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Our 2016 inter-county season began nine months ago tomorrow with an FBD League match against NUIG at MacHale Park. It was back on home turf this evening, nineteen matches later, that the curtain came down on our year of inter-county action.

I wasn’t down in Castlebar myself for the team’s homecoming. I had, of course, hoped to bolt for the west had everything gone to plan yesterday at Croke Park but this sadly didn’t come to pass. With the full import of the defeat and all it entails starting to sink in, so too must thoughts turn back towards real life stuff and so it made more sense for me to shelve the notion of heading to across the country to be at the homecoming.

I don’t have too much info about this evening’s event, to be honest, but it looks as if there was a big crowd there and that they heard positive messages from the team and management. Captain Cillian O’Connor assured the supporters that “we’re going to redouble our efforts” to win the All-Ireland next year, while Stephen Rochford expressed his belief that we’re not far from “the greatest day of all.”

It’s tough for all concerned to see the season ending this way, once again just one short step from the summit. But what a year it’s been, one of many twists and turns, with a championship campaign like no other for us stretching to nine games and coming so close to ultimate glory.

Stephen Rochford and his management team, all the players, the backroom staff and everyone else involved in Mayo GAA deserve our sincere thanks for making the year possible, for giving us the raw material from which all those dreams of glory were made.

Well done too to everyone who made it to MacHale Park this evening to welcome the lads back home.

7 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is

  1. I look forward to seeing this team prove every pundit, other than Joe Brolly wrong in the Sunday Game, who all stated we would not win an All Ireland with this team on Saturday night. We held our own against The Dubs but will have to win one to get the respect we deserve.

  2. The post mortom continues and a familiar unwelcome heavy feeling now engulfes the county yet again. I am fed up of coming second, fed up of the gallant loser type comments. Sure we get great days most counties could only dream off but for over 20 years now the carrot of an all Ireland has been dangled in front of us all too often only to be snatched away.
    It is not one but a combination of decisions that decides a game. of course we will be all back next year like we always do. I hope we all love to see the day we all dream of.

  3. Thanks to you Willie Joe.going to be quite on here in a few weeks.like the team you have given us a great outlet all year.
    I’m not to down beat about the result because I think we are closing the gap every year.
    This team still have unfinished business and will give it their all next year.
    Just one little thing that annoys me is there’s a lot of this team that are given important tasks and sacrifice there own game to make space for team mates and I don’t think they get the respect they deserve. Couldnt careless what other counties think but to hear some of our own slating them is just wrong.time for the team to put up the feet and come back stronger next year.thanks to all

  4. Genuinely finding this one the toughest to take, being in work in Dublin not making it any easier. Anyone else feel feel Rock’s point from a free in 38th min was a bit dubious? I was right behind the goal in the Lower canal and felt at the time it had drifted wide, after watching the game again last night I’m still not convinced, Dublin fans around me didn’t exactly sound too confident about it either. thought Durkan and Harrison (has to get an All star) were brilliant. Really felt we needed to try something different last 10-15mins like introducing a Loftus/Regan. Too many times against Dublin we’ve tried the same tactic of lumping ball into AOS and it just hasn’t worked, still feel there’s a role for AOS to play for us but just maybe not in starting 15 as I feel he slows the play down too much at times when on the ball. When Barry Moran was introduced I expected balls to be lumped in on top of him, one ball came in and he won a free from it, very very frustrating as I feel the combination of humself and AOS could have caused havoc in there together. Feel awful for Hennelly, just wasn’t his day and no blame can be given to COC for free at the end. Overall, feel this team need a right break till end of Feb/March and few young lads need to be given a shot in the league. I’ve no doubt that we’ll be there/thereabouts come next September but it’s just bloody tough to take at the moment.

  5. Its really hard at the moment to be a Mayo fan. Heartbroken, but over time we will once again get over it and have another rattle in 2017. We know no different. Not going to dwell on the obvious blunder re: Goalie, but have to say Rochfords inexperience was highlighted on Saturday. Making a change for the sake of making a change.
    We have to now pick out the positives from the rubble.
    Management have achieved a lot in the space of a year. Another 12 months together could be enough to bring us over the line.
    We won the AI U21 so should have players coming through.
    Durcan and Harrison.
    Team now tactically astute.
    Still probably 2nd best team in the country, and will be in the shakeup again

    Even though it hurts, am still very proud of the teams achievements this year. Our day will come.
    Still believe

  6. We have nothing to be ashamed of we are a proud footballing county. The lads left everything on the pitch on Saturday. I feel sorry for Rob he has been a good servent for us in the past .I hope they stay together and give us more days out.
    Up Mayo!

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