Holiday postcard (1)

It’s only gorgeous here but the only problem is that, seeing as we haven’t left the jurisdiction, it’s still bucketing down. Nothing for it but to head for the swimming pool – we may as well get properly wet.

Right, to business. Today’s Indo carries a brief story which says that Campbell and Austie are fit but that Devenney, David Kilcullen and Super Mac are all doubtful. In the Mayo News, meanwhile, Johnno confirms that Mac won’t be fit for Sunday. In the same paper, there’s also an interesting report on the Big Wind final of 1948 against Cavan which, as the report says, shows that our All-Ireland final heartbreaks didn’t start with Colm Coyle in 1996. In his weekly column, Kevin McStay mentions all the rumours emanating from Cavan about players buggering off to the States and morale being on the floor but he then cautions that pre-match rumours carry as much weight as performances in challenge matches. That’s a fairly apposite comparison, methinks.

That’s it. Gotta dash, swimming pool is calling. Wish you were here and all that.

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