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It’s the night before our League clash with Cork, a match that for ages now I’d chalked down as a definite but which for much of the last week I’d resigned myself to missing, due to matches the two girls are involved in up here tomorrow. But then the lift situation resolved itself last night and so I’m ready to hit the road early tomorrow morning for the match in Páirc Uí Rinn (throw-in 2pm).

I’ve a number of hopes about tomorrow, starting with remembering that the clocks go forward at two in the morning so that I’m on the road for Cork in good time. I also hope that the powers-that-be have the good sense to ensure that we line out in our nice, almost-new away jersey, which, if we do, will ensure that, for the first time ever, I’ll be able to tell the Mayo and Cork players apart. And, of course, I’m hoping to see a good performance from the lads.

I do think that, in this one, performance is everything. Sure, we could try pouring sand in the engine – as Derry tried and ultimately failed to do in that dire match at Croke Park tonight – in an attempt to eke out a result by negative means. Ultimately, though, our cause will be better served if we can produce an intelligent performance, one that shows we’ve learned from the whipping the Dubs gave us last time out, one that provides evidence to show that we know what direction we’re headed in as the long evenings return and the serious football isn’t that long from returning too.

It’s clear from much of the debate on here over the last while that we do could all do with a lift right now. Those of us on the outside looking in on the action could but I’d say it’s equally true of Pat, Noel and the lads too. Ultimately, we’re all on the same side and once the ball is thrown in at 2pm tomorrow (summer time) we’ll all be aiming for the same outcome.

Safe travelling to all who have yet to make it to Cork and here’s to a good day for us on Leeside tomorrow. Back with the match report and all the rest afterwards. Up Mayo!

15 thoughts on “Heading South

  1. Safe travelling y, all.. I hope we see tom p and big Barry clean up midfield, that Vaughan closes up defence and that Dillon passes the perfect ball into Aidan at full forward. If we can score goals theres always the chance we can get something out of this.. C, Mon Mayo

  2. We need to see a major response from the players and management today after the dismal display of two weeks ago. If this panel still have grand plans to be genuine contenders for Sam once again this year then today is the day to lay down a marker to the rest of the country that we haven’t gone away…

  3. 45 You alone will be using today’s display as a bench mark for the rest of the summer. The rest of the country will be watching whats going on in Ballybofey and Kerry. I am not going to the game as I have to sit this one out,(Wish I was there Pacar) but the best of luck to the team and management. I agree with WJ performance is key today, and not the result.

  4. O’Malley, Brendan Harrison, Michael Hall, Stephen Coen, David Drake, Conor O’Shea, Mickey Sweeney, Neil Douglas, Micky Conroy, Freeman and Andy Moran on the bench today.

  5. Best of luck to Mayo today, with a bit of luck we ll get the win and get that dublin display out of our system.

    Mayo by a bit

  6. Fully agree Letsgomayo. This idea of banging it in is just ridiculous. They need to bring more to the table than this.

  7. Màyo are relegated they need to learn to hold on to 2 points leads brill performance though need cillian back.

  8. Good to have got a competitive performance. Still hearing names of our half backs pushed up into attack and not hearing much about direct quick ball being kicked in. Great to hear Tom Parsons playing well. Conor OShea on a few balls. We could finally have some serious physicality up front.

  9. @Cait

    How do you think that we are relegated, Monaghan most likely lose to Kerry today and Dublin leaving there PD much worse then ours. Also as it stands Tyrone will go down with Derry. A bit of positivity is needed. The display we got today was excellent and exactly what was needed after the Dublin match, so we got caught out at the end completely against the run of play but all round we had some excellent performances.

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