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It’s obviously not the end to our All-Ireland journey that any of us would have wanted but part of the pageantry of All-Ireland weekend is the homecoming and that’s the case regardless of the result. The lads are currently on the train heading west, with an event at McHale Park waiting for them when they arrive. The gates at McHale Park will open at four and the team is due to arrive at the ground at about 5.30pm. There’ll be music and some speeches by James and the lads and, I guess, not a whole load more than that. Full details on the event are here.

7 thoughts on “Homecoming details

  1. Was at the Homecoming. Good turnout for such a wet evening. Good speeches by James, Andy, David & Barry.

    Michael Ring was shouting as usual & James Kilbane was hilarious – he sang “The Red & Red of Mayo” (no shit) & called the guys “the best team in the COUNTY”.

    Anyway, well done to James & the guys, looking forward to 2013.

  2. Was at it too… It was like someone told James Kilbane that we had won the game…. The Best team in Ireland…. Reading the lyrics of the Red & Red of Mayo from a sheet of paper in his hand…. Trying to get the crowd singing when no-one there was in the humour… Michael Ring frightening the children present with his roaring… It was everything youd expect it to be under the circumstances…

  3. Also WJ,

    Your Mayo scoring stats on the final in the results section show Mayo scoring 0-15. We only scored 0-13. Alan Dillon didnt score I dont think and Micky Conroy only got one point. But check it somewhere more reliable.

    Regards, Highking

  4. Thanks, highking – your suggested edits to the scoring stats are correct and I’ve amended the details accordingly. Thanks for pointing this out.

  5. Firstly I am a new poster on this blog, but have followed every word on it from its early days, so congrats Wille Joe, great work. I wont go back over sundays match, not going to change result. Heard this morning that Cian O Neill is leaving the Mayo set up and heading to an identical post with Kerry. Disappointed to hear that, I thought he made a very positive contribution to the Mayo team this year and will be hard to replace.

  6. Just a thought, we should make every effort to keep our top players at home, I am thinking of D. Kirby and a few more who have left our shores, I believe we have the talent in Mayo, but must look after this talent, and that means jobs etc. either in Mayo or the country. The County Board or some other group should know all about these players , besides their talents as Gaelic Players, also where they see their future, and what we can do for them., in terms of a job, etc.
    I know some went off for the Summer, still we should have made efforts to keep them around.
    Also another thought can we source some business person high profile, with no baggage, that would be willing to invest in the Mayo setup, for a number of years, the F.A.I have gone down this route with the payment to their National Manager.

    Many Rugby Clubs have big investors, which normally brings success.. We had a great year, and I was so proud of the Team, Panel, James and his backup team. Lets keep it going, we are near the summit. Every member of the panel made a valuable contribution all year, thanks lads. They can write all they like in the Media Print, a lot is waffle, all we need are a few changes with the present personnel, and at least two to three new forwards to come into the panel.

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