Hyde Park horror

Hyde Park 2014

On this occasion, words almost fail me. This evening’s decision to send the Connacht final to Hyde Park, a place you’d think twice before putting cattle out on never mind play a match of any importance at, is a complete and utter joke.

Geography is the only basis on which this decision makes sense. Once Hyde Park is no longer the dilapidated dump that it currently is then it will be perfectly okay to host the Connacht final there whenever the need arises.

But it hasn’t been developed, it’s still the same museum piece that was creaking at the joints when we played Roscommon there in last year’s semi-final. Putting an even bigger match there next month is a recipe for chaos. And lots of portable loos.

I can accept that the Connacht Council had a difficult decision to take this evening. It can also be acknowledged that this decision involved making a choice between two venues, neither of which were ideal but were the only choices on offer.

But they’re big boys and that’s what they’ve been elected or appointed (or whatever) to do. A decision which avoids making the hard choice and sending the match to a venue that they themselves have already dictated can’t hold a fixture like this is one based on on the rankest form of stupidity.

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  1. Not my favourite Venue in its current state either WJ but sure lets just get in there and get the win. That is the most important thing. We have won in our last three visits there, last years semi and two fubaka before that. It’s practically at home venue. Liverpool fans had a name for Wwmbley when they were winning everything….Anfield South. Well Hyde Park is MacHale Park East for us. Winning is all that matters

  2. Unbelievable but who is surprised?
    Sort out that contradiction Ladies and Gentlemen. We have been hearing for years that The Hyde is not good enough for a CF but when its Mayo and Sligo, thats where it will be, no matter what state its in.

  3. I disagree with your viewpoint WJ. It’s only fair thatSligo should get a neutral venue! Too much made of having to go to Limerick last year! Hyde much better than the disaster that was Salthill!,

  4. We are going to win, I just want to win without conceding a goal and get game time into lads. Approach it like we are facing Kerry/Donegal/Dublin. Cut out the easy routes to goal, compete hard in the middle eight, dominate the kickouts and move the ball quickly to our forwards. If we don’t see a tactical change our management team are not learning lessons of the Galway game and the per match goal concession rate. Seasonal performance attributes of players and teams are what give successful seasons. Goals conceded and scored per game is huge. So is volume of attacks and shooting accuracy percentages on a team and individual basis. There is no luck involved with shooting, on a seasonal basis there are dramatic differences between players. This year our defenders on individual and group basis had a horrow show. Need to shoot towards 50% and they were closer to 20%.

  5. Majority of supporters seem happy enough with the choice. We are beginning to sound a little silly. Not sure I would agree totally with your description of the venue WJ and Mayo have good results there recently. Like I said before, the real fans will travel and the rest will still be talking the week after about it

  6. Fully agree with you WJ. They themselves deemed it unfit to host a CF. Then just change their minds?! Would love to see the health & safety cert.

  7. To those who are lucky enough to go and watch mayo in another Connaught final safe travels living abroad for the last 12 years I wud give my right arm to go and watch it who cares where it’s at just go and shout for the lads and be damn fuckin proud to be from mayo

  8. Well im godsmocked but not 1 bit surprised and a gain i,ll say down to our own very own county board voting for this shambles that sligo n leitrim hav choice anytime we play them in a connacht final, for f… sake , delegates friom clubs in the county, bring it up at later this year at convention to abolish this arrangment and back to home and away every other year you meet that county for every one in the province, bloody joke the hyde and the town as well, lat time i was ther , you, swear there was 50 funerals on , it was that dead…….think i,ll giv a miss an watch on high stool in castlebar, pissed off……

  9. Typical Mayo support. Lie down whinges a bit but take what is given. Thanks bit to God the players don’t show the same lack of fight.
    Complain when people don’t go out and support the team but have no problem of robbing them the opportunity when it arises.
    Our final is being plaged in a ground deemed not fit for the last number of years.
    Why are we playing a Connaught final in front of 20,000 in Roscommon
    Jesus at this rate Sligo should have played at home in front of 18,500

  10. Willie Joe I can confirm that no cattle have used the Hyde since I put a few out grazing in the summer of 2013. A few sheep were there but as you know they werent long before they were stolen.

    I just dont understand how the CC have told us in Roscommon that we cant hold Connaught finals and then they say the Hyde is ok for a final. Like how can they add 5k plus to the ground in a few weeks. Sligo do not have a good record up there either so im surprised they picked it. I originally come from very close to the Hyde so Willie Joe I can make u tea and sambos to make up for having to visit the “museum” but hands off the cattle

  11. Ditto Jp. At least it would be grand to see a touch of dictation / orchestration in our play and a bit more as we go on! Not too demanding I hope!

  12. Would take the Hyde any day ahead of salthill. Looking forward to it being redeveloped but will settle for it even in substandard at the moment. Some of our best days out have been in Ros and unbeaten there since last minute goal in 2001 if my memory is ok. Had 2 tough finals there in 2011 and 2012 but emerged victorious in both and remember Sligo giving us plenty of it back in 1997 there. Not the greatest venue comfort wise but always a good atmosphere and Id prefer to be siting or standing in the Hyde for a few hours a hell of a lot more than being stuck in the car for hours on end trying to enter and exit salty hill. Come on Mayo.

  13. This is a joke playing a match of this importance on a pitch not fit for purpose is so ridiculous that words fail me.
    This means that our team should be twice as focused making us play in this dump, just think Limerick and get on with it.
    Of course Sligo deserve a neutral venue
    and they also deserve a decent venue as they will have a large following.

  14. We have seen in Leinster all of the counties making decisions based on finances, let the Dubs keep playing at home no matter how far ahead of the other teams they get as long as it means a few extra quid for the other Leinster counties from gate receipts. Longford should have been playing at home to the Dubs this year. Sligo have taken a decision for what they feel is the best for their footballers (unlike Longford etc. in Leinster) i.e. where will Sligo have the best chance of winning the game, they feel thats in Hyde Park. They could have played in Castlebar, taken the money and run but they didn’t. You’d have to applaud them for that, afterall its their footballers who put in all of the training etc. Its up to us just to go there and win. The drive for 5 starts now!

  15. How in God’s name can the Provincal council be allowed away with this? Exactly when was the Hyde deemed suitable to hold the showpiece game of the province. This is a farce.

  16. In fairness to “Rossie Shane” and all the rest of the Rossies – – this is a great opportunity for them to to watch two class teams in action in the Hyde.A rare occurence indeed! Maybe that is what the Connacht Council were thinking of – when they got the brainwave to come up with this decision. Shane, it is very convenient that you are living close to the pitch as that means you dont have to catch the Rossie bus. I believe it is booked for a Bingo run that night anyway and after that it is out on hire to the Tipperary hurlers for the rest of the season.

  17. Dont think venue will make the essential difference.Its just a stepping stone and it will do.
    Rossie Shane you dont contribute much of substance to the conversation do you?
    Any ideas how Ros are going to get on re Cavan?

  18. When we played there in 2011, the Mayo crowd was abysmal. Seeing how few were there that day, makes you wonder about how many diehards we actualily have. It started the great run, many got on the bandwagon since then. The Hyde was ok last year, I’d say some of the stadium experts around here are too used of the comforts of Croker!

  19. I hate the Hyde… always have, always will. But go there we must. While we’ve managed to squeeze ourselves out the right side of our last couple of encounters in that hole of a venue, we’ve never played particularly well there in recent years and that unnerves me. Sligo management are cute out and no doubt they’ve had a major influence on this decision…and who would blame them to look for whatever slight advantage that they can get in this regard.

  20. how are we surprised…anything is possible with the shower in power..salt in wounds for the rossies tho ..

  21. Shane,
    Is there any chance you could get a few Rossies organised to get the grass cut before the 19th? Use it as silage or hay. The feckin length of it last year, the kids were nearly getting lost in it after the match.

