Heading west

Croagh Patrick

I’m getting ready to hit the road inside the next few hours, with the little lad, the bike and almost all the cycling gear I have in my possession making the trip west too. It’s impossible to say at this stage what the weather’s going to be like on the Westportif tomorrow but coldish, a bit on the wet side and a touch too windy for comfort would seem to sum up the downside prediction for the day.

To be honest, tomorrow is what’s uppermost in my mind right now but no sooner than that’s all over, it’s right into the maelstrom of the Connacht final the day after. If anything, the forecast for Sunday looks worse – a right dousing appears to be on the cards for then – but there’s nothing that can be done about that at this stage either.

I doubt that I’ll be adding any further pre-match thoughts here tomorrow – the laptop and the bike don’t mix – but will check in at some point on Sunday morning before setting out for Hyde Park.  Right, back to the packing.

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  1. Good luck in the cycle Willie Joe. The very sight of that beast of a mountain sends shivers down my spine, and me a abroad here in Australia.

  2. Nearly there, nearly there … Only thing for Sunday is to wrap up and put the game faces on.

    If anyone fancies getting out for a walk tomorrow to pass the time waiting, there is a crew meeting at Kelly’s Kitchen in Newport at 11am to climb Bengorm – all are welcome and there will be an experienced guide. Bring waterproofs, hang sangwidges and a good sense of humour!

    Best of luck in Westportif WJ. We’ll be looking out for you from the mountain!

  3. Does that mean you wont be doing the owl traditional “THE DAY BEFORE” piece that you usually write on the eve of a big game?.

  4. Careful on the bike tomorrow WJ, could be a few fair gusts still about. We might be lucky enough weather wise on Sunday! See ye all the the Stand.. sorry, uncovered stand!

  5. Mayo will win Sunday or I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, they’ll win a quarter final too, I see that from a mile away. The thing that isn’t sitting well for me is how many times can quality players keep coming back ? Boyler, Higgins, Andy and co are well up there and will be gone in a few years. I think 2015 will be a big year, it’ll either happen or we ll have to wait for a few more years to try again. Anyway, I don’t have a crystal ball but I can see Mayo doing the business this year. Just a feeling in the bones. Sunday will not be an annihilation, a few scores in it if we stay focussed, which we will

    Mayo 1 15
    Sligo. 13

  6. Dave. I feel the same as you about this year but I’m going for a different score against Sligo. Mayo 3.14 (one penalty). Sligo 12 points

  7. Did anybody hear Conor Mortimer RAVING on 2fm this evening. Any truth in it??… Even if there is, he is an awful shit stirrer to come out with it on national radio!

  8. Good luck with the cycle WJ.

    Mayo are a very experienced team and highly physical and assuming all key players are fit and that the attitude is right we are looking at a 10 points plus win.

    I think the All- Ireland will be decided in Killarney tomorrow night. If Kerry win then the are in pole position for Sam, lose and i think they will get jammed going thru back door.

    We have more than a passing interest in Ulster Final this year. I think Donegal were fitter than most in Feb. and i expect them to go the way of the Rossies maybe not on Sunday but soon after.

    Anyhow next two weeks are going to really show the contenders.

    Best of luck to Mayo team and management on Sunday.

  9. Ok, Maybe I’m just trying to bait people out here but, in all my days (and they are substantial!) I’ve never lived through such a quiet, calm, understated lead up to a Connacht Final.
    Possibly it’s because we know we’ll win, but on the eve of a Connacht Final this is eerie. And, might I add, not a whole pile of good for us.

  10. Expect Mayo to win but I also expect Sligo to put it upto them for the first half at least.

    Mayo win 3 to 5 points.

    Get over this hurdle and its of to Croker on Saturday 8th August in front of the Sky Sports cameras.

  11. Have you ever heard a Kerry man come out on tv before a big game and say Kerry will win by about 11 points. Jaysus what is wrong with Brady?

  12. Olive Kerrigan
    You, I believe have the game in your hand, smart post and possibly more accurate than most might agree with. It is win or die for Kerry tomorrow night depending on how the looser falls on their sword. A loss after a Titanic battle by one or two points will not dull the minds or expectations but a hammering for either team could spell the end Of Championship contention in 2025 full stop.

