Here we go again

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The day has arrived – Bank Holiday Sunday with both our minors and our seniors facing into All-Ireland quarter-final clashes at Croke Park today. It’s the start of the so-called business end of the championship season and, once more, we’re right in the thick of things. Under James Horan’s tenure, our sporadic involvement at this stage of the championship has been transformed to ever-present status and under Enda Gilvarry’s watch the minors’ fortunes have soared skywards too. It’s an era to be savoured and amidst all the talk about September only mattering for us now, it’s important to enjoy to the full every day of it.

This particular day doesn’t look hectic so far weatherwise. It’s still spitting rain out there here on the Northside and it could well be still doing so by the time the ball is thrown in for the minor match at midday, though Met Eireann are stubbornly holding to their prediction that it’ll clear in the afternoon. I’m still thinking, though, that it might be a day for the winter issue Cairde Mhaigheo jacket. Croke Park can be a miserable cold place on days like this.

But, whatever about the conditions, I’m hoping for good things today. Nothing comes easy at the quarter-final stage, nor should we be expecting this to be the case. We’ve every reason to be confident about the outcome today but reason too not to be shouting anything from the rooftops, until we’re in our seats and the action gets underway. Once it does, the lads have their job to do and we have ours and hopefully we’ll all be smiling at the end of the day.

Here’s to the right result in both matches, and good luck too to Galway in the one in between, here’s to another decisive step along this long and well-travelled road. Up Mayo!

14 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Sean Cavanagh tips Cork! Thinks it’s gonna be the shock of the year

    Let’s hope he’s wrong!!!

    Mayo by 1!!

  2. I hope he’s wrong aswell, but think he’s right. Signs of the rain easing here in the city centre, best of luck to.both mayo teams and of course Galway too i’ll be shouting for our neighbours and wouldn’t rule out a Galway victory at all.

  3. Can see ourselves winning by 4, Kerry by 8 or 9 (sorry, but I just can’t see anything other than those Kerry forwards running rings around that Galway defence).

    Good luck to both our teams, hope the minors kick off the day in style and get our crowd in good voice.

    Safe travelling to all. Hon Mayo

  4. Think you right Juan but hope the both of us are wrong. Just get the feeling the boot is on the other foot from 2011.

    Can see Galway sticking with Kerry until 55-60 mins the a flurry of Kerry points or a goal to sink Galway.

    I think it’s a good minor team and they will pull through and get the 16th man on the day.

    Anyways, Maigheo Abu and safe travels to all.

  5. Was there in ’93; we owe them a lifetime of revenge for that alone!
    All the best to James and the boys today. Love watching this team play. Up Mayo!

  6. Similar to Juan and Martin, I just have a sick feeling about today so am predicting Cork by a whisker. I just think that there will be a major kick in Cork and i’m not sure the last 3/4 years hasn’t taken its toll. I hope that i will be eating my words come 6pm.

  7. ah come on lads.Cant see anything but Mayo victory.Minors cakewalking it here!

  8. Well done to the minors – a great win.
    Glorious sunshine out now and pitch is in super nick after the weather and 3 games in the last 20 Hrs.
    Kerry to beat Galway by 5 pts.
    Hon Mayo !!

  9. @mayobornanbred, I really hope your right, ill b shouting my head off for mayo but just have this dirty feeling all week that thir blanket defence will beat us.

  10. We should be beating Cork by 10 points but left struggling by terrible front line selection and worse sub choices.
    With 5 mins to go, just up by one pt.
    Unforgivable if we lose this one!

  11. I’m currently eating my words. They taste nice but fuck me, that was harder than it should have been.

  12. A bit of credit please Cloud 9 If we had lost it would not have been our forwards fault 1 19 is a good score including 4 from the much maligned, but excellent Dillon. It was our backs who struggled today. BUT We won

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