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The start of another year of football action is now but days away. So, after several weeks where things have been very quiet on here, once the action gets going again this coming Sunday it’s likely to be a bit more lively.

That means more comments. As ever, most of the comments posted on here won’t be a problem because the majority of you are fair-minded people who love your football and want to converse in a reasonable way with others of a similar nature. And more power to you too.

The issue, as ever, is with that persistent, annoying minority who won’t play by the rules and who have a very different agenda in getting involved in the debate here. It’s an anger-fuelled world we live in and, sadly, the blog’s comment zone isn’t immune from this.

What I’ve tried to do for years is to prevent the worst kind of behaviour that has become normal and everyday on other platforms from taking root here. In the main, this has worked but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it’s been bloody hard work at times trying to keep the poison out of the debate.

What spurs me on in continuing to promote a respectful debate is that most of you clearly feel the same way. I’ll be damned if I’ll let that spiteful, divisive minority win this battle.

So, another year of football is about to get going. As it does, I’ve had another look at the house rules and have reshaped and simplified them a bit. I’ve placed a particular emphasis on five specific types of problematic comments, which, if eradicated, would, in effect, eliminate all problems.

You’ll find the updated house rules here. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned contributor or someone contemplating commenting for the first times, please take the time to familiarise yourself with the rules.

In tandem with the house rules refresh, I’ve also decided to lift the pre-moderation of comments so this will mean that, for most (though not all) of you, things will revert to how they used to be, i.e. your comment will go up on the site as soon as you post it.

Given what happened late last year in relation to the comments, I’m obviously going to have to keep this under review. For now, I think that the arguments for lifting pre-moderation greatly outweigh those for leaving it in place.

By the way, I had hoped to update the WordPress comment interface on the site as well but this was a job that never got to the top of the to-do list over the last while. It might do over the coming weeks, then again it might not.

That’s it – as ever, I know the bulk of you will do what you can to ensure that the community that has built up here remains the special place that it is. My hope is that, together, we can – at least most of the time – ensures that this happens.

27 thoughts on “House rules on comments – an update

  1. Great, Willie Joe. Thanks for all your work and Happy New Year to you and all on the blog.

  2. A happy and healthy new year to you and yours, only comment on the house rules ,your house your rules,if we fail to follow them a month in suspension might brighten our ideas up,come on the football

  3. WJ i read your house rules and I totally agree with them .Let’s follow this great team of ours all together now .I am so happy that you are continuing this great blog and continued success in your new job Happy New Year to you WJ and to all the bloggers on here.

  4. Fair Play WJ.
    That Galway team is
    1. Connor Gleeson (Dunmore MacHales)
    2. Colin Murray (Mountbellew Moylough)
    3. Gary O’Donnell (Tuam Stars)
    4. Johnny Heaney (Killannin)
    5. Eamon Brannigan (St Michaels)
    6. John Daly (Mountbellew Moylough)
    7. Cillian McDaid (Monivea Abbey)
    8. Tom Flynn (Athenry)
    9. Fiontan O’Curraoin (Micheal Breathnach)
    10. Patrick Kelly (Mountbellew Moylough)
    11. Michael Daly (Mountbellew Moylough)
    12. Mikey Boyle (Killererin)
    13. Adrian Varley (Cortoon Shamrocks)
    14. Shane Walsh (Kilkerrin Clonberne capt)
    15. Paul Conroy (St James)

  5. Having read the Updated house rules they are fair and on point. Looking forward to Sunday and what lies ahead. Thank you Willie Joe for this most excellent blog.

  6. Interesting team that, with players like Brannigan, McDaid and Heaney, whom we are more used to seeing in attack posted in defence. To me it indicates a more attacking focus. Wonder will Conroy play as a corner forward or as a third midfielder?

  7. On paper Galway have a stronger and more experienced team named but we’ll see how it’s goes.

  8. Mayo team

    1. Robert Hennelly – Breaffy
    2. James Stretton – Claremorris
    3. James McCormack – Claremorris
    4. Brendan Harrison – Aghamore
    5. Padraig O’Hora – Ballina Stephenites
    6. Michael Plunkett – Ballintubber
    7. Patrick Durcan – Castlebar Mitchels
    8. Tom Parsons – Charlestown
    9. Mikey Murray – Ballina Stephenites
    10. Brian Walsh – Ballintubber
    11. Conor Loftus – Crossmolina Deel Rovers
    12. Jordan Flynn – Crossmolina Deel Rovers
    13. Kevin McLoughlin – Knockmore
    14. Brian Reape – Bohola Moy Davitts
    15. Diarmuid O’Connor – Ballintubber

  9. Hopefully you wont have to wave a single carta dearg for the year ahead Willie Joe because we will all be so busy ooohhing and aaahing at the quality football been played my Mayo that there wont be a cross word from any of us. Cant wait for it to kick off again. Its been a long winter. Time to dig out the bobble hat and thermals!

