Holiday time again

We’re heading off on hols in the morning, down to the far south-west of the country where I’m reliably informed that the internet hasn’t been invented yet.  As a result, things are likely to be quiet enough here for the next week or so.

Just to keep you all going, though, I’ve stuck up a new poll on the site seeking views on who should be the next Mayo manager so feel free to come up with whatever suggestions you can think of.  I haven’t provided any names myself as I don’t think there’s anything to be gained from shaping this particular poll in any way so away with ye on it.  Hasta luego, hombres.

13 thoughts on “Holiday time again

  1. Enjoy the break in the south west. Now, if you happen to ramble into Paudie’s hacienda in Ventry, watch out for that strange ‘tinny’ sound in the change you might get after paying for your round. The yarn goes that Mayo folk who were holidaying in that neck of the woods after the debacles in 04 and 06 were accidently being given some carelessly discarded All-Ireland medals in their change!!!! Anyway, they won’t be getting any freshly minted ones this year!! Have a great holiday, and don’t forget to check your change!!

  2. Pat O’Shea
    Mickey ‘Ned’ O’Sullivan
    Liam O’Neill
    Sean Boylan
    John Morrison
    Dara Ó Cinnéide

  3. Enjoy the break. By the way, i saw the Tyrone team in action in their last match and I can safely say, that if we beat them, we’el beat anyone. Putting my neck on the line, i’d say we just might get a hammering.

  4. Liam O’neill is over on the Shtates.
    I dont think an outside coach is the answer unless we are very clear there is no equal alternative within the county. I think of all of those Sean Boylan might be the only one who could be good for mayo but remember its a relatively long time since he managed and alot has changed.

  5. Rumour has it Peter Canavan has thrown his hat in the ring according to the Connaught Telegraph???

    Havent seen it yet…

  6. I heard that he has thrown hats in a few rings, including Galway’s. Sounds like he wants to but his teeth somewhere with a view towards getting the Tyrone job when Harte calls it a day. I’m not convinced that’s the sort of manager we need.

  7. The highlights of the minor q/finals are up on TG4 Player Have to agree with Al G that Tyrone look really strong and will take all the beating. We’ll definitely go in as rank outsiders and sure, who knows, that might suit us. Cillain O’C was awesome, but we’ll need a lot more from the rest of the forwards if we are to have any chance, I suspect our danger man will be double teamed in true nordie fashion, so, the other lads will need to step it up!!!

  8. What has he done with Eirigal Ciarian (brutal spelling I know)? not being smart, genuinely dont know. I presume thats his only management experience.

  9. just a though i had to day what about David Brady and Colm macmanium for the position both were passionate players and i know for a fact that colm mac has brought the burisuale team to a different level this year they seemed lost last year. while this year they go undefeated in the championship and league

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