  13. Mayomaningalway
    I agree with you 100 pc
    Maybe he’s right. We’ll know Sun evening , but I thought DB went in strong. But then again that’s the way he played. I’ve a feeling he’s right on this occasion.

  14. We worry way too much about Brady and others. Predictions of scores are plain silly in my view.We should have a bit in hand and this is an opportunity to learn and improve the team.
    If we go the front door by winning we have a chance in the series and something to hope for….no more than that.Anything else would be pure desolation and unthinkable.That thought alone should be motivation enough.
    Probably handiest connacht final in many yrs in my humble view but perhaps therein lies the danger.

  15. DB called it a double figure win because in his own words that’s the difference in class.
    He is spot on. Mayo are well under the radar because of the clash of Donegal and Monaghan and the replay in Killarney.( I was at the first game in Killarney and to say it was a classic would be an understatement.)
    Being under the radar is what’s needed for us right now. Up Mayo.

  16. The quiet build-up this year is very, very strange and I can’t figure out whether it’s down to complacency (on the part of supporters, not the team) or whether we are just waiting to see what Mayo team will turn up on Sunday, which will in turn inform opinion on our chances in the knockouts. The fact that we’ve only played one game is undoubtedly a factor too.

    Personally while on paper I know we are superior (that’s not being cocky, it’s just fact) there is no accounting for drive, hunger and being the underdog. So I expect Sligo will give us a very, very tough game, which I think (I hope) we’ll win by a couple of points. Enough to get us over the line and no more would be my ideal scenario; the further we are beneath the radar the better.

    My biggest hope of all is that we remain injury-free on Sunday. We can’t afford to lose any key players this year.

  17. I do not think that there was ever a period in GAA history when a group of teams stayed at the top of the rankings for 3 – 4 years without another team breaking into the group or one of them slipping down the pecking order. This, I think is because of the increasing professionalism of preparation and training. It also explains why we supporters seem so complacent about Sunday’s result. There was of course the late ’70’s/early ’80’s when Dublin and Kerry bestrode the world like a colossus with Offaly’s interruption but they were a twosome whereas four teams have dominated final day since 2011 with two appearances each. It is difficult to argue that those four are not favourites for 2015 as well. Okay, Cork and Monaghan are knocking on the door this year but who else? And both are long odds to get there.even if they win their provincial finals this weekend.

  18. So here we are now heading up to the Hyde
    To see what we hope is a spectacular side
    To see the Mayo team come out fresh and alive
    And bring back to town another big five.

  19. Looks like we will not need the oil skins after all tomorrow….latest forecast is for a largely dry bright day B-)

  20. I cannot see our lads being complacent or underestimating Sligo. They are too long on the road together and the character of the squad is too driven to become cocky. Also, traditionally it is not in our nature to be arrogant, unlike some of our neighbouring counties, and the lads themselves seem fairly grounded.
    I expect a tough battle with Sligo throwing one or two tactical challenges our way that will test our players decision making on the pitch, and, our managements “in-game management” also. However, from the 50th minute onwards, I believe the game will become stretched and more open and our 4 years of S&C allied to our battle-hardened experience should see us pull away and win by 6 or 7.
    I firmly am of the opinion that there is another All Ireland final in these lads. Even though it seems they have been around for a long time the age profile of the squad is actually still young plus we have more seasoned heads like Dillion, Higgins and A.Moran present to steer us through any choppy waters. If we can add a defensive structure to our game that reduces the goal chances we concede that will see us over the line. I have been rabbitting on for a while in the belief that our forwards are not the problem. If you expect your forwards to score 2-14, 3-12 or whatever, to win a tight game well then there is something going badly wrong at the other end of the pitch! What gives me great hope is our performance v Donegal in the league this year. It was the first time that we had a defensive system in place that could not be “ran through”. There was a period in the second half where Donegal probed and passed and ran but could not get inside our 45. It was a fleeting example of what we can do and I don’t ever remember a Mayo side displaying such a disciplined, controlled and organised defensive structure. If that can be worked on, developed, practised and fine-tuned behind closed doors, then bring it to Croker for a semi-final, it will throw our opponents off the rails.