  22. Meh, one trip to Salthill is enough for one year. Sure the facilities aren’t at the standard we would like them to be but the real fans won’t care. Anyone who really wants a ticket will get one. Guarantee you if we win there will be people in Croker who could hardly tell you where the CF was even played.

    Comparisons with Limerick are making me laugh, keep them coming!

  23. Sixpointsup, thank fook they did get on the bandwagon , every sports team that starts to do well gets a bandwagon , the more the better if you ask me . If we win an all Ireland we might have 10 k season tickets next year , great . More people , more revenue , more success , I don’t like it all that much but that’s life on earth today .

  24. I wasn’t there in 2011, sixpointsup, as I was away on hols but I was in Croke Park for that year’s quarter-final and the Mayo support was very small that day too (the Cork support, needless to say was non-existent) so you’re right that the support level has risen sharply since then. It’s only to be expected, though, given the strong rise in the team’s fortunes since then. I wouldn’t agree with you, though, that Hyde Park was “ok” last year – the place was worse than shocking and the wet day made it even worse. Can you imagine what it’ll be like if the weather is anything similar to that the next day?

  25. Lets obsess over winning this game not where its played. Lets obsess over beating the competition in terms of knowledge of how you set your team to maximise the probability of success.
    Dont foul – a poster who posts here regularly is literally planetary top 3 in terms of his statistical knowledge of how you have a successful season and in terms of what statistics are important.
    For all we know he’s a Mayo man, I dunno.
    Jim McGuinness another man in the global top ten of GAA performance analysis writes a detailed article proving statistically we have not fixed our problems.
    Any team in high level GAA at club or county level that is not selecting their tactics and players based on seasonal performance stats of the team and players does not know what they’re doing. And yes I have coached a side and Iv read into Dont Foul, Rob Carroll, Emmet Ryan, Jim McGuinness, Donie Buckley, Bill Walsh, Eamon Fitzmaurice, Malcolm Gladwell, Dave Brailsford of British Cycling, Bill Belichik, and on and on. The same recurring theme. Success is achieved by obsessive planners and much less frequently by hoping for the best and relying on talented individuals. There is a lack of knowledge of statistical value of on pitch actions. For example we’re blinded by the turnovers our forwards won versus Galway/Donegal in 2013. Statistical blips now much less likely with more organised defences able to counter attack error free. So we overrate the “worker bee half forward” and underrate the guy who is a small bit less effective in turnovers but has dramatically better goals per game stats or ability to catch kickouts or ability to assist for scores. If you are not scoring much and you are not having assists and not catching kickouts that is close to impossible to make up for with “work” or the classic “unseen work”.
    If you have four of your six forwards good on goal scoring on a seasonal basis you can expect goals especially if they have pace and size. Only so long a defence can stop pacey physical players.
    So for God sake lets stop obsessing over irrelevant stuff like stadiums/refs/1996/Maughan/Johnno and get busy with obsessing over what is controllable and contributes to winning.

  26. Playin a Connaught final in a ground from the 80s? Crazy. However as long as the pitch is in good condition it won’t make any diff where we play them. Up mayo

  27. Heuyandlouis you must not be reading my posts. The last few have been trying to lighten the mood as its all got a bit silly. You would think that everyone attending a match did so to be pampered and must have forgotten that its not all the long ago since Castlebar was redeveloped.

    The Hyde will be redeveloped but as the GAA people on here would know there was a major delay with a dispute between the County board and the local GAA club. A dispute that the vast majority of Ross supporters were very unhappy with. I just find it hilarious and lazy that so many come on here and talk muck about venues and even one on here giving out about Ross town. If ye dont want to go then dont go. Im sure the Mayo team will play to the best of their ability with or without the moaners.

    We would be blessed in Roscommon if we had the sort of team Mayo have had over the last 5 years. We would literally follow them everywhere if we had that success. I wonder if some fans have been spoiled with the trips to Croke Park. I would hope that as a team we can challenge Mayo in the near future at senior level like we have done at minor and U21 recently

    As for our trip to Cavan, well sure we need to be winning those matches if we expect to progress. I wont park up the bus just yet. I hope that is enough of a contribution but please let a bit of humour be allowed also.

  28. Seen as tough Sligo holds almost the exact same as Roscommon did (yesterday) Why not even at this stage play the match there? But only if Sligo enter a home and away agreement for all match,s in the future. We have to play it where the Connaught council decide in any event. I wonder what percentage of Connaught Council finances come directly from Mayo fans, easily over 50 I would imagine this last few years. But you have got to give the Connaught Council their dues, They can increase the capasitity of a stadium in during a meeting. Imagine if they got working their minds on the Dublin homeless problem with brains like that there wouldnt be a homeless person to be seen. Would the Public Accounts Committee be interested in hearing from these people and their creative ways with facts and figures?

  29. Ok.
    The decision is baffling but there’s not a lot to be achieved by analysing it and getting annoyed about it. The powers that be in the GAA tend to make some decisions that defy logic at times but this is a done deal and we have to put up with it. One thing that you can be sure of is that the team will be focused on the job in hand rather than the venue.

    Our role in this is to support our team and that’s where our focus should be now. This match will sell out fairly quickly and we need to get our hands on a many tickets as possible. We need to ensure that we get the maximum possible support out so that when the team comes into the field it will sound like they are playing in front of their home crowd.

    Let’s concentrate on what we can control and do our bit in the drive for five. Realistically, it was most unlikely to be in Castlebar anyway, but let’s concentrate on the objective and that is to ensure that (whatever about the venue for the match) the venue on the night of July 19 for the winning team with the Cup will be Castlebar.

    Keep the Faith!

  30. I never liked Roscommon as a venue and always have been close affairs for us. I,ll never forget 89 replay when a Sligo man in the middle did his best to beat us but we fortunately prevailed.
    We need to focus on how we beat Sligo now and it will be tough for sure. We need to blow them away early and that should do it. Up Mayo

  31. For god sake the lunatics are running the asylum. In terms of quality of facilities it’s the worst option of the 3. Disappointed it’s not in castlebar but roscommon dear god. Maybe they should spend the money they did on the bus on their ground 😉

  32. Not that I have anything against playing in the Hyde at all, but wouldnt it be better if one of the teams were at home and let the next championship match against the same oppisition be away. makes more sense to me seen as connaught Council can change their minds about so called facts in a meeting.

  33. Being based in Dublin, this suits me better than either Salthill or Castlebar in terms of bringing the wife and child and not having to stay over anywhere.
    I do think it’s odd though that up until this evening it was seemingly unfit for a Connacht final. Can’t blame Sligo for taking that option if that was on the table for them.
    It shouldn’t matter where we play. We need to prepare for a team that’s hungry and looking for their fourth Connacht title while we look for our fifth on the trot.
    It’s not going to be as easy as just turning up and we need to be able to go through all the gears if needed.

  34. Fair enough Rossie Shane…I agree with most of your points.Dont agree Mayo do not have real supporters…in fact our support has always been the best there is for a county withou an AI in 60 years.
    Everything is relative.I dont mind the hyde when we win and we usually do there.
    Better than Croker when we lose.
    I like humour …just stick in a point now and again!

  35. I played a club game a few years back now it was played in The Neale some game it was it was a conterversal venue for a connaught final. I think this game could be similer.
    Look in all fairness no matter where the game is going to played mayo should win by 20-30 points if not we should give up. That black and white jersey would motivate anyone to give it a good lash!

    We played tourmakeady that day and by god we beat them!

  36. I totally agree with you JR. Thank God our players dont go on the same as some of our Prima Donna supporters. I think I might give the blog a few days break until some sense returns.

