Hurlers’ heroics and other results

Having dragged myself away from watching the last few minutes of Japan’s incredible last-gasp win over South Africa in the rugby, I was full of good intentions at stringing a few lines together about the county’s Minor C hurlers but I see that Andy D has already done so. Thanks for that, Andy.

The hurlers were chasing an All-Ireland minor three-in-a-row up in Ballinamore today, on the same pitch where the won the title last year and the year before that too, beat Monaghan both times. Today it was Tyrone – a county on an upward trajectory in hurling – that they faced and, trailing by seven points at half-time, it looked as if the Northern lads would take the spoils today.

A determined fightback got underway after the break, however, and two goals and three points inside ten minutes saw our lads edge a point in front. It was tight and tense from then to the end of normal time, which ended with the sides level on a scoreline of 2-11 to 1-14.

Both sides seem to have gone full-tilt for the win in extra-time but despite a flurry of scores at either end, the tie ended in a draw on a scoreline of Mayo 3-15 Tyrone 2-18. The final will now be replayed, at a date to be fixed later.

The county’s Masters team were also in championship action today and they too played out a draw. This match was against Westmeath in Mullingar and it ended Mayo 0-16 Westmeath 1-13. Anyone interested in following the Masters on a regular basis, by the way, can do on via Facebook or Twitter.

On the club scene, today was quarter-final day in the Intermediate championship. Hollymount/Carramore had an easy 2-9 to 0-4 win over Parke, The Neale had two points to spare over Burrishoole, winning by 0-16 to 1-10, and Belmullet beat Westport by 0-12 to 1-3. Moy Davitts and Kiltimagh played out a belter of a draw on a scoreline of 3-10 to 2-13.

There was ladies’ club championship action on today too, with Carnacon capturing their 16th senior county title in a row when they overwhelmed Kilmovee by 4-21 to 1-3. In the Intermediate decider, meanwhile, Charlestown got the better of St Brigid’s by 5-10 to 3-9.

24 thoughts on “Hurlers’ heroics and other results

  1. With senior club championship resuming next weekend with the quarter finals does anyone know if dates have been fixed for the semis and the final?
    Hoping to get away for a weekend next month but don’t want to miss any of the action.

    As for action today in Croke park it’s going to be hard to watch and I really don’t care who wins.

  2. The more one watches this, the more one realises this year was another chance blown. It really does show how close Mayo are.

  3. Well done Dublin Stephen Cluxton and Diarmuid Connolly and co. Next time I hear someone saying Fitzmaurice is a genius tactician I think I will scream. Kerry well beaten playing puke football in Croker. Never thought I would see the day.

  4. I`m glad we we were beaten by the eventual winners. Makes us so close. Keep the

    faith ye lads and lasses. JL

  5. Don’t mind who won but I believe Dublin came out to play ball. They will be hard to stop. Is Cillian the Golden Boot winner for 2015. He was 8 of B Brogan before the game. Is this correct

  6. Well done the Dubs .They blew Kerry away today ,I know the score board does not reflect this , but they were so much better in all departments . Also it was quiet warming to hear Brolly ,Spalliane and O rouke all saying how they under estimated how good Mayo was .

  7. As I said in comments yesterday – Eamon fitzmaurice was found out today. Wonder how his buddies daragh and tomas will spin this one. The emperor with no clothes.

  8. pjmcmanus – I THINK Cillian was five points ahead of Bernard going into today’s game. Cillian was joint level with Seamus Quigley mind. So I think that makes him joint winner with Quigley as Brogan only scored two points today.

  9. Pocaimora,

    The attendance in Ballinamore yesterday may have seemed small but for a C hurling match it was very respectable at 500 or a bit more. It was certainly bigger than the two previous minor C finals at the venue. And two thirds of the supporters were from Mayo..

    Regards today’s action it will be interesting to see if Eamonn Fitz survives this defeat. Kerry were miles off the pace and I doubt if we will see Donaghy, Marc O’Sé, Aiden O’Mahony and maybe a few others back next year. I have a feeling that Cork may have a couple of years at the top in Munster.

  10. To be fair fitzmaurice was very gracious after on rte when interviewed by that silly idiot Joanne cantwell. What’s with her aggressive questions to losing managers? Give the guy a break for gods sake he just lost an all ireland final

  11. Connelly’s Brigade Cheers for that I knew that Quigley was close, so according to that Bernard Brogan was second behind the other 2.

  12. Not that it matters shows All Ireland was ours only for Reilly last year.Ah well we just have to keep at it.

  13. Be a fair bit of slinking down alleyways in Tralee for pints tomorrow. The tactical geniuses had two games to learn from, wait for the mealy mouthed excuses now. Hammer the hammer they said. In saying that, the big fella clearly got his eye gouged by McMahon. He needs a serious ban for that, it’s the lowest act on the scale.

  14. Fair play to the dubs they had buckets of intensity and did a great job on star when he came on I thought Darren o Sullivan was good when I came on but if mayo can get it right we should now be number (2) ranked team in Ireland after today’s performance

  15. Agree Liam that should have been a peno, but they were the better team and had a good shape and control on the game. Kerry did not look like AI Champions. Donegal would have taken them at the quarter finals stage had the draw been different.

  16. Well there you have it, Kerry pushed up on the kick outs any gave up midfield.. was it the correct option.. no. Kerry’s arrogance was there downfall today in that they believed they could match Dub man for man.. to there own misfortune they now realise they can not.. no team in the country can currenlty match Dublin in a straighty shoot out.. this is currently been summed up by the Kerry management with one sentence “we did not perform on the day”.. yeah right. The only thing that kept this from being a cricket score was Dublins woeful missed chances.. Mayo played the correct tactics that had the best chance of beating the Dubs and it nearly came off

  17. And still spillane referred to fitz as a genius after that game …mind blowing ..agree that j cantwell was bordering on aggressive in her interview afterwards …wonder where the all stars will come from on that kerry team?!

  18. In dry conditions Kerry would have been beaten by 15 points. Sad end for the Gooch though, he was red rank today and ran into the ground by McMahon. Best player in my lifetime.

  19. We’re not far away,what about gooch complaining to the umpire about McMahon which led to a yellow,our big fella just got up and played on.with the way the game has gone I think we need to cry foul at every opportunity.on another note I thought the infamous Johnny Cooper was brilliant today

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