  21. I sincerely hope Mayo do not underestimate Sligo tomorrow. Remember 2012 Final in the Hyde Mayo 0-12 Sligo 0-10. Mayo underestimated Roscommon last year in the Hyde they were very lucky to come away with a win. Remember Sligo’s win over Roscommon will have given them a lot of confidence, i hope that Mayo are ready for a battle. Wishing Pat and Noel and the Team every good wish tomorrow.

  22. Looking back on the comments before the 2012 final, the general consensus was it would be a 6 point plus win. If memory serves we were behind for most of the game and only scraped a 2 point lead in the last ten minutes. Of course we might go out and show the gulf in class between the teams, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the game followed a similar pattern as 2012.

  23. Agree with Brady it will be a big win. Ray Silke commented on the difference in s&c between Galway & Mayo, the difference 2moro will be bigger again. Mayo will have too much power and pace, and bad weather will make it harder for Sligo.
    Agree too on kerry/cork, the loser will not survive a 6 day turn round, or if they do they’ll be tired going in to face dubs. Hopefully dubs will have an easy ride to semis and then we’ll see how good they really are.

  24. I was reading back over the comments before our game in the Hyde last year also and we were supposed to win comfortably also. This might go against a few peoples views that we dont appear cocky unlike our neighbours. DB was out last night saying we would win by double figures. If a pundit from another county said that we would be up in arms about the arrogance of them.

    As someone who works in Sligo I can tell you that there support is really looking forward to the match and perhaps it is our support that cant get hyped up for the final indeed. Also tickets still on sale which surprises me considering all the uproar about the thousands that wouldnt get to see it due to capacity. Ulster final was a sell out by last Wednesday/Thursday. Perhaps we have been spoilled of late with our team and expect Croke Park in August but we need to win on Sunday to do that. Sligo and their supporters would love to beat us and remember how lucky we were in 2012 to get that victory. Lets hope we are celebrating one on Sunday but I feel alot of Mayo people already think its won. That might account for the quiet build up. Now that would be cocky.

  25. Surely most people here think Mayo have become a smarter, tougher, stronger team in 3 years! I’m not being dismissive of Sligo, but as one of their supporters told me “the Rossie game was their All Ireland”. It looks like the weather will be okay tomorrow so that ally has deserted them. As has been said here already, a solid defensive performance against a very capable full forward line would be what I’d most like to see. I think when Aido gets a run on the full back, it’s goodnight Irene. I’m struggling to see what sector of the field Sligo can impose themselves on us.

  26. Best of luck to the team and management tomorrow! I am going for a four point win just like the Galway game.

  27. Fair play to David Brady for highlighting the favourable calls kerry have got from refs in the last few years and all they get away with. Notice how quick Cregg jumped in to contradict him just in case mayo might gain anything from it. What is it about those rossies they really are different . So much for provincial loyalty!!

  28. Mayoabu have u seen all the anti Roscommon comments that appear all over social media from Mayo supporters. To now start giving out about one of their county players for having an opinion is hilarious. Im more than a little embarrassed about some off the stuff I read. No wonder we getting the name as constant moaners. Support your team and stop been slightly obessed with Roscommon.

  29. MayoAbu I would agree with you. No nee for Cregg to have contradicted DB. He looked naive when he did.

  30. In the 2012 final against them we went for goals early on and didn’t get any (when pints were available). The match then turned into a hard slog and we scraped home. Wonder what will be the plan for tomorrow. Take your pints and let the goals look after themselves or go for the kill early on. Anyway lets hope there is a huge and vocal Mayo crowd there tomorrow packing the place to overflowing. There is a 5 in a row on the line. Once in a lifetime occasion.

  31. Pebblesmeller I believe you are correct ala the Donegal game in April. I never bought into the forwards being the problem theory. Make sure that what ever you do tomorrow that you make your way to Hyde Park and support this Mayo team with not a single Rossie on sight. Bring a bottle of that stuff for the UV rays. Best wishes to the team and management

  32. Best of luck to the team and all involved tomorrow. I just love watching The Green and Red!
    I am always, always impressed and humbled by how much the team put into playing for their county. And I’m sure when all is said and done tomorrow the lads will be another half hour on the pitch with the fans. They really are a credit to themselves and their families. Hon Mayo!