  37. Ridiculous decision by CC . I as a season ticket holder and friends will not be going to Hyde Park solely for health and safety reasons. Two perfectly safe pitches available and CC refuses to use either one of them

  38. What a load of bullshit from” Blatter “Prenty and his coharts. The usual bullshite,The Ulster the final is played in Clones, and this will be Monaghan’s 3rd year in a row playing in their own county. I did,nt hear anyone from Donegal saying it was not fair. In Leinster the finals are always played in Croker, again nobody complaining. In Munster its either in Cork or Kerry, and seeing as the AI semi final replay was in Limerick they have a good case.
    In our province its a fucking joke. Sligo, Leitrim, London can dictate where they want to play. Mc Hale Park is the Croke Park, Clones etc in Connacht and we have to go to a stadium that is unfit for purpose. No wonder nobody from Connacht counties follow their teams apart from Mayo. It makes supporters puke at the treatment we are handed down from the “Bosses”. Mayo supporters are again told get lost. We should boycott Hyde Park and forget the Connacht Council. A bunch of lost causes.

  39. Lets hope they cut the grass in the Hyde for the final, for some reason(John Evans trying to be cute?) they left it very long for our game last year and also against Armagh where they came a cropper.

  40. Am I missing sumtin?
    Or did Sigo have de call -dey have TWO (or is it 3) fekin Connaught titles….
    We, if we are serious (are we?) are looking further ahead.

    Personally, as WJ alluded to, wid Croker available on de day, dat wudve been my choice.
    But “it is Wat it Is” – no pt in keepin on talkin bout de horse dat bolted den shutting de barn door!

  41. Lobitin Great post………………………Rossie Shane , don’t kill the humor, enjoy most of your contributions.
    AnneMarie I take your concerns about toilets………….but ‘doin the business ‘ on the field would not be fair to either team.

    So if we’re on ‘the drive for five’ are Sligo ‘on tour for four’ ?

    MaighEo Abu

  42. The only objection I have to the Hyde is that it wasn’t fit yesterday to hold a final but today it is. Other than that I don’t care where it is, our teams objective is to win and we as fans have to roar them on. I really don’t think we should take sligo for granted, there is something about being an underdog to bring out your best but I still feel we will win. Looking forward to the 19th and hoping there will be a sea of red and green.

  43. the only concern I have is the capacity of the ground, which correct me if I’m wrong , has been brought down to just over 18000 since the safety issues arose. The capacity is likely to be pushed to its limits with the demand for tickets.

    If the Rossies make the minor final, they will also be looking for tickets. So there is quiet the possibility of a lot of fans being left disappointed.

    Thankfully I have a season ticket

  44. Unbelievable that this was an option especially given the state of the pitch. Clever, clever move by Sligo taking it. I can only imagine they are hoping for a dogfight.

  45. I was in the Hyde in 2011 when this team started. The day was wet and windy. I searched the faces of the few that day. I can confirm they were all as crazy as myself. There was about 2000 Mayo fans in a crowd of over 20k. I never felt so outnumbered at a football game. Some Rossies fans were jeering me because I was so isolated. But the banter was good as it always is at the Hyde. I remember some great days at the Hyde following some great teams. Next month I will be there again GW to support the best team of them all. I hope to watch Keith raise the Nestor Cup on high for a record fifth time. What an occasion that will be. I just wish there was a seat for everyone including the Rosesies to savour the moment. People need to get over themselves. These are great days for the followers of the Green and Red. Time moves in one direction only. These days will not last for ever. Be generous to yourself and get on the train. Its heading for the old Hyde Park for the last time. The bulldozers are parked nearby.

  46. We’re in a Connacht final with the chance to do 5 in a row and get into a Q-F through the front door.

    What exactly is the problem lads?

  47. What if Sligo turn up with a blanket defence! They might have noticed that we can’t manage too well in such circumstances. Do they know also about our wonderful record there? Add to that the nice bit of grass cover and then we understand the choice! I’m quite serious about the first point seeing that ulster is coming in our direction!

  48. Many of us are indeed used to the comforts of Croker but how many of ye can say ye survived Bekan in January 2014? 😀

    The stand in the Hyde is like a five-star hotel compared to no stand I suppose!!

  49. A little OTT on choice of the Hyde Willie and co. It hosted the 2011 and 2012 finals without much problems and 2011 was played in woeful weather. 20,000 will probably be more than enough also.

    If the rossies were more tuned in against Sligo the Connacht would then be hosted in MacHale park so instead of playing the rossies it’s Roscommon where Mayo shall win another Connacht title in.

  50. Jesus

    I like dat post PJ…..

    We are all passing tru

    Seize de moment!

    The day will come when ALL us boggers sorry, bloggers,

    won’t be able to go to a game!!

    it’s all relevant………….

  51. Official attendance on Wikipedia for Sligo v Mayo in 2012 final at Hyde Park 23,257….

  52. Bekan is the location of “The Connacht Centre of Excellence”. As a concept it was conceived and developed as a facility for players and teams to improve and hone their skills. It is also used frequently for games involving schools, colleges, clubs and counties but never for games which might attract large numbers of spectators. It has been the subject of much favourable comment from sports-people and others from all over the world and is a most prestigious development. It is also one which all of us in this part of Mayo are extremely proud of.

  53. Salthill would have been crazy hassle for both teams
    Castlebar would have been unfair on Sligo and disgusting if a few Bob convinced them (this isn’t the FAI)
    If the agree with Sligo is a neutral venue, a neutral venue it is
    If we ( with our ambitions) can not win here , we will not get further
    JP identifies well where our obsessions should be
    Whinging does not suit us

  54. It’s obviously compensation for Roscommon as they were so sure of being involved in the Connacht final. Their only involvement this year will be directing the traffic.

  55. In fairness to Bekan, that FBD game was moved there a few hours before throw in due to torrential rain. It was the nearest playable pitch. Bekan was never designed with supporters in mind. Not yet anyway.

  56. if we had been offered a connacht final against Sligo in the Hyde, after the trouncing we got from Dublin in the league, we would have bitten two arms off let alone one. Be grateful people, its our chance to make history and lets face it, the easiest route to quarter finals. With all due respect to sligo, our boys should come through by 6-9 points, if we approach it proffessionally like other years. Lets be grateful for the apparent less treacherous road to August and embrace the bit of luck we seem to have gotten this year!

  57. Sorry, correction…
    Last work meant to be “relative”
    (not “relevant”)

    No matter WHERE, on this occasion,
    We shud survive for another day!

    (for a bigger cause)

  58. The only horrors I recall in the Hyde were1991, 1994, and 2001. Let’s not overdo the “it’s beneath us” bullshit and simply shut up and go win the bloody game. Then win the next game etc

  59. I’ll go wherever Mayo play. However looks like venue will not accommodate all that would like to attend. Is that what we want? To turn people away? Not in keeping with latest advertising campaign of gaa “be there, bring your family too” not great venue to bring a family to. For our game last year stand tickets were still being sold in the vans yet stewards had stopped people entering. Easy to regulate; stand capacity minus season ticket holders equals stand tickets that should be left for general sale.

  60. Look it’s done and dusted we are playing in the Hyde so let us get behind the team. All the moaning groaning and giving out is not going to change it now. Mayo Abu.

  61. I’m not to bothered about the venue for attendance purposes but what does concern me is the pitch itself and health and welfare of the players involved. Now I recall walking from the stand across this ground to the opposite corner on my left last year and it is clearly not level. There is section of the pitch in that corner that has sunk or subsided or whatever and the surface in general is just not acceptable. For inter-county players, playign at such a level of intensity, any change in transition of the field profile can lead to serious injury. It would be interesting to know across all grounds in Connaught (league & championship) what is the percentage of injuries per game played. I’d be surprised if the Hyde didn’t show up some interesting stats there that cutting the grass is not going to solve. I’m sure when the Connaught Council were agreeing the location.. player welfare was top of the agenda.. not

  62. Being completely honest, the Hyde can comfortably hold 25k. The Slattery report is very cautious for every stadium, including our own.

    But it is very annoying that they just make things up as they go along. It’s nonsense. It doesn’t inspire great confidence in the people running things.

    I read over a month ago from a GAA official that “the GAA are not in the business of turning people away”. This was regarding Dublin and how they can’t leave Croker because so many fans will miss out. It’s just hypocrisy at a ridiculous level.

