Comments policy

Mayo GAA Blog has an open approach in relation to the posting of comments on the site. For the comments area to work properly, those posting comments are obliged to do so within the house rules set out below.

These rules aren’t designed to stifle debate but instead are aimed at ensuring that the debate remains open, free-flowing and fair. All current and prospective commenters are asked to familiarise themselves with these house rules to ensure that their contribution to the debate is within the rules. I reserve the right to remove from the site without notification comments that are deemed to be in breach of the rules or to edit comments to remove offending bits.

Anyone who comments here needs to be aware that this place doesn’t operate like social media sites. Posting comments on this blog isn’t the same as doing so on places like Facebook or Twitter as, unlike these places, you can’t simply post off-the-cuff, mean-minded nonsense here. If you try to do this you’ll be blacklisted. 

From experience, I’ve found that problems with comments tend to fall into the five broad categories, which are listed below (i.e. nos. 10 – 15 on the list). 

The updated house rules have been reordered under a number of headings, as set out below. The updated rules are as follows:


1  In posting a comment on this site, you acknowledge and accept that you are fully responsible for the content of your comment and that you absolve and indemnify Mayo GAA Blog from any consequences arising from a comment you post.

2   You acknowledge that you have read and agree with these house rules and that you undertake that any comment you post will adhere to the rules.


3  Comments should not be of a kind that break the law or encourage law-breaking of any sort.

4  Comments should not contain sexist, racist or homophobic language.

5  Comments should not be written in annoying text speak and should instead be written in comprehensible English, with proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Comments posted in block capitals are considered shouty and should be avoided.

6  Comments may include links but please note that all such comments will automatically be redirected to comment moderation HQ before going live on the site. This is a necessary anti-spam measure.

7  Don’t try to justify an unacceptable comment with nonsense like “I have a right to give my opinion”, “it’s a free world”, “I didn’t know this was a communist country” etc. etc. Instead, just proceed directly to Twitter or equivalent platform and knock yourself out with whatever you want to say.

8  Don’t argue the toss over any ruling made about a comment from you that’s either been edited or deleted. Such a line of argument won’t end well for you. 

9  Comments from supporters of other counties are always welcome. Please understand, though, that this is a Mayo GAA supporters’ site and as such that much of the debate here emanates from this perspective. That said, constructive input from supporters of other counties is valued and will be treated as such.


In addition to the kinds of comments that would fall foul of rules 3 – 9 above, the following kinds of comments are specifically prohibited. Any attempt to post a comment of the kind listed below will result in an indefinite period of time in comment moderation. 

10  Comments that contains attacks on or abuse aimed at others who comment here (i.e. playing the person not the ball).

11 Comments of an abusive or insulting nature aimed at all manner of targets, i.e. players, management, officials, refs, opposing county players and supporters etc.

12  Comments aimed at (a) leaking inside information, in particular relating to the County panel, which is not in the public domain and (b) soliciting such inside information.

13  Comments containing over-the-top, intemperate criticism of players in the aftermath of matches. In particular, any post-match comment criticising an individual player (named or by inference) must be backed up with specific examples from the match of the shortcomings you’re complaining about.

14  Comments aimed at pushing a particular agenda, which, when this happens, tends to be done in a persistent and aggressive manner. 

Those who fail to abide by the above rules will have their comments deleted in full or in part and will be obliged to go through comment moderation before any further comments from them are allowed to go live on the site.

I reserve the right to add to or amend this list at any time at my absolute discretion and to interpret and apply these rules as I see fit.


If the above rules are complied with then there should be no issues with objectionable or unacceptable comments. However, if you are the subject of a comment you consider to be unacceptable then please send an email to detailing (a) the name/handle of the person who posted the comment; (2) what blog post the comment was posted under; (3) the date and time the comment was posted; (4) what the problem is with the comment.

All complaints of this kind will be dealt with as soon as is possible and may involve taking down the offending comment pending a full investigation. It is not the blog’s policy to keep online any kind of objectionable or unacceptable comments.

House rules updated 8/1/2020