  33. Mayo madness only commenting on exactly what he said. Maybe you dont feel as strongly as I do about the way we were robbed in limerick last year. Remember mcquillen and mceneanny I could go on and on. Its well time somebody stood up and said something like David Brady facts are facts. Kerry have plenty influencers in the media donegal had brolly when they needed him and the poor dubs who suffered from a bit of mayo cuteness to close out the semi final got plenty sympathy from the media in 2012. I rest my case

  34. Mayoabu my point was about your dig at Cathal Cregg and the Rossies. Your gripe is not against them. Your last point outlines exactly what u wanted to say. The same ref we had in Limerick robbed the Rossies last weekend in Fermanagh with the penalty but you didnt hear Cregg going on about that. We need to stop thinking that the country is against us and some of the comments on social media about our neighbours are embarrassing. The Mayo GAA Banter page for example. I work outside Mayo so I have a decent understanding of what other counties supporters think of us. We are getting a reputation as been constantly moaning about everyone and everything else preventing us from winning an AI. Im sure the players dont think like that so I dont know why some of our supporters are.

    The negative comments about other counties and pundits doesnt help us in any way. Support the team and move on. Best of luck to the team tomo btw and positive thinking from everyone. Glass half full from us all

  35. @PJMcManus

    Hope we get the weather youre expecting…Im bringing umbrella.
    I think we moan a little too much also at supporter level…would like to think that our county board has informally or formally made their views known re Reilly and Limerick .
    Anyway we just have to get on with it this year .If we stop goals Im convinced we wont be far off butof course Dublin look serious outfit.
    Like every other year injuries will be crucial for us.Lets hope we avoid those.

  36. Was at the 1975 replay and watched it again this week on rte link, thanks WJ.
    I well remember how disappointed I was with us losing and how proud the Sligo team and fans were with their mighty win.
    As well documented we didn’t win the Nestor Cup in the five years that followed, therefore going the full decade without.
    I myself left home and Ireland in 76 in search of a better chance in life but as with most that leave, home always remains in the heart and even the tiniest reminders are clung onto and rte radio was always the media which kept the link alive and especially on Sundays to keep up with all things Green and Red.
    I returned for a few Connacht finals but on all occasions we lost…………not a very lucky supporter.
    Now TG with the modern media at our fingertips (this site included…Thanks again WJ ) we can follow and even watch these events and when the opportunity arises we can attend due to the great advances in travel.
    The past few years have been extremely proud ones for me watching this great side of ours………..yes– there have been down times…..but this group of players just keep going and for someone like me who remembers the 70’s ‘Five in a row’ will be something else.
    I’m one of those with the opinion that we wont take Sligo for granted but we will be good enough on the day and move onward……………I think performance with a win is everything in this one.
    MaighEo Abú

  37. Interesting to hear james Horan say Damien Comer among the top 3 players in ireland this year. Certainly a strong boy who caused us problems. Tyrone looked decent today also.. Will be a tough nut to crack for who ever plays them next

  38. There were a few former Meath footballers on Newstalk today talking about past glories. One thing they mentioned was about their past rivalries. They talked about how the Dubs took their beatings and never moaned or groaned about it. No disrespect to Mayo or Cork, Bernard Flynn said. So like it or not we have a reputation as whingers when we lose and not giving other teams credit for beating us. It’s up to all of us to shake off this tag and become winners on and off the field.

  39. Our fans definitely have a reputation for being whingers in defeat. Unfortunately then, when we are genuinely hard done by, such as in Limerick last year, many neutrals think we are just like the boy who cried wolf. Some of the complaining about referees in particular, even on this blog, has bordered on farcical at times. At one stage we were complaining about the ref every single match – win lose or draw. Thankfully in more recent games some posters make a point of praising the ref after a good game. Also you never hear our players and managers making silly excuses or talking the language of losers and I think it’s one reason why we have improved in recent years.
    As for the Meath lads – reminiscing about past glories is about all they will be doing for a while as they have been pathetic in the last 14 years!

