Hurling All-Stars in Argentina

tony brown, eoin mcgrathThe 2008 and 2009 hurling All-Stars are currently in Argentina, the lucky sods, and Lauren has been on to let me know about some online content relating to the tour (and to give me the photo opposite of Eoin McGrath and Tony Brown, which was taken at Dublin airport before the lads headed off).

As you probably know, there was an exhibition match in Buenos Aires yesterday afternoon and, by the sounds of it, the touring lads served up a rip-roaring contest for the locals, with the match ending 4-12 apiece.  Lauren also sent onto me a match report from Jim O’Sullivan in Buenos Aires and he relates that the final equalising point by the 2009 team came from Cork’s Cathal Naughton – who only made the trip as a late replacement for his Newtownshandrum clubmate Ben O’Connor – after the class of 2008 had fought their way back into the game with second half goals from Galway’s Joe Canning and Waterford’s Eoin McGrath.

Jim also reports that the match was noteworthy for two reasons.  First, it was the final representative game to be played at senior level before it becomes compulsory for all hurlers to wear helmets, a rule that comes into effect from the start of 2010.  John Mullane certainly won’t look the same come the New Year.  The second noteworthy fact was that football referee Marty Duffy took charge of the game for the last fifteen minutes.  I do hope the calls he made weren’t as dodgy as a few football ones I could name (but won’t – it is Christmas, after all).

I did mention online content on the game, didn’t I?  Well, here it is and there are also more clips of the tour on Vodafone’s YouTube channel (where, I guess, there’ll soon be loads of Dubs stuff too now that they’ve signed up as the Jacks’ new shirt sponsor):

10 thoughts on “Hurling All-Stars in Argentina

  1. Hi Spailpin – Lauren is the nice lady who alerted me to the fact that the video was online and who gave me the photos and info on the game. You didn’t think I was referring to the ex-Arsenal right back, did you?

  2. I know, I know…petty maybe …but…typical top brass GAA. No helmets and the enforcers of same there. Come the league and summer we will have acres of print about some overweight old salt who never wore a helmet in 30 years of senior service forced to cram one down on his large head. he will point to the All Stars tour and them not forced to wear them. An Irish adaptation to an Irish problem.

  3. just wondering why there is no coverage of the over 40 team who made it into the allIreland final last Saturday

  4. ontheroad, the helmet rule doesn’t come into force until 1st Jan. I see Eoin Kelly (waterford) isn’t happy about the new rule at all – fed up of being treated like a child “Make sure your Mammy puts your helmet on” lol

  5. No idea, Mayo lad – it’s certainly the first I’ve heard about it. Odd time to be playing it as well – I wonder when the final is scheduled for?

  6. I found this match report on Tyrone’s semi-final win over Derry (the latter including luminaries such as Enda Gormley and Joe Brolly in their side) but likewise can’t find anything on the Mayo/Dublin semi-final. Someone on that Hogan Stand message board says that the final is on this Saturday (at 1pm in Abbeylara, Co. Longford), which strikes me as an odd choice of dates but there you go.

  7. I just got notice off one of the team that the final will be on this Saturday in Abbeylara , Co Longford

    I know from past experience that it will be a good match from a mayo team that have won 2 all lrelands in the last 4 years (2006 V Dublin and 2007 in a replay to Derry )

  8. Thanks, Mayo lad – that tallies with what’s on the Hogan Stand message board which says that throw-in will be at 1 pm. It’d probably need to be that early, given the time of year that’s in it.

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