Here we go again

Mayo flag All-Ireland final 2013

It’s only the start of May and our Connacht championship opener this evening, against New York over in Gaelic Park (throw-in time 2.30pm local, 7.30pm here), is one where the bookies have us priced at 1/500 to prevail. In that sense, the start of our 2014 championship campaign has more than a bit of an air of unreality about it.

For all that, though, it’s worth keeping in mind that – a full thirty-two weeks since we faced Dublin in last September’s All-Ireland final – the push to the summit starts once more for us today. As is the case every year, we’re starting out againย at the bottom of the hill and the fact that we came so close to glory both last year and the year before has no relevance now for a new championship campaign in which the script has yet to be written.

We are, of course, expected to win, and win well, later on today in the Bronx. As James Horan pointed out earlier in the week, a win is our main priority today – it’s a championship match, after all, so obviously we want to win it. Despite all the cultural significance being ascribed to this game – which takes place in New York GAA’s centenary year – as well as its social importance for the Irish diaspora, from a #mayogaa perspective the aim should be to win the match as comprehensively as possible.

James spoke the other day about wanting to see his side put in a committed performance over the full seventy minutes in this one. If they do that, then it’s a match we should win at our ease and, to be honest, that should be our expectation going into it.

You’ll have gathered by now that I didn’t join the travelling hordes heading off to the Big Apple this week so, like many of you, I’ll have to follow the action this evening on Midwest. I’ll do a match report (of sorts) afterwards and I’m hoping over the next few days there’ll also be a few guest pieces from those closer to the action today.

Here’s to the right result later on – up Mayo!

18 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Best of luck to the Mayo panel and management in. 2014.
    Get the win and get out without injuries would be my thinking, it’s a perfect day for football, overcast and not too warm, a little breeze in it to keep us cool in the grounds.

    Mayo by a few points at least.

  2. I expect us to score in around 3-17 to 3-20, unsure of how the Yankees will perform, but as stated above, ill be happy to get out a there injury free, and heads down then for the rossies in a few weeks.

  3. Best of luck to the lads . Hoping that we our back line is solid and we dont leak goals and hopefully we set the stall out today.

  4. At the ground waiting for Mayo to come out, cannot be anything but impressed by Mayo fans

    So many flew to see their team, the team walked through the crowd and must have been shocked to see so many mayo jerseys

    Some sight.

  5. Ht
    Mayo 11
    Ny 02

    I don’t know how many people but stand is full and the beer is flying

  6. The mid west boys are getting rained on in New York hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Jesus the commentator would drive ya nuts, tell you everything bar what’s happening .

  8. Ya they wouldnt be my favorite commentators . I want to say hello To Mary in Ballyhaunis listening all the way back in the home country give me a break like hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Good win, Happy with that. They have a month now to develop the team. Good run out. Safe home to everyone who are flying back

  10. No injuries (bar kmacs nose) so im happy, 22 points a good margin of victory aswell, on to the rossies now. Its very hard to judge a game on radio especially with Mike Finnertys irelevant ramblings, but, it sounded like Aidan played well in around the forwards, a possible chf in the future??.

  11. Job done.

    The real business should start on the August bank holiday weekend. If this Mayo team still have the heart and have “really” learned from past mistakes comming out of Connaught should just be a matter of jumping through the hoops. No disrespect to the other Connaught teams but this Mayo squad who left the last two All Irelands behind are far superior than any of the other Connaught teams . There will be plenty of hyperbolic talk about The Rossies etc but in fairness it’s been awhile since Letrim or Roscommon were involved in an All Ireland senior final. A spade will always be a spade even if you don’t call it by name.

    Listened to the weather report on mid west radio and in between the reports on the wind and showers managed to get what the score was from time to time. By the way can anybody tell me who this new guy Kevin Kane is? The lads on mid west kept talking about him in between the weather updates.

  12. Well played the lads. And well done to all the supporters who made the journey. I listened to Midwest as I was having the dinner. Really profound the amount of requests from Mayo folks living over there. Some down from Boston and Toronto. These are the people who make the journey home each August and Sept. The link is strong. Stronger than many realise.
    Nice to see Dillon and Feeny get on the field. Aidan centre forward? Why not. And sounds like Kevin Keane had a good day. Well done Kevin.
    To anyone staying for a few more days, take a trip to south Manhattan. There is a monument there that is a must see for Mayo folks. It is the Famine Memorial in the form of
    an old stone former thatched cottage built in the early 1800’s in Attymas north of Ballina. It was taken down stone by stone, shipped to NY and rebuilt in its original form in the year
    2000. It is now the property of NY Parks Department located at the west end of Murray St. The blood will go cold when you see it. They shipped out local soil to complete the site. In the soil was rushes, buthallan bui, nettles, docks, clover and all the other weeds thats you look at every day. They still grow there. 5 Generations lived in this house, survived the famine and the Family still live in Mayo. The team should be taken to see this site. There is something of the indomitable spirit of Mayo people there.
    Lets stop glorifying others like the Dubs. Mayo have shown they can compete and win. And the Dubs know this.
    The team needs a shot at Manhattan tonight and what goes on tour stays on tour.

  13. Good man Bohola, of all the sights in NY , that and Ellis Island really meant something to me . It brought home what our people went through.

  14. Brilliant stuff lads. You’re keen on the correct pronunciation of Keane. What would an
    O’Kane be called around them thar parts? Probably something daft like O’Keane. Ballina people were never that mad about their E’s, ” if you know what I mane like.”

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