  40. Well not shaking Cuthberts hand last year and the interview about media agenda against Mayo all came from Horan. Cuthbert had said very little to be equated to “We had our character questioned”. Mayo players are streetwise was about the height of it … which was true. Prefer we avoid this complaining and current mgmt avoid these media spin interviews.

  41. Galway well in control of their game v Derry. If we beat Sligo can we drawn against galway in a quarter final?? (If they get thru).

  42. Those commentator s on Galway bay fm are hilarious hope mayo and Galway meet again

  43. Personally I’d like to avoid galway. Can anyone shed some light on how the draws work and if Mayo v Galway can happen at quarter final stage OR are teams who’ve met already kept apart until AI s/f stage?

  44. I hold my hand up here. I’m a bad loser: hate it, give the other team little respect. I don’t mean that I deny it if we are well beaten, or even just beaten. It’s just, I want it to be us at the winning post.

    I’ll admit further: I begrudged Leitrim their win against us in C/F. Would have no problems if Mayo won the next ten Connaughts.

  45. After Galways last 2 results it goes to show that was a good win in Salthill for us,Thats a good Galway team and we beat them well in their own back yard. Gary Sice had a very good game in terrible coditions, thankfully the forecast is better tommorro where we will win comfortably, would love to see the likes of Freeman , Regan , Kirby Loftus get a run
    tomorrow if things are going well.

    up Mayo

  46. Galway a coming team but the game was miles behind the top teams. Look at Kerry cork game in similar conditions and the difference in standard and overall speed of the game.

    That said this Gakway team could do damage on the dry sod in croker. G bay fm want Sligo in next round and are probably the most biased commentary team in Ireland…kind funny listening to turner

  47. Great win for Galway. Kerry still getting plenty of hometown decisions from the ref no change there. Tipp a big let down today not good for the predictor. Looking forward to double finals tomorrow. Donegal and Mayo to win for me.

  48. Cork Kerry replay turn in out 2 b another good game.. some great dead ball kicking from both sides considering the conditions.. wish we had that in our arsenal. We really dont have anyone of that calibre who can kick consistently from 50 or 55, anythin outside of Cillians range from the hands. Half time analysis is much btr from Dessie and O’Rourke.. at least it relates to the game being played unlike the drivel from the other two which invariably switches between how great Donegal and Kerry are

  49. In the event that we manage to beat Sligo, can we not be drawn against Galway if the Ulster Final loser loses their qualifier? The Connacht and Ulster Winners are down to play 4B qualifiers:

    For example, ***if*** Mayo and Donegal won, Galway/Tyrone play Monaghan/Sligo. If Monaghan didn’t win that qualifier against either Tyrone or Galway, and Galway won their qualifier, we can play Galway in the quarters.

  50. I’m a bit confused now on how the QF could work. Everyone is saying that Dublin will play the winners of Kildare/Munster final losers; and that Munster winners play W’meath/Ferm.

    Ulster winners v ?

    Connacht winners v ?

    Let’s assume after tmro it’s Monaghan, Sligo, galway, Tyrone.

    If this happens:-
    Mon v Galway
    Sligo v Tyr.

    We can’t be drawn against Sligo so we would play winners of Gal/Mon?

    If it’s Galway v Sligo and Mon v Tyr then we play winners of Mon/tyr?

    So unless I’m wrong(and I could be!) we could meet one of Galway, Mon or Tyrone in a QF.

    Do I have this arseways???

    So ultimately you can be drawn at QF stage against a team you’ve already beaten in your province provided that victory was not at provincial final stage. Correct??

  51. Cork abandoned their running game and wasted lots of attacks with innaccurate long ball.
    Cadogen was a huge loss for Cork. Still think Kerry looked vulnerable. They have an automatic tendency to foul.
    Donegal/Dublin/Mayo will be much more disciplined in their tackling.

  52. Cork didn’t have the bottle. They had plenty of ball in that second half but no conviction. Cuthbert taking O’Connor off and leaving Hurley on has me mystified.

    Hometown decisions aplenty for Kerry, but even so, Cork were a major let-down. They’ll still beat Kildare though.

    No shocks again today in what has been a criminally boring championship.

