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Only a few quick one, mind, as I’m on a busy foreign trip with lots of foreigners looking for work off me.  Lads, I had to leave the bed at 4.45 am (Irish time, and all) this morning and that for the joys of Ryanair, so can you please stop roaring at me in those funny foreign voices of yours?  Thanks, that’s better.

Nothing to report, really, from the home front as the slooooooooowwwwww countdown to June 22nd continues.  This Championship season sure is exciting, isn’t it?  I see that Kev has joined the debate about the crap Championship structure (though he’s far too polite to use a word like crap – you’d never find him using words like shite or bollix either I reckon) and the Voice of Experience makes the case – which even he recognises as hopeless – for Ginger Tiernan’s inclusion in the Championship panel.  This from the man who thinks that Super Mac is surplus to requirements.  Come back you shouting foreigners, all is forgiven!

2 thoughts on “Home thoughts from abroad

  1. Hi WJ hope all is well and you are managing to enjoy yourself wherever you are !!
    I have to admit that the voice of experience got it all wrong …. like you say saying ciaran mac is surplus and on the next breathe saying ginger tiernan is the answer … Sorry Im lost !!!!!!
    I see they are now saying howley could well be out for the entire championship ! terrible news …. hope its only speculation ……
    Is there anyword of Ciaran being drafted in at all ?… I mean what does he have to do in league and championship matches at club level ? I would have thought his form spoke for itself… but sure what would I know …. I just assumed anyone scoring 5 plus points a game would be an automatic !

  2. Thanks, Perseus – things have calmed down now over here and the local beer tastes good as well. I hear it pissed rain all day at home today – it was splitting the stones here. Being away has its compensations.

    I hadn’t heard that news about Trevor Howley. It sure would be terrible if it’s true, here’s hoping it’s not.

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