    Anyways, from a football point of view, it suits us best in my opinion. It will make it a much harder game, and we need a hard game. We need to get out of Connacht with two good battles under our belts. Truthfully, if we don’t win this, we have no business being in the last 8

  63. Good god almighty SourceOftheRobe, I wasn’t slagging off Bekan which clearly was not designed for supporters – merely referencing the fact that there were only about 200 Mayo fans there and we all got destroyed in the rain – can anyone say anything in this place any more?

  64. I’m not one for censorship WJ but can you delete Anne Marie’s last post and then ban her? I’m not impressed with her tone!

  65. Talking to some of my Roscommon friends tonight they would love to be going for one Connaught title. We are going for 5 in a row.That is what matters not the venue.

  66. I know I said I was taking a break from here for a few days but I couldnt stay away after reading the comment from “toe to hand” From what I remember last year we picked up no injuries playing in the Hyde with its “substandard” pitch. Andy Moran and COC both picked up injuries in the Galway game. Will we now want that pitch relayed? The injuries we picked up in the league, should we not play on those pitches again.

    Perhaps we should ask the big man above to lend us a few clouds and we can play on those and wrap our players up in Egypian cotton and have a sponge ball in case anyone picks up a knock. This is bordering on insanity. When did we become so arrogant and out of touch.

    For those of you who are unhappy then please do not go. The team dont need or want your negativity. Stay at home and watch it from your full HD tvs and thank the Lord ye dont have to mix with the rest of us mere morals.

  67. I’ve just misplaced my sense of humour MayoMark, but I don’t think I’m alone in that here somehow. Much like Rossie Shane earlier I was trying to lighten the mood …

    (In case it needs to be spelled out for anyone else who may take offence, my post re Bekan was in relation to all the references to the so-called bandwagon supporters, not a criticism of the very excellent Centre of Excellence.)

  68. An awful decision. Dreadful mistake. A resignation matter for those responsible.

    Going to a place not fit for purpose while McHale park will lay empty that day.

    Still it shouldn’t derail our drive for 5 at all and in 2016 we could well have the honour of clinching 6 in a row in our home ground against either Galway or Roscommon in the provincial final, depending on the draw.

  69. Just having a trawl through my photos from the Hyde last year (with reference to the state of the pitch) These photos don’t do it justice! I’ll have to check my archives as I’m sure I took a low level shot to show the hills and hollows on the pitch. (Sorry WJ for linking to photos)



  70. At no point ‘Mayo Madness’ in my post did I mention the Mayo Team or players.. I specifically said inter-county players and that applies to all inter-county players who get the opportunity to play in a Connaught final. Should it not be the top priority, that the individuals who give everything to be the best they can be at this game, should not have the best facilities, the best grounds and the best conditions available to them in connaught to demonstrate their talents to the best of their ability. If you say me wanting the best for the best players in Connaught is negative in some way I would like to understand why that is. I couldn’t, give 2 f*#ks about me and my comforts.. I’d go anywhere to watch these lads caus they deserve it and the fact that I live 20 mins away from the grounds don’t come in to it.

  71. “Head to toe” you made assumptions based on the fact that u walked across a pitch. Like I said Andy and Cillian picked up injuries in Pearse stadium. I just dont see your point of view.

    If u have a degree in sports injury doubled with a degree in pitch comparison and inspection then please forgive me for my ignorance. If you dont have the above degrees then please forgive yourself for your ignorance.

    Im sure your a very nice person but some of the stuff on here is getting beyond a joke. They want to ban Anne Marie cause she got wet in Bekan at an FBD game. And if u think they are negative here you should see the twitter feed on Mayoclub51. The Sligo folk would be laughing their holes off if they read all this and saw all the moaning. Best move Sligo management ever made if this is the fallout. The Rossies must be laughing also that we have to go up there against our will. Im going to befriend a steward and get a seat reserved for myself.

  72. Rossie Shane-I must commend you on putting up with the tripe that’s been spouted on here and taking it with a grain of salt.Mayo supporters have turned in to the biggest shower of whingers in the country and that’s the opinion of a lot of GAA supporters after last years semi-final replay.Constant f****** whining about referess which is at times embarrassing plus the ridiculous shite about Kerry having an advantage playing in Limerick.Its permeated by the bandwagon supporters who jumped on since James Horans team beat Cork in the QF in his first year.And here we go again complaining about having to play in Hyde Park.The constant badgering of Spillane and Brolly is getting a bit old too.The two of them are paid to give their analysis and for the most part they have been proven correct-we haven’t won All-Irelands because our teams are little bit short of quality.They have no hatred towards us as a county, we just have to face the facts.If we were to be honest with ourselves we would admit that we have as hard a working a team as anyone but only Keith Higgins,Aidan O Shea and Cillian O Connor on current form would consistently get on the Kerry or Dublin team.Against Galway we showed again that we have no shutdown Full-Back or Centre Back and no Centre forward unless AOS is put there which leaves us wide open at midfield and remember our management thus far has shown us they don’t have the quality of Horan.Also we had nine forwards on show against Galway they managed seven points from play which is a horrid return.We should be able to take care of Sligo and after that the guts,skill and heart of our players will probably exit without winning it all.
    And if that happens we have to seriously look at the running of the development squads to see why we cant nurture a couple of game changing forwards.Thankfully our players just get on with playing and leave the whingers to whinge alone.

  73. Sligo made a mistake IMO. They should be thinking they can take Mayo wherever it is and should bring a good crowd as they don’t make too many finals, the County should be engaged. Shows fear if Mayo, which they shouldn’t have, they have nothing to lose as underdogs. Anyway let’s hope it’s a good game regardless.

  74. The centre of excellence was not located very centrally to our main senior clubs. Cross/Knockmore/Ballina/Castlebar/Ballintubber/Breaffy.
    These clubs produce the biggest percentage of our talent.
    It is not close to our strong schools.
    So every training session there for most of our footballers we have made journey times longer. Why do that if the aim is excellence?
    Claremorris maybe are availing of it and it helps them at underage. But how to avoid the obvious flaw that it is a journey away for the locations of our young talent? When you are exhausted after a training session that is one long journey back to end of Knockmore/Ballina/Cross. Result? Recovery from a session is impacted negatively.

  75. Mayo Madness – the right to express an opinion here doesn’t extend to a right to cast aspersions on others expressing different opinions. On that score, you’d need to pipe down a bit as you’re sailing very close to the wind on the house rules.

  76. Will be travelling to this regardless of venue. Great to see the majority on here just want to get on with it. That’s the attitude that allows these clowns pull off these stunts time after time. How the hell do we get to a situation where the two options are machale and salthill and the Hyde is selected???


    These lads never cease to amaze.

  77. So do what as an alternative Roger?
    Start a big county board row?
    We will need to beat a Dublin Donegal or Kerry later in the year in Croker.
    Ground selection rows and county board rows should not be high on our list of priorities.

  78. JP, it’s called the CONNACHT centre of excellence, not the MAYO centre of excellence! It was located centrally in Connacht as there are approximately 90 clubs within a 50 mile radius.
    Just a point of note, the tone on here lately is getting really ratty. Have people not heard of sarcasm? Have people not heard of humour? Regarding the venue, if this current team were playing in a quagmire in Timbuktu and I had to stand on one leg in a puddle of shite just to watch them for 35mins, I’d do it. So the Hyde isn’t perfect, so what! Neither was MacHale Park until it’s non transparent overspend. When did we get so precious that visiting other grounds is now beneath us. It’s a 70 minute game of football between two good teams that we have to win. End of. The venue is irrelevant. If you don’t like the ground or the hassle, don’t go.

  79. They should have it in ballycroy, would have made perfect logistical sence for all parties involved ????

  80. Willie Joe im not fully understanding why I was singled out here for my posts. Trying to show a bit of balance and stop all the negativity imo is no bad thing. The blog headline “Hyde Horror” was of course going to create a reaction. Look at all my posts regarding just supporting the team and been a bit more positive. If that dont suit this blog or fit into the house rules then your the boss.