  10. Interesting that Paul Conroy and Tom Parsons are named for this one.

    Neither of them is likely to forget their last clash at Castlebar.

  11. Dissapointing not to see Rory Byrne not been given a chance in goal, if we lose Sunday its hard to be see him get a chance in the National League.

  12. Galway have a stronger team starting for this one. Not quite sure why Kevin Mc playing once again in the FBD as he very much a proven player. Maybe JH can’t keep him off the pitch.
    Galway will be getting it into the forwards as fast as possible, that’s their game plan in training. Conroy could clean up, a real test for our 2/3 rookie full back line.

  13. This is a big year for Conor Loftus and Brian Reape. Both have been around the panel a few years now and haven’t really made the breakthrough. Both have plenty of football and I wound love to see them make the grade.

  14. Shuffley, that’s an exciting and strong Mayo team as well, 6 players with years of experience on the biggest stage plus 5 more who have seen plenty of action over the last two years. Brian Walsh, Jordan Flynn, and P O Hora the only newbies I believe..

  15. Happy new year one and all.the waiting is now over and the action starts on sunday.i am just so excited about the year ahead .everything seems to be falling into place for us i.e. jim gavin has retired, we now have the best football manager in ireland, namely james horan who has pulled a masterstroke by inviting ciaran mcdonald on board.if STEPHEN CLUXTON retires and i think he will, then MAYO will win the sam maguire in 2020. as regards sunday i hope there are plenty of stiles open and not to have a repeat of that farce in tuam last year where some people missed the first 15 mins. of the match . roll on sunday

  16. Young blood out .I’d agree Galway team looks stronger .That said it will be great to see the lads take to the field and brilliant to see Tom back that’s what I call dedication .

  17. Pity we can’t have ticket selling in advance. However I am sure the arrangements will be based on a predicted good turn out of supporters. Two very decent teams on paper make for a useful workout.
    I’m a great fan of James McCormack but full back is a tough call. Not sure that Conor Loftus best position is CHF, but we will see. Like another contributor, I would like to have seen Byrne given a start, acknowledging a lot of good recent performances.
    Role on Sunday….

  18. Hello Willie Joe and Thank you for continuing your wonderful work on this blog. The very best of luck to you in your job and a very Happy New Year to You and All Mayo Fans.
    Its a very balanced Mayo Team that James has picked for Sunday and They will put it up to Galway. Brilliant to have Tom Parsons back he was badly missed last year. The FBD and the League is all about Blooding Youngsters and the Fringe Squad players. Now is their chance to shine. Lets hope they play well and lets All get behind them on Sunday, Win , loose or Draw.

  19. I doubt McCormack will play full back, but could be wrong. Him and Padraig O’Hora switching positions would make more sense. Not too happy with that full forward line as Diarmuid and Kevin Mc can look lost at times up there. However, we don’t know what players are out injured so I won’t get too worked up about it.

  20. Ontheditch, Mayo GAA twitter saying tickets available in advance from Centra and Supervalu

  21. Well laid out there Willie Joe..overall the message is let’s keep this fantastic blog alive and healthy. It means so much to us all. Its ok to have a passionate viewpoint on Mayo football, team sheets and tactics etc but try to keep it respectful. Thanks again for all your hard work WJ. I really look forward to another fantastic year ahead

  22. Delighted to see James McCormack named at full back. Tall athletic footballer who has the physical attributes that we’ve been crying out for years now for the No.3 slot…totally inexperienced in the position but best of luck to him. Also delighted to see James Stretton get another shot at corner back. Another player I’m delightes to see get a chance is Brian Walsh – a realy impressive and tenacious half forward for Ballintubber. Agree with comments on Rory Byrne not getting an opportunity. Time must almost be into the red zone for Brian Reape to hold off the likes of Liam Irwin and others for a shot at the No.14 jersey.

  23. WJ, just to confirm the email address is not in the updated house rules?

  24. Thanks Willie Joe, that brings clarity to all poster’s on the site.
    An awful shame the fixtures Master Plan has the Sigerson games clashing with the provincial
    pre-season games. Will be in Sligo on Sunday to see Sligo IT play U Limerick and watch some of our future County stars playing. Would also like to be in McHale Park to see us beat the Noisey neighbours.

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