Holiday postcard 4: Sunday’s team

The team for Sunday has, I see, been announced. As expected, changes are kept to a minimum with the sole alteration from the semi-final seeing Alan Dillon replacing Peadar Gardiner. Keith Higgins also shifts corners with Colm Boyle. For the record, here’s the starting line-up:

Mayo CSFC v Galway: David Clarke; Keith Higgins, Kieran Conroy, Colm Boyle; Tom Cunniffe, David Heaney, James Nallen; Ronan McGarritty, Tom Parsons; Alan Dillon, Pat Harte, Trevor Mortimor; Conor Mortimor, Austin O’Malley, Andy Moran.

One could, I suppose, launch into a treatise about what this line-up means for who’ll pick up whom on Sunday but, let’s face it, it was a selection all of us were saying was likely (though I did fly a kite last night for an unchanged team from the Sligo game – maybe it was the effect of the sun) so we’re not much the wiser now that the team’s been announced. We won’t, of course, till battle commences at 2pm on Sunday.

The Herrin Chokers, meanwhile, are, according to their official website, holding their fire till tomorrow night but I’d expect that their team selection will contain as few surprises as ours.

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