  81. Going by the independent this morning looks like The Hyde was not the venue selected by Sligo County Board.

  82. – RTE 1 reported this morning that that Sligo County Board are not happy with Hyde Park and are going to appeal the decision as their preference is for Salthill, seems there is an article in the today’s Irish Independent that they were quoting.

    – I have no problem with going to Hyde Park or Salthill or wherever else Mayo teams play. One would imagine that the Connacht Council would try to maximise revenue generated and this clearly will not be the case as Hyde Park will not be able to hold the numbers I believe that would like to attend.

    – For those that are afraid to go to the Hyde to support Mayo because of health and safety reason please be aware that it is not situated in a war torn country so a bit of perspective please.

    – Very little flags up in Mayo yet, time to get the flags up and start showing support for our team who are staying nice and quiet and focusing on the football while we as supporters should be focusing on supporting them.

  83. Christ if I hear Limerick one more time il throw my computer screen out the window.

    Anyway look to the Indo today folks and you will see that Sligo County Board are not impressed as it seems the Connacht Council have gone on a solo run with the Hyde.
    I assumed it was up to Sligo who actually picked Pearce Stadium. I think we actually play batter in Pearce than Hyde Park but will follow the team where ever they play and remember these days won’t last forever.

  84. There appears to be a huge amount of nervous tension creeping into this blog. To much bickering and moaning.
    Rossie Shane you are a breath of fresh air, we all need to chill and bring some fun and enjoyment back to the blog. We Mayo supporters are developing a reputation of being a bunch of moaners and the neutrals are getting fed up listening to us.
    The venue suits me fine as I’m travelling from the East.
    We need the toughest test possible and plenty of away games to prepare for later in the year. I’m convinced Sligo will do whatever it takes to spoil the party but I’m also convinced Mayo will turn up with fire in their bellies and will win by 5pts.
    We are where we are, let’s accept it and get 100% behind this historical chance of winning 5 Connaught titles in a row.
    Hon Mayo

  85. Haha Rock! As someone see said elsewhere now all we need is Cormaceen to referee and we’re sorted!

    (A joke, obviously, before someone else calls for a ban!)

    The “get on with it” brigade here are being a bit harsh though. This isn’t a competition to prove you’re the best or most tolerant supporter or indeed to prove just how many hot coals you’ll walk over for the team. We will travel in our thousands to this game, and we’ll do it with humour and excitement like we did to Limerick regardless. That goes without saying. Mayo supporters don’t have an issue travelling to other grounds, regardless of the condition. Thousands attended the away league games this year, often outnumbering home support. Thousands of us sat on planks in Cusack Park in Mullingar last winter in the lashing rain and had the time of our lives. There were no notions on display that day either! (Yeah, I had a whinge about the toilets earlier but thanks to all the tough love on here I’m well and truly over it (thanks lads) and can accept the criticism of my high-falutin’ notions ;-)) We are probably a bit oversensitive given what has gone before, but Mayo aren’t claiming to be the victims of anything here. The Hyde isn’t a tough place to get to in the grand scheme of things and locationwise it makes complete sense, so in theory it’s the best outcome for all of us.

    The thing is, if the Hyde had originally been in contention to hold this, no-one would be complaining, but until last night it wasn’t. So people are entitled to at least query why a ground that this time yesterday was certified fit to hold 18,750 people is now magically fit to hold “over 20,000” with no explanation. Perhaps they’ve done remedial work, as suggested by John Fogarty, and if so, grand, but it’d be good to know if they have and what the nature of the work is. That’s not really whinging in fairness, it’s not being precious, it’s just asking questions where they should be asked and demanding a bit of transparency. That said, as pointed out above the focus should be on getting behind the team, (and it will be) but then, should you accept every decision on that basis and say nothing?

    At the end of the day there’s no question that we’ll get on with it. Sligo supporters seem happy with the decision, they have their neutral venue, so perhaps we’re asking too many questions, but we have a few more miles in our feet too. As regards county board rows, this wasn’t Mayo GAA’s call (and they seemed rather surprised themselves) so the prospect of a county board row doesn’t or shouldn’t apply here.

    Have to say after a night’s sleep I’m looking forward to getting on the road again. The gaps between championship games are always interminable even when only 5 weeks but the club games this weekend will help.

    PS Mayo Madness I think MayoMark was joking although you never know …

    Maigh Eo abú

  86. Reality is the Hyde only has two advantages over Salthill. Geography and Traffic. Pearse is pretty modern with probably the best pitch outside Croker (after significant drainage works) in the country. Also as one poster pointed out toilet facilities are pretty good bar the taps being out of commission in the toilets at the Prairie terrace end for the recent Galway Mayo semi. Plumbing issue I believe that is now resolved. Surprised that the Hyde got it as from a financial perspective Prenty and the boys never turn down euros and Pearse has a 13k bigger capacity. If it is down to geography then the Hyde was the obvious choice but revenue will be down as I would say 25k would still have travelled to Salthill.

  87. Imagine being told on the trip home from Longford that we would win the next 4 Connacht Championships and be in the final for a 5th. An incredible time to be a mayo fan. Let’s soak it up

  88. Green and Red Lily – You are true in that the rest of the country see’s us as a bunch of moaners…maybe we are. The fact that All Ireland carrot has been dangling in front of us only to be taken away and has happened to us so often probably has something to do with the Mayo “psych” I hope for everyones sanity that we win the god dammed thing soon.

  89. Maybe this blog is a handy place for folks to let off a bitta steam about football, the GAA and whatever else might be going on but as others have said going to Hyde Park is what is before us now and that is something we need to accept. We still bring up Limerick but on reflection that game was in the bag in Croke Park and The Gaelic Grounds and we let it go. Adversity, regardless of the form it takes, is something we have to work through. I’m not sure that there is any conspiracy against the green and red and we simply have to work with what we have in front of us…..whether that’s a bad referee, injuries or bad parking, toilets etc etc.

    Like others have posted, I dont care where the game is really. McHale Park is a five minute walk from the house and that would have suited me and the family to no end but I really enjoyed going to Salthill and ya it took ages to get home but that’s all part of the day…..a bit like grass terraces and ‘ices, ices, lasht of the ices’ was years ago.

    So, it’s up with the flags and up to the Hyde and I hope the team are going well when we get to greet them there.

  90. Think it is quite unfair to label Mayo supporters as whingers.
    we had legitimate concerns over Limerick and Cormac Reilly and it appears outside the CC noone wanted Sligo.
    Mayo support has always been strong and other counties recognise this.We bring colour and atmosphere and discuss football all year long.
    I dont think that when a genuine concern is articulated that that confers a right on posters to start insulting Mayo supporters by calling us whingers.It also of course adds nothing to the discourse.

  91. Mayo Madness – the reason was that you were playing the person not the ball in your responses. It’s perfectly okay to take issue with what others are saying but not to attack them personally.

  92. I’d have taken Salthill all day long. So there’s a bit of traffic? Roll the window down, enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the long roll home with a 5th Connacht title in a row in the bag.

  93. Brighton 811
    That last blog is unfair unbalanced and downright insulting to Mayo people following the team through good and bad days from the 70s to the present day.
    It is in fact a big whinge!

  94. Connacht council behaving like the Troika here. The choice was Sligo’s – Sligo chose salthill….so what have we learned – The choice was Sligo’s provided they picked what Prenty wanted!

    Absolute disgrace….there is a whiff of the FIFA off them.

  95. Cmon lads…..we are all getting a bitteen too excited about the venue? It’s Hyde Park and that’s it. I’d prefer Castlebar or Galway but I’m not unduly upset at heading off to roscommon. As long as we win and lay down a marker then I’ll be happy and I’ll gladly contribute to the local economy by purchasing a few of their creamy pints in celebration of five in a row.
    The problem for me is that it’s an awful long time to have to wait for the next fix!

