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Hyde Park

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Wow. It’s been a while since this place has witnessed such an outpouring of emotion. It’s been a veritable exudation of opinion, counter-opinion and questioning of the validity in raising opinions, not to mention plenty of bitching, back-biting, put-downs and all the rest. All very cathartic, I’ve no doubt and I do hope that everyone feels the better for it.

Meanwhile, there were further developments today on the Hyde Park decision. Mindful, however, of the danger of unleashing a second tsunami of outrage and counter-outrage on the issue, I’m saying nowt either about John Prenty’s justification of yesterday evening’s Connacht Council decision or Sligo’s protests about the choice of venue.  At this stage, I’m taking it that the decision is a done deal and so there’s no point in discussing it further.

The problem, though, in moving this debate on is that there’s bugger all else in the Mayo GAA world to be talking about right now. Wait, that’s not quite true – there’s another round of club action on this weekend so that’s something different to concentrate on. It’s a bit late at this hour to put up anything on the weekend’s fixtures but I’ll do so in the morning.

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  1. I saw on the Connaught telegraph twitter page that Sligo are going to appeal the Hyde as the venue for the Connaught final

  2. Brooks goin demented….
    He wants to switch to Mchale Pk for de
    10,000 extra bums.

    Said he won’t go to De Hyde!

  3. Done Deal you just beat me to it there, apart from this weekend’s club fixtures, that is something we can get our teeth get into (apart from each other).

    Really looking forward to seeing these lads line out for their first championship game (and from memory I think there are 6 or 7 remaining from last year’s panel).

  4. I’ll get this thread going anyways:

    Anyone complaining about Hyde Park is a bandwagoner, not like us real fans.

    The decision to bring us to Limerick was an absolute disgrace.

    Mick McCarthy was spot on in Saipan.

    Everybody knows that King are better than Tayto.

  5. I feel sorry for cormac reilly. I think he needs a big game to get his confidence back.

  6. some poster said yesterday that if we reach the quarters we will be playing the Losers of thd Ulster final, is this definetly true? I thought the quarters was an open draw unlike the semi finals which rotate every 3 years!?..

  7. Juan if ye won Connacht ye wud have to meet the losers of Ulster or what qualifier made it tru and had beaten the Ulster losers. That side of the draw has Connacht and Ulster and you couldnt meet the team ye beat in Connacht. Its all down to this A and B side of the qualifiers. I am open to correction on this but Connacht is matched to the B side and teams there wud include losers of Ulster and Tyrone and Derry, Westmeath, Meath and all the qualifiers on this weekend. Well thats what I can gather from the GAA website.

  8. Cheers for that Shane, that makes sense to me now. I knew alright we could’nt play Sligo again if we beat them in the hyde.

    Again, thats a less treacherous route, than a potentioal cork/kerry fixture. Monaghan are a damn good team but seem to be easier to play against in Croker rather than Clones. This is all hypothetical of course, but i fully expect Donegal to win Ulster and actually make the AI final…we should beat Sligo and hopefully a tired Monaghan in August!? Who knows….

  9. Looking at the draw, I can see us facing Tyrone in a quarter final if we beat Sligo. They are a better side than Monaghan IMO and would be a tough game for us. Ya wouldn’t know what to make of cork this year

  10. Mayoman

    Wouldn’t be at all at all impressed with your
    opinion there and I have to take serious issue
    with you on it…..

    Does not “SAM” appear on the front of the
    packet of Tayto?

    I don’t see him on the packet of King!


  11. My apologies Mayoman…..

    It was MayoMark I was having a go at there.

  12. Not a bad start MayoMark.

    I would also add –

    Proper fans only drink Lyons.

    Replay last year should have been moved from Limerick to the Hype to accommodate Garth.

    John Delaney is a snip at 350k per annum

  13. Is James Kilcullen & Alan Costello still playing with Sligo?
    I know they didnt start the last day but are they on the panel or injured?

