Heading to Armagh this weekend?

After the few weeks off, the NFL resumes this weekend and once it does we’re in action every single weekend from this coming one until Easter weekend in early April. With six tough league matches to play in the interim, I think we’ll be well ready for some sweet cake and a few Easter eggs at that stage.

This run of games starts on Saturday night with a trip to Ireland’s ecclesiastical capital where we’ll be facing in-form Armagh at the Athletic Grounds (which, by the way is here). Throw-in on Saturday evening is scheduled for 7pm.

This one will be a bit of a mare to get to from the west but for those of us residing in the capital, it’ll be far easier as it’s only an hour and a bit up the motorway from here. Sort of like a jaunt to Athlone only with funnier accents when you get there.

There was a great Mayo following down in Portlaoise for the league opener – where we were easily able to out-shout the locals – so it’d be good to see the Dublin-based diaspora turning out in force at the Athletic Grounds on Saturday evening. On that note, I’ve had an email from a Mayo follower who wants to get to the game but hasn’t the required four wheels and so faces the prospect of taking a bus to Newry and then another one from there to Armagh. Even then, he reckons he’ll need to get a taxi back to Newry to connect with a bus back to Dublin in order to get back home that night.

That all sounds like a pain in the cojones so if there’s anyone out there who could offer this gentleman a lift I’m sure he’d be eternally grateful. I’ll be doing this trek myself but by the looks of it I’ll once again have a carload with me and so I can’t oblige but if anyone else can that would be great. If you’re interested in doing so, the best thing to do is drop me an email and I can then do the necessary bilateral introductions.

It’s far too early in the week yet, of course, for team news but I see that Armagh’s cause has been helped by their successful appeals in relation to Malachy Mackin and Finnian Moriarty, who will now both be available for selection. Ciaran McKeever, however, will still miss the match through suspension.

9 thoughts on “Heading to Armagh this weekend?

  1. Thankfully Crossmaglen got through to the All-Ireland, otherwise we’d have to put up with Jamie Clarke and the Kernans et al. Stevie McDonnell not playing league football this year – plenty of time off to rectify mistakes on the training ground, no injury worries to speak of, and I can’t imagine a better time that we’d expect to go up to Armagh and come away with points.

  2. “funny accents”

    My mates in London have had to put up with this crap for years. we are all irish

    Cop on willie Joe. its just an hour away

  3. Along with all the games before Easter we have to ensure that the team enjoy the break in Portugal

  4. I’m an Armagh man living in Leeds which has probably the largest number of Mayo people living in it outside of the County. I’ll be at the Match on Saturday night watching Mayo get tamed by a few lads with the funny accents.

    Come on Armagh!!

  5. Good man, Sean – I should (without wanting to cause further upset) say that there are more than a few funny accents in our own county, to say nothing of Dublin where I live!

  6. I cannot think of a better field than the Athletic Grounds in which to show your metal. I am delghted to se some of the new comers in the combat zone tomorrow night. Keegan, Moran O’Shea Freeman, Doherty Varley have a real opportunity to stand up and be counted. I think Mayo have a real chance here if they do

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