  96. Holly Man – What’s you problem, do I know you? That is your second post and the second pop at me.

  97. Lads stop doing it again. We are playing in the Hyde. It has its disadvantages but at least it is in the heart of football country. I think the matches there always have a great traditional feel to them and the townspeople are all probably GAA supporters as well. So what if you have to queue for the loo or walk through a bit of grass to get to your seat. There are many many counties that would only be too happy to play in a provincial final. In any event get on with it. We sound like spoiled college kids. I have had dealings with the Connacht Council. I have found them to be honourable and efficient and do a lot to help football. We need to do our talking on the pitch. We are approaching the same negative crap that our supporters were famous for after the 1996 final.

  98. I really could not give a damn where the game is played, i’m much more interested in how we get on during the game – how will our full back line cope against a quality Sligo full forward line, how will we set up in defensive situations to stop the ball going in there in the first place, how quick and accurate will our attacking play be. For me there is way to many footballing questions to be answered to be worried about any particular ground.

    I do fully accept however that for older people not able to stand for a whole game and for ladies and children the facilities might not be up to scratch (lets be honest its easier for us lads here) and for this the Connacht Council have questions to answer. Then again its the GAA we are talking about and decisions can often baffle.

  99. Does anyone know when tickets will be on sale and if they will be on sale through Supervalu outlets? Need to get in early as it will probably be a sellout…

  100. What are you basing that on Brighton 811 one game your taking the piss with your lack knowledge! People are not happy because Connacht Council making it up as they go long very simple

  101. If ever there was a time for an auld mass then surely this must be it.
    Few people need to step away from the computer, walk outside and take a few deep breaths.

  102. Prenty just gave an interview on Mid West.When asked if both Mayo and Sligo were happy with the decision he said yes but Mayo always have issues with the venue.Maybe if there wasn’t gobshites making daft decision’s we wouldn’t have reason to complain.I will and have travelled all over Ireland to support our team,from standing in the pissing rain in Baken to sitting on a plank on blocks in the pissing rain in Mullingar to Limerick,I’ve seen it all.We do not expect McHale Park or Croke Park for every game but as genuine paying supporters a decent stadium with proper facilities would be nice.Now take a deep breath lads and brace yourself for the next kick in the ball’s when they appoint a ref

  103. Decision definitely does not show the powers that be in a good light, and the place is a bit of a kip. Having said that, suits those of us living on the east coast perfectly, & I have to admit that (in recent years at least) I have only happy memories of visiting there. Got there in plenty of time last year so was able to sit out the pre-match downpour in comfort & watch a most entertaining game of hurling to boot.

  104. Ok folks!
    We’ve all had a good moan about this and it doesn’t appear to have done any good. The next thing that will probably cause a storm is the appointment of the ref, and we won’t be able to do anything about that either.

    Look at MayoMark’s comment of 9.18am this morning. WE ARE GOING FOR 5 IN A ROW folks. This rollercoaster will eventually come to a halt but we would be mad not to enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

    Bring on the Hyde, or anywhere else they send us.

    And for those that said that they wouldn’t go to the Hyde, could I have your tickets? I have plenty of friends who would snap them up!

  105. Have great difficulty with Prentys statement.It is divisive and ill advised. Personally he is where he is because of his Mayo background…time to consider who you insult John.

  106. amc…tcikets will go on sale after Juyl 4th and will be on sale in Super Valu

  107. Liam, quit stirring!!

    Amc according to John Prenty tickets will be on sale from after 4th July in Supervalus, Centras, on tickets.ie. Prices tbc.

    Five in a row. Imagine. That would be pretty damn special in fairness though you can bet Sligo have other ideas!

  108. 5 in a row when the opposition in the province has been of a poor standard should not be the barometer for this Mayo team. The All-Ireland should be the be all for this year. If it not achieved you can be sure the Mayo players will not be satisfied with another Connaught medal. Sligo players on the other hand would bite your hand off, which is why I think we will have a chance on the 19th.

  109. McHale Park was a hole with no toilet facilities until very recently and suddenly we cant bear going to Hyde Park !!!
    We’ve come a long way very quickly.

  110. There will be fun getting tickets especially if there are two different counties in the minor final eg Ross and Galway wouldn’t they bring close to 2000 each all we need now is cr as referee to complete the circus.From a football side it shouldn’t

  111. Could be another twist in this yet.

    Maybe Sligo might appeal.

    Maybe Sligo get their wish and the game goes to Pearse Stadium after all.

    Maybe health and safety executive condemns the Hyde and shuts the place down.

    There is life in this yet. Its not in the bag yet for the Hyde.

  112. Jaasus lads, Galway and Roscommon would would gladly travel to the Blasket Islands to play in a Connaught Final. Ye have one of the best teams ye have ever had and ye are going into battle to secure an historic five in a row,, get on with it. Ye will be in Croker in a few short weeks so enjoy this occasion ans support the team !!!

  113. Imagine the uproar if we got sent to Salthill after all this, we’ll all be begging to go back to the Hyde!! Decision made I reckon so let’s get on with it.

    Five in a row is something worth celebrating and you can be sure if it comes to pass our county will be damn proud of it.

    Holly man, is yours a parody account? If not, I suggest you double check the sign outside the gate the next time you’re in Castlebar!

  114. Holly Man – It is tongue in check and yeah I have the spelling correct as already pointed out so maybe you should think before attacking my posts.

  115. For anyone interested, here’s what John Prenty had to say on Midwest Radio earlier about the Connacht Council decision.


    The more I think about it, the more I think you can’t please all the people all the time – his reasoning here does make sense. Salthill would have been madness. Genuinely curious to know what work has been done in the ground since last year but sure we’ll see for ourselves on the 19th.

  116. Why is everyone missing the point in all this?

    We just want a simple answer to how can the venue suddenly become an option when it wasn’t deemed fit to host a CF before now. What changes have been made?

  117. this blog is getting draining………….

    Not sure how Sligo will set-up for the final. If they try running the ball out of defence every time like against ross, they will get turned over and goals will ensue. They have 2 small men in the middle, so will struggle with kick-outs.

    When they do get possession to their forwards, they are extremely efficient, so a man marking job on Marren will be required.

    Mayo’s biggest threat will be themselves, although as they have proven over the last few years (under Horan) this should not be an issue.

    (If I have upset anybody, let me apologise in advance)

  118. What are peoples thoughts on seating arrangements for the Hyde? Specifically cairde maigheo and croke park season tickets? Will we be guaranteed a seat or will it be on a first come first served basis?

  119. Holly Man – you’re new around here so a quick lesson on the house rules on providing comments is required. The short version is that acting the maggot and picking fights with others will get you in trouble so I think your intemperate contributions this morning merit a spell on the comment moderation naughty step (which means that, until I’m satisfied you can be trusted in what you have to say, every comment from you will have to be approved before it goes onto the site). While you’re brooding there, have a read of the house rules (here) and cop yourself on if you want to continue contributing here.

  120. Mayoman8, Cairde ticket holders will be guaranteed a ticket but not necessarily a stand seat

  121. That’s correct, Culchie Bhoy, and I think you could add to that by saying that holders of stand tickets might not necessarily get a seat in the stand. At last year’s semi-final against Roscommon some late arriving people with stand tickets were, I know, turned away from the stand by the stewards who told them it was full.

  122. According to Prenty on Monday “It’s Sligo’s call” . So what happened in the meantime?

  123. Unbelievable moaning going on here. We always seem to have something to be complaining about. Hoping there will be an outbreak of common sense on the next article to appear here. How about some discussion on the actual football lads and lassies?

    Willie Joe by and large you do an amazing job here and I always love reading the blog as an overseas exile, but I must respectfully say that I think this article and it’s headline is a gross over-reaction, and does nothing to dispel the notion often relayed to me by non-Mayo GAA fans that we are a bunch of Whingers. I live in Australia and I’d give my right arm to be in the Hyde cheering the lads on in four weeks time.

  124. Hueyandlouis-FFS,If you actually read the post you will find that I stated that I was referring to the bandawagon supporters who started following Mayo when Horans Team beat Cork in the QF in 2011.There was no mention of the Mayo supporters of yesteryear being whingers because there were not and are not.

