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The road to the west awaits me again in the morning, with 500 km of driving to be done to get to our second home match of this year’s League campaign and then back here again afterwards. A long day it’s set to be but hopefully a more productive one than the last time I did this particular day-trip a few weeks back.

We’re favourites to win tomorrow and the poll here on the site that I’ve just taken down shows a good degree of optimism about how the clash with Monaghan will go – 67% of you think we’ll win, 26% think we’ll lose and the rest think it’ll be a draw.

It’s way too early in the year to be viewing this one as some kind of defining contest or anything like that (remember it was us who beat Kerry in that ‘must win’ match in Castlebar exactly twelve months ago and we all know how 2014 ended up for both counties) but it is important all the same that we see some kind of positive reaction following the deflating loss to Tyrone three weeks ago.  Another stuttering performance like that one wouldn’t be welcome.

I can’t see there being too much daylight between the teams either way tomorrow and the cold, wet and showery weather that’s forecast isn’t going to lend itself to expansive football either. Hopefully we’ll show sufficient improvement to enable Noel and Pat to rack up their first League win on home soil.

I’ll do be doing my post-match audio on the game from MacHale Park after the final whistle sounds but as I’m driving back (The Brother usually takes the wheel for the return leg but won’t be doing so tomorrow) it could be late enough tomorrow night by the time the match report hits the site. It’ll get there eventually, though, as I believe the lads will tomorrow too.

18 thoughts on “Heading west again

  1. A very tough test awaits us tomorrow. On Monaghan’s current form they will be a step up from Tyrone…no doubt our own group have been cranking it up big time over the past few weeks in terms of fitness, scoring practice and tactical scenario planning in response to the “surprise” blanket tactics of our last opponents. Surely we wont be as naive tomorrow both on the field and on the sideline? If not then we could be in for another frustrating afternoon. So lets see a full throttle, intense, aggressive & decisive response by our lads tomorrow. Mayo by 3

  2. Safe travelling WJ,bad night here in the West.Pitch going to be very heavy going tomorrow.Watching the two games up North tonight conditions are going to play a big part.Mayo by 5

  3. Will miss this one cos am holidays in Vegas but will be glued to Mid West we badly need to win this one it won’t be easy but we can do it

  4. Lucky you backdoorsam put all on Red on the green table for me. Going to be a wild windy day in Machale park later today safe travels everyone.

  5. Think its important every now and again to sincerely thank you WJ for this wonderful site. Don’t know where you find the time but glad you do. Thanks a mill..Sincerely!

  6. Hopefully we won’t be as niave today. Everyone knows the secret to beating the blanket defence is to get a few points on the board from the wise go so then the opposition will have to attack and come out. Monaghan are the most defensive team in the country but they also have better footballers than Tyrone so we need to go hell for leather the second the ball is thrown in. Expecting a big improvement. Anything else will be disappointing. Mayo by 2

  7. Is the weather still bad in Castlebar ? On the train without a jacket again, will I ever learn.

  8. Is fecking snowing here in claremorris sure it’s the same in castlebar bring woollies.

  9. Nothing like driving to a game, always has that brilliant mix of optimism, exageration, giddiness, hope and laughter. I heard a man say once “Yknow men who are not into sport ….. (look of puzzlement on his face) what do they talk about?” There was no rebuking point about literature, farming, music etc., just several puzzled men replying “Jese, you’d wonder, wouldn’t ya?”

  10. Very heavy snow here in Galway and it’s beginning to stick. Will be hitting the road shortly for Cbar. I expect a much improved performance today as anything less is not acceptable.
    Monaghan will use a version of the blanket but not 15 inside their own 45. Our fitness should be improved and the ball moved faster. Hard to call right now.

  11. Sean burke. You must have flown in from lanzarote for the match if u woke up this morning and didnt think you needed a jacket

  12. From my vantage point here, up The Gap overlooking MacHale Park, the day is brightening up. No rain/sleet fall for the last few hours and last nights wind has moved on. Overcast and cold though so the cap and thermals for me. I hear there’s a big Monaghan crowd in transit and are confident of heading home with the 2 points. A bit like us v Tyrone! Safe trip to all traveling and Hon Mayo.

  13. Can’t make it today for various reasons.

    Good luck to all travellers and let’s bate them all the way back to Ballybay.

  14. I’d say there’s a big Monaghan support on route to Mc Hale. Big crowd stayed here in Swinford last night. Hopefully the snow and wind stays away. Hyde Park is white with snow at the moment. Very heavy snow in Galway too. Safe travelling to everyone today.

  15. I predict a scoreline of 3-15 to 10 points, and a couple of red cards handed out. Mayo will have a surprise ff player that will cause a lot of problems for Monaghan.

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