    Sligo midfield was poor against Ros so we should fair well there, they are lethal fast inside fullforward line and main threat thereafter lies in Mark Breahony and his excellent scores from range and free taking .

    Against Sligo they will pull out one of the full forward line to make space for Marren so we should get to play with a sweeper.
    Be intresting to see who we go with as I dont think Keane is mobile enough for that role or indeed marking Sligos small fast forwards so will be intresting.
    Free role/Sweeper would suit Higgins but may need him to mark Marren.
    I guess

    Is probably how it will pan out in the match, if he starts same as the last day.

    I do like Jim McGuinness point of starting Kevin Mc in the sweeper/deeper role what with Diarmid looking good in Kevin Mc’s role but against Donaghy or Hughes and McManus I think Caff would be a great addition to the sweeper role.

    The Parsons and Seamie partnership is great on paper but I think they can both be found up the field at the one time.
    I would like Parsons allowed to roam in a free 12 role and Barry Moran and Seamie resuming a more solid and defensive centrefield partnership.

    Anyways whereever the game is it is just can wait for a Connacht final with good weather , fast ball and hopefully our team playing to potential

  14. Done Deal.. I agree with u totally regarding the Cormack Riley situation.. May I suggest we have a trial run of the Connaught final for him.. I think it would help his confidence no end.. and Rock I don’t think you are in any ways qualified to be able to diferintiate between the finer qualities of tea.. surely fans who drink Barry Gold Blend are the best Mayo supporters in the land

  15. If there’s one crowd I can’t stand it’s them Barrys drinkers.

    Meeting the ulster vice champions or their eventual vanquishers would be a serious quarter final. That would test us nicely.

  16. Jeez Juan, you’re giving me the heebie jeebies talking about AI finals. I seriously never think past the next game, and that includes Derry tomorrow night. I’m confident after Tyrone and Armagh but we ain’t in the ulster final yet.
    I’m glad the Hyde debate has settled down a bit, I was afraid to voice an opinion on it if I’m honest!

  17. Anyone who eats Tayto instead of King is a bandwagoner fake fan, as far as I’m concerned.

  18. That’s what’s wrong with supporters today. People settling for tayto and king instead of pringles or hunky dorys. That’s why we’ll never win anything

  19. Guys, back in the day there used to be a plant here in Dublin that made crisps. These same crisps were then packed and delivered to a packaging plant, where they found there way into Kings and Tayto bags, before heading off to feed the many Mayo, Roscommom and every other GAA supporter across the Land.

    And on the Hide thing, it sure generated some wide and varied comments, and in the vacuum that we find ourselves in, it was just what the doctor ordered. For what it’s worth, seeing as it was unlikely to be in Castlebar, then Hyde Park is the better option. And it’s not that our lads have never played on uneven surfaces before.

  20. Can I just point out that Tayto, King and Hunky Dory crisps are all made in the same factory in Co Meath

    Considering the slight dislike of all thingsMeath on here perhaps the Mayo fans could start their own savoury snack range.

    The first flavour would surely be red and green chilli flavour

  21. I think the traditional stick to your position style of Tayto has had its day. We need to switch to the more fluid interchangeable King if we are to compete with the blanket Hunky Dory Tyrones.

  22. Don’t anyone dare try to tell me that Tayto and King are the same crisp! Hogwash!!

  23. It’s globally recognised and UN endorsed that Tayto are the potato crisps of choice for all forthright and decent Mayo GAA fans.

    Hans Blick and a team of UN security council advisers will be present in Dr. Hyde Park, Roscommon, Ireland on July 19th, 2015 to observe the tea consumption habits of Mayo fans in general.

    A final decision to be made on, but no later than, Sept, 20th, 2015.

  24. Back in the days, you would never bother with tae or crisps, just the good auld fashioned black stuff.A regular contributor here in the days of yore “Wind” swore by the stuff. Has anybody heard from him lately?