  125. I have spoken of my disappointment at the choice of venue but that does not mean I’m a fair weather fan or won’t be going as some comments seem to generalise about posters who complain. My main grievance is that castlebar and mayo have the best ground in connacht and the idiots in the connacht council cannot see that the current venue will result in a reduced capacity and a decrease in revenue for them and the gaa. On the subject of loss of revenue it’s a big blow to castlebar and our county board. You spend millions developing a ground and don’t get a game. It’s like buying a brand new Mercedes and using the old 1990s jetta instead. Shame to see the ground lying idle

  126. @ macs left boot,

    I agree with you, a lot of moaning. We need a game to talk about, details like where that game will be played are just fillers for the wait until game day. Any update on panel injuries?

  127. Agree with ”Mac’s left boot” complete overreaction Willie Joe. Your are only living up to the Stereotype that the rest of the country think we are. Let’s just get on with it and shut up.

  128. I don’t know why it’s in Hyde Park but I suppose we had home advantage for the past 2 years all be it one against London . I agree that it’s a hard venue to get to and you’d want to be there early .Still all going according to plan we’ll have another trip to Limerick . I’ll take up on your offer of te and Sandwiches Mr rossie . Maigh Eo Abu come on the yew.

  129. No bother John Jennings. Your booked on the first sitting and any late arrivals can go on the next sitting. I will try to cater for all. From what I see there seems to be a few of the prawn and cumcumber brigade but dont worry I will half ham, ham and cheese and maybe egg salad for the rest of us.

    Now this is humour so please take it as that. P.S. yes there will be madeira cake also, thats a given

  130. I will laugh if it is changed to Salt hill and people start to complain about the traffic. We should stop moaning about refs venues etc and do our talking on the field

  131. Population of over 130k residing in our fair county, not including the diaspora. Maybe 20 posters on this blog (the same people on twitter and other social media I notice) complaining about the Hyde. Not one person I’ve talked to today has complained about the Hyde apart from the odd comment about thinking it was out of action.
    High time a lot of people copped on and focused on the football. There is defiantly a new breed of social media campaigner who seems to be looking for the next perceived slight against us.
    There may be a time when we look back on these great days with yearning and I for one won’t be blushing thinking about how I spent my time giving out about venues. Having travelled from the States in 96 and 97 for the finals, I’m thankful to be able go to games on my doorstep these days and I’m mindful of the thousands who would give anything to be here to see a potential 5 in a row.
    Perspective is needed by a few here.

  132. Jesus WJ start a new thread about the team to face Sligo or something. This thread is only getting people’s backs up.;-)

  133. You’re right, St Pat’s Oldie, it’s certainly got everyone going. Work is getting in the way of doing another one now but I’m afraid you’re stuck with this one for now.

  134. While I am still puzzled by the decision that Hyde can now handle a CF and I would dispute John Prenty’s basing his estimate of attendance on the semifinals I am also happy not to be facing another trip to Salthill. Traffic jams, esp. specially created ones, are probably my biggest hate [and it’s NOT a “pet hate”]. I will be looking closely to see how Roscommon have spent their €110.000.

    I do hope that CC properly advertise the fact that those seeking admission to the stand and sideline must do so from the Golf Links road side. It would be no joke walking back to town from the Athlone Road entrance to the Golf Linkks road. As all tickets seem to have a standard print formula I do not see it being done on the ticket [how many look at the back of tickets?] Stewards checking tickets at the junction of Athlone Road and Circular Road would seem to be essential.

    Anybody know why MacHale Park’s capacity was downgraded from the 40 k it was originally reported to have been [and is still shown on Wikipedia]? I understand that one of the main issues raised in the Slattery Report generally re safety at grounds is the capacity to deal with a sudden rush at the entrances due to late arrivals. Only the Dubs at Croke Park seem not to create a problem when arriving late. But then those lovable creatures never create problems.

  135. Ann Marie,

    Meant to say thanks in the previous post thanks for putting up John Prenty’s statement on this site.

  136. I hope you do a good fruit brack Rossie Shane or you’ll be banished the to back of the bus!

    No problem AndyD. Good reasoned post and I fully agree with your point re Salthill. Looking forward now to thinking about the actual game, like many others I’m sure.

    Re injuries, the Mayo News this week mentioned that six county players are sitting out the weekend’s club action – Andy Moran (knee), Alan Dillon (hamstring), Diarmuid O’Connor (fractured wrist), Cillian O’Connor (knee), Kevin Keane (ankle) and Tom Cunniffe (hamstring). I think they said Cillian is expected to line out for Ballintubber this weekend – at least I hope so – with the rest expected to return “in the coming weeks”. Looking forward to the club action this weekend. Cross v Ballinrobe last weekend was an absolute cracker.

  137. talk of moaning I think we should all lay off Cormac Reilly……….sure don’t all refs make mistakes. The fact that he made enough mistakes to last a whole career in just one game has to be regarded as ……well most unfortunate………..hasn’t it. I think we should campaign to have him ref a big game for us soon again ????????. He is a nice man I have no doubt and it would show what a magnanimous people us Mayo supporters really are.

  138. As noted by Anne-Marie above, I do think that given John Prenty’s reasoning on Mid-West this morning that playing the game in Roscommon is a sensible and pragmatic solution. As nice and all as Pearse Stadium is the thought of all the gridlock in Tuam alone is enough to make any man groan, and that’s before you even get to Salthill with all the crowds that are expected in Galway as well. So I’m happy enough to go to the Hyde and it doesn’t amount to a capitulation in saying so. We may have the best stadium in Connacht but that doesn’t grant us the right to have a home game every time. We’re not the Dubs!

    Perhaps the fact that:

    1. Sligo were supposedly to be given the option of where the game was supposed to be played, and it turns out that they wanted Salthill all along but still got the Hyde
    2. Hyde Park was deemed to be sub-standard for Connacht Finals but now it’s suddenly capable again with ‘an Event Management Plan’

    has led to people questioning the decision. Honestly if the powers that be are happy that the match can be held in a safe and comfortable manner for as many that want to go then I am happy to go along with it. We’ve been to the Hyde many times over the years without any major problems so why should it suddenly be beneath us now?

    The lack of games is leaving us with too much time on our hands!

  139. Some of the posts of Facebook and the like from Mayo sites are cringe. A few people I know have changed their minds and ARE going now because they were put of by the traffic in Salthill.

  140. From what I saw on sky last Sat evening Mr Reilly does not seem to be finished making mistakes. He seemed to be instrumental in disallowing a good Roscommon point, although it was admittedly close. But could he not have accepted that the umpire was in the best position to make the decision? It’s hard to beat an arrogant Meathman and hard to beat a Meathman for arrogance.

  141. I was there in 2011 🙂 think we all have a dose of cabin fever time to move on and start planning the #seaofgreenandred campaign … Wonder when the ref will be announced?

  142. I have never seen such convoluted reasoning for justifying a decision as what Prenty has come up with here. There was 9.5k official attendance in Markevicks last Saturday – so he is saying 6.5k were from Roscommon and just 3 from Sligo. That wasn’t the same game I attended…one needs only to watch Brehony’s last point to see the majority of support was home town.

    Not sure why it is a “novel” final. Sligo v Mayo was the final just 3 years ago – what was the attendance of that game? What wa the attendance of the Roscommon v Sligo final in 2010 – i remember McHale park was pretty much at capacity.

    If you want the final in Roscommon for whatever reason – most likely because its old men in suits thinking about what they would prefer for themselves rather than respecting the rules which should have put the decision in the hands of sligo management – then at least don’t insult us with a made up narrative to support your position.

  143. I think the problem here is that there’s no outlet to vent in Mayo. Joe Duffy only cares about the north side of Dublin. We need a conduit to expunge our many and varied issues with sports stadia across the province.