    Mayo by 4 tomorrow. Sligo are very decent and will give us a scare but we should still have enough in the end.

  53. No attacking plan whatsoever from cork. No cohesive game plan. Midfield and backs good for kerry. Will benefit greatly from the extra game. Alan O’Connor goes full forward and maher follows him in. Why oh why could SOS not have been instructed last year to do the same on donaghy. Such a basic switch could have won us Sam.

  54. Attention class…… Could I have everyone’s attention please? Good. Now we’ll leave matters down south to oneside if that’s ok and concentrate on the challenge ahead of us tomorrow.

  55. Yes we can play Galway in a quarter final. The only team we can’t play in a quarterfinal is Sligo. The only team Donegal can’t play in a quarter final is Monaghan.

    My understanding is this;

    Say we win tomorrow and Sligo are in the 4B qualifier. say Donegal beet Monaghan.

    If both provincial losers win eg Sligo, Monaghan. Then we play Monaghan and Donegal play Sligo. No draw is made.

    If one provincial loser wins eg Monaghan then we play Monaghan as Donegal can’t. If Sligo win and Monaghan lose then we play whoever beat Monaghan as we can’t play Sligo.
    No draw is made

    If both provincial losers lose then an open draw would take place.

    To emphasise that we can play Galway take these examples where it can happen;

    4B qualifier draw is made its Sligo vs Galway and Monaghan vs Tyrone.
    Possibility 1-Galway and Monaghan win and as Donegal vs Monaghan was Ulster final. We play Galway.
    Possibility 2-Galway and Tyrone win. Open draw. 50/50 chance of Galway


    4B qualifier draw is Sligo vs Tyrone and Monaghan vs Galway.
    Possibility 1- Galway and Sligo win. Mayo vs Sligo cant be a quarterfinal so we play Galway.
    Possibility 2- Galway and Tyrone win- Open draw. 50/50 chance of playing Galway.

  56. Why oh why could SOS not have been instructed last year to do the same on donaghy. Such a basic switch could have won us Sam

    I totally agree with this.I also think the midfielders should have decided on the pitch to go back and pick Donaghey up at that point in the match no matter what Horan would have to say about it.

  57. A professional performance from mayo will secure a win tomorrow. The question is will we see anything that might make a difference later in the Summer. I don’t think we will personally. Defensively I think we are a bit better this year but I don’t think are able to get enough scores to beat a kerry ir Dublin and I would worry we could take a tanking from the Dubs. IN Limerick last year mayo lost 30 oddof their own kickouts the referee can’t be blamed for that…and considering that fact mayo did amazing ly well to nearly win it. Looking forward to the dream All Ireland final this year….

  58. Dont know what conditions will be like tomorrow, It has not stopped raining in Roscommon Town all day. Just passed the Hyde there on my way home.Have Mayo backed -6 tomorrow in an acc. the other 4 results have come off.

  59. Mayo are not necessarily any better than last year. In fact most likely not. But they could have won the All Ireland last year. Heads up and chests out everyone.

  60. Hi All,
    Best of luck to Mayo in the final….just one thing and its none of my business but sometimes some people on here concentrate too much on anything except Mayo, too much thinking about the opposition etc….. Apologies if I am out of place, cheers.,,,

    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  61. Game is now sold out. A packed Hyde Park should make for a good atmosphere and we might even need the sunblock. Being uncovered and outdoors might not be too bad at all, fingers crossed!

    Really looking forward to the day. Huge occasion for Sligo, and living close to the border there has been plenty of good-humoured chat about the game this week. They are very excited and there are plenty of flags to be seen unlike in Mayo, where it seems are keeping them for August! They also fancy their chances, and I do think they will give it all they’ve got from the outset. Will be shouting for their minors due to the Mayo connections though I think Galway will do the biz there.

    Still being cautious in my outlook for outer own game as I believe we will do what’s required of us and little more but fully expect not to be sweating about the result at any point either. Can’t wait to get on the road.

    Maigheo Abú

  62. Here we go. Only hours left.
    We need to turn out a professional and complete performance and hopefully build confidence in players like caff turbo leroy and the forwards.

    As I being saying all week hope we go as lined out.