  25. It is unfair to denigrate Tayto until you try them in a ham sanwich with a bit of coleslaw.I know for a fact house rules or no house rules the lads have them every training session with a fanta to wash them down except for Cillian who has a cidona.
    In any event I think we will beat Sligo by 50 pts and Monaghan by 40 and walk the semifinal.The final has to be ours after that …havent we a divine right.
    How do you like them apples Joe Mc?

  26. I don’t give a shite Wat dey taste like…

    Deyre got Sam on de packet!

    No Sam fellar on dem oul fekin King…

  27. Word of warning due to the bad press the Hyde has received from certain quarters rumour has it the rossies will not be giving mayo fans free spoon with the ices so be warned

  28. I hope that’s not true to win just one, I mean if we are going to be winning 5 in a row & 3 in a row in the minor, we will need our ices & I just hope to get my free spoon with my tub!

  29. lGreat to see a bit of sense returning to this site. Lads talking about the real important stuff. Have no worries , Luigi, about the length of the grass in the the Hyde. Sure the place will be swarming with sheep from early in their C C Blazers

  30. I hope there are special conditions with the decision. For one, that the ruddy grass is cut!!

  31. Good to have you back on here Lorrie. . r ye still making the football special up to there.. had it as a young fella, tis fierce stuff.. I hear tis all that Michael Murphy drinks and he only eats them crinkly Sam spuds smokey bacon flavour ?

  32. Thanks To to Hand, ha ha, aye they still make it surely! Haven’t indulged in it in manys a year, back when it came in wee glass bottles and was full of the worst kind of e numbers. Might have to pick up a bottle next match day… actually I can’t go to clones tomorrow night so I’ll treat myself to a bottle when I’m sat in front of sky sports (I’ll probably hide it from the wanes mind you!).

  33. Perri were the best but sure it’s only JoeMc, John Cuffe, mesel and a hand full of others would know this……………………………
    As for Barry’s, years ago while listening to the great Micheal O Muircheartaigh commentating on a game……..’Cork’s Barry Coffey has Barry’s Tea printed on his jersey’

    MaighEo Abu

  34. Re who we (or Connaught winners) could be meeting: are we not tied in to Leinster losers ultimately – say Meath if they get to L final and get beaten. Last year we WERE tied to the Munster side and all other provincial winners were tied to their semi final opponents side.

  35. Unless I am reading it incorrectly the winners of connacht presuming they get through their q/f play the winners of leinster presuming they get through their q/f. The old semi final pairings have been kept as far as I understand.

  36. @ Catcol

    In the *event* that we win the Connacht Final, these are the teams that we could still potentially face in the quarter finals on August 8th. Some of them will drop out this weekend and there will only be two of these names left in the hat in the quarter final draw.


  37. Got an email from Largo this mornin and
    they promise to change “Sam’s” colours to
    Red and Green, if Mayo winning the AI.

    AND – they say they will bring them back
    to their original flavour!

    Oh and also change the name to


  38. hueyandlouis, ah now, sshtop this verbal abuse. I am a sensitive being, and to all talking about the various crisps; ye know too many crisps of any brand will constipate you, so you’ll be on the Syrup of Figs and could miss the match. So, be careful out there.
    JJ, why are you including me in old blokes like you and John Cuffe?? With my obvious good looks and animal magnetism, (forget the no hair and no teeth), I have women queueing up to share crisps with me. 😉

  39. All these streams remind me of – Life on Mars
    But where and how will we wake up

  40. There seems to be a decision every year that gets a heated debate going amongst people who have no chance of changing the outcome. Several years ago it was Thierry Henry’s handball. Last year it was Garth Brooks. There are numerous others in between.
    This year, it’s the Hyde Controversy and hopefully it’s now behind us.

    Thankfully, nobody appealed to Obama this year.

  41. The goal should be to go and win the Connaught final by a large margin and not
    concede any silly goals.Make this an exercise in tactics and use wise substitutes if we
    are to have a realistic chance of the All Ireland.

    Look at the Dubs today against Kildare

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