starting a fight and saying that they started fighting with Tyrone last year. This is similar to the likes of brolly being critical of bullshit. When it comes to nastiness and the dirty tricks brigade Tyrone are in a league of their own. Be honest Sean. Mayo out Tyroned you last year and you timidly caved in to dubs this year unable to change your rigid tactics even when 7 or 8 behind. Sean was a great and very honest footballer. Pity he cant be a great and honest analyst. Up Mayo

  64. We are going into this game with the rather curious stat, for the first time I think, of having played as many championship games in Croke Park this year as Dublin.

  65. Can’t wait to play Brazil on the 17th – I for one will be queuing up to get a selfie taken with Pele.

  66. Mikey, You certainly had a great ticket for the 2006 All Ireland final,. Lower Cusack, Central location. but it wasn’t a season ticket, because season tickets were not out then.. The worst ticket anyone could get is a corporate box ticket.. I was in the Anglo Irish Bank corporate box for the All Ireland club finals of 2005… Free drinks and grub… Not that I partook in either… But such boring people, rather be mixing with the real fan’s that actually care what happens…. Good question for a table or pub quiz.. When was the last time that both the Club Hurling and Football All Ireland Champions, played in Green and Red and both called the same name…. Answer 2005.. James Stephens the hurling team from Killkenny, and the official name for the football team is also, Ballina James Stephens! And Both played in Green and Red,.. Unlikely ever to see a double like that again… But it was a great day for the Green and Red… Only bad thing was that, ‘Leantimes’ was stuck in the Anglo Irish Corporate Box…. If I knew then, what I know now, would I be able to keep my big mouth shut?… Doubt it.

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