    Tom p will have to pick up brehAny as he is very mobile but seamie better eat his weetabix too as there will be fair bit of running involved

    Hopefully all play to their potential we get the win and move on.
    I don’t but I to this peaking too soon craic it’s less than two months to all Ireland final.
    Surely you can sustain top levels or purple patch for 2 months ?
    Anyways best luck to lads hope all goes well injury free etc as the pitch will be a ready made disaster after yesterday’s rain.

  63. It appears to me you have to be 5 or 6 points better than your opponents to compensate for decisions of referees.Kerry and Galway were beneficiaries yesterday of mad decisions .Too much diving also.Fair play to Dessie Dolan for calling some of them.
    Kerry seem to get decisions every game.McIver has point….nothing is being done about it.Cant listen to O Rourke…when Meath infringed and got away with it v Louth and in 96 Mayo Meath were not gracious to say the least.
    many posters say put up with poor refs but it is not fair or professional or frankly good enough.
    There are cameras for bog calls for Gods sake.Are we afraid to be transparent like Rugby and use them?

  64. I have a feeling today is the day doc shows us his is not just villains little brother.
    His ability to shoot from range his quality of pass inside and his interlink with his brother should all come to the fore.
    His ball winning and defensive work we all know off but today with a few games under his belt in his Mayo senior career we could see him show the country his full potential.

  65. Huey I agree fully about the poor refs and the use of video refs etc. I also agree that big teams get a lot of favourable calls – kerry should have been bet the first day it there was a proper ref.
    What annoys me is some fans consistently complaining about all refs in nearly every game we play. We all know Reilly was awful in the kerry replay last year – but what many Mayo fans forget is the cork game last year, where Reilly reffed and gave us a few very dubious calls late in the game and appeared to whistle early for full time with cork just a point behind. Maybe he felt he had to make it up the next day he took charge of a mayo game. Bottom line is refs need help to improve and the GAA seem to not give a shit about it which really annoys me.

  66. It also appears to me that the GAA and commentators bury their heads and say the ref didnt cost the game…look at the wides or the team was poor etc.That is not a fefence to poor refereeing and poor governance.
    We will also be told the referees are reviewed.Well who reviewed Cormac Reilly.Who will review Conor Lane or Maurice Deegan.It is mad stuff.Refs do not go out I hope to be unfair but they certainly need visual help.The system is not fair and not working.
    Hope no teams fall foul of it again today.

  67. Its dry here all morning.There are some dark clouds appearing however.Safe journey to all travelling up from Mayo.

  68. Few thoughts on today. Even if we have the capability to blitz forward I would like us to play conservative with a sweeper and a big focus on defence. Limit goal chances, get the practice in in counter attacking from our defence.
    Then also genuine impact from the bench. Ronaldson had impact the last day. Hoping we can get into habit of guys coming on around 45 minute mark. Still plenty of our panel could do with championship exposure. We dont know who might be needed to make a block, catch a pass or kick a point to win an All Ireland.
    If winning comfortable take off Cillian, AOS, Diarmuid. See how we can perform getting likes of Kirby, Freeman in their to replace AOS physicality. You have to bring on two tall strong players to make up for AOS coming off. He adds that much drive and ball winning up front.
    Finally would prefer to see some layoff scores today. We havent been getting these in league or championship. Was a very nice one versus Derry but few enough.

  69. Looking forward to 5 in a Row Today. This team deserves it so much. Of course they have to go out andvwin but they will not let us down and have never yet. Still not sure we can afford not to have AOS in Midfield when it comes to the business end of the season. Come on Mayo!

  70. Good luck to the management and team today. Hope that they have watched yesterday’s games and particularly the refeering performances, all the 50/50s will be going sligo way.
    Play the ball but play the ref as well.

  71. Not a bad morning so hopefully it stays clear. I’m quietly confident we’ll do enough today. Good options on the bench too if we need to change things. Only concern for me – today and hopefully further on – is how Cillian is coping with that knee injury.

    Mayo by five.

  72. Congrats to the team.

    Too much conceded. Again, too open at the back. Looks like Donegal or galway in quarter.

    Today won’t do much for preparation.

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