    I once togged out for a minor game in the back of a refrigerated lorry. It was colder outside and also raining. I complained at the time but went out and played. I felt my concerns were legitimate without be labelled a whinger!!

    Those of us who air valid reasons for complaint are labelled wingers. Those that accepted our fate (Limerick) last year were demeaned as spineless pushovers. Which is it to be?

    We’re heading to the Hyde in a few wekeks to (hopefully) complete five provincial titles in a row. There’s no question the vast majority of contributors will be present. I do agree we need to push on now and get behind the squad and management. We’re fortunate to be following a superb outfit but we should also remember that, in my opinion, we have one of the most committed and fervent base of supporters.

    So ease up on the jibing kids.

  144. Rossie Shane, for me you are very welcome here and I apologise for the infantile comments you have had to put up with. Honestly there are nice, mature posters on here too.
    Now, as if anyone gives a thrush’s budgie, I am so happy!!! The war that is being waged here at the moment is just great and I have had no hand in whatsoever. Happy days… 🙂

  145. Time to move on and I will be on mid west listening to match hopefully Mayo do the five in a row

  146. 5 good reasons we are happy with the Hyde

    1, Since childhood I’ve always found the ice cream tastes better in Hyde park.

    2, The odd local Brazilian lass walking around.

    3, Handy pints.

    4, Handy chippers.

    5, Easier to score into the hospital end.

  147. @andyd I believe the original plan had planning to extend the terraces behind both goals but that never happened so hence the smaller attendance of what was supposed to be a circa 39000 not 40 post completion. That’s my understanding

  148. Pk,

    The approved capacity figure for MacHale is now in the low 30k’s. That cannot all be put down to the uncompleted extension behind the goals. It’s still 10 k higher than the best Hyde can offer at the moment.

  149. The tension in the blogosphere is certainly rising !! Can’t wait for all the chatter to turn to the match itself over the coming weeks !! C’mon Mayo

  150. Hey folks, maybe head down de Friday and make a weekend of it.
    Strong rumours Garth Brooks gona make a
    Surprise appearance.

  151. @ highorlow, I always thought that the graveyard end was meant to be the scoring end! Remember the two beauties that Andy Moran’s scored at that end last year….

  152. My God we have some problems with venues in our county. Pearse Stadium is a kip with loads of traffic issues, the Hyde could be bad for our health and safety, those useless people in Sligo and Leitrim don’t even have a stadium to host a final.. Did I mention Limerick yet. Also we have invested a huge amount of grumbling time giving out about MacHale Park being a waste of money, a white elephant etc. We forgot Pearse Park in Longford, surely the worst of them all. Why Because we lost there in 2010. And that’s what really matters. Since then our wonderful team have gone to venues all over the country and made us proud to support them. Looking forward to supporting them once again on the 19 July, whatever the venue.

  153. Hyde Park is handier for me travelling from kildare. Here’e hoping the VIPs take their reserved seats early or i’ll go in and take their seats!!
    Just read through all the posts & god they’d give you a headache. We all need to relax & try have a bit of fun. AnnMarie i got your joke re Bekan if that’s any consolation. No need for us to be hopping off one another. Mayo in a great position going for 5 in a row. Heady times indeed. It’s the 5th anniversary of my uncles passing next month. The last game he watched was mayo sligo from his hospital bed in 2010. Mayo have not lost a CSFC game since then. Really rams it home the sustained period of success we’ve had. My uncle would be proud.

  154. Willie joe. Maybe it’s time to divert our attention away fro the Hyde and concentrate in the football. I’m really looking forward to our year. It’s nearly impossible to imagine Sligo upsetting the drive for 5. If as was said before the Galway match that Mayo were further down the road with experience and strength and conditional how then can Sligo expect to match us. We all could see the hunger was still there in abundance in salthill though we were a bit rusty from the lay off. This time we should be ready with extra sharpness. Our midfield will surely win loads of primary possession at mid field and rain quick ball into Andy and Aiden. I really hope Andy is back because the last day he looked really slick. Always does. If were attacking they won’t have the ball. They won’t have the physicality to dispossess us whereas the opposite will not be the case for us. The Doc will have a field day. I predict we score 2/3 goals and 14 points. I don’t want Sligo to get any goal. I give them 10 points

  155. Quick question since we on about 5 in a row.which county holds the record for winning most provincials in a row? Kerry maybe?

  156. To win just once,

    Supporting the team and commenting on venues are two separate issues. We cannot do much to support the team at the moment so why not comment on other issues like the Connacht Final venue. Salthill is ok as a pitch but does have serious access issues. It was a high powered Croke Park GAA committee who told us that Hyde Park was not safe for more than 18 k or so. Are we not to take high powered Croke Park committees seriously? As seriously as Connacht Council? I for one cannot take Connacht Council seriously because I have known several of its members, men who have never had a critical thought about the GAA or better ways of doing things in their lives but who, like Murphy’s dog are happy to go a bit of the road with everybody. I haven’t heard any criticism of Markievicz Park, McDiarmada Park or Pearse Park anywhere regardless of whether we lost there or not. They are excellent venues, equal to Salthill as pitches and way ahead of Salthill regards access.

  157. I would say to John Prenty

    No matter how you try and tally up the probable attendance figure at a Mayo V Sligo final, the fact that Hyde Park is now the chosen venue means that there will be people who want to attend that game who will not be able to get a ticket for it and will be locked out. This could have been avoided had either of two other venues in the province been chosen. Simple as that.
    The fact that you have gone on radio and what you said on the radio to defend that decision makes it even worse.
    Not your finest hour Sir.

  158. Aidan,
    Kerry certainly won 8 Munsters in a row from 1975 to 1982 inclusive and were only denied a 9th by a last minute Cork goal in 1983.
    I think Cavan won either 8 or 9 Ulsters in a row way back in time. So they either hold the record or share it with Kerry. As far as i know anyway.

  159. Trevor, that’s a lovely thought, I hope your uncle will be smiling down come the evening of the 19th. Along with many more like him. Days to be treasured, indeed 🙂

    I hope we manage to keep a clean sheet. And score a few ourselves while we’re at it.

  160. Kerry won 8 in a row twice in Munster.
    Cavan won 7 in a row twice also but there was only a 1 year break between so they won 14 in 15 years
    Dublin and Kildare won 6 in a row in Leinster

  161. That’s correct, Jim Flag – Kerry and Cavan are the two counties with the best record of consecutive provincial titles. As you said, Kerry won eight Munsters on the spin between 1975 and 1982 and they also have another 8-in-a-row from further back, from 1958 to 1965 inclusive. Cavan’s best run was seven on the trot, from 1931 to 1937 inclusive and, after failing to win in ’38, another seven from ’39 to ’45 inclusive (which means they won Ulster every year bar one from ’31 to ’45).

  162. No bother WJ. I think Wexford might have won 6 in a row also in Leinster but maybe I dreamt that. It must have been around the time they won the 2 All-Irelands but I cant remember the dates

  163. Why don’t we just stop complaining about referees and venues and get on with it for once. We will win easy in the Hyde, we have bigger fish to fry later in the summer.

  164. Well it all seems to have calmed down a bit here now…

    I think this all-Ireland drought is affecting us more than we actually realise.
    When Anne-Marie gets pulled up over light-heartedly recalling a damp day in Bekan, then I know the nerves are at us all.

    Roscommon, Salthill, Croke Park – who gives a shite, let’s just win this fucking thing before civil war breaks out in Mayo (I’m on the north Mayo side of this upcoming war by the way, so you southern feckers better watch yourselves)

  165. They do, Shane – from 1913 to 1918 so, as you’ve said, that’s another six in-a-row. By the way, Hogan Stand is a good source for this kind of stuff, the county profiles showing historical records are a very useful reference point.

  166. I was only joking folks about Garth Brooks coming to De Hyde for 2 nights…..

    (He’s coming for 5!)

  167. Don’t mention the hospital highorlow….poor Enda got dogs abuse for that last time out. Must have spoiled his viewing of the game.

  168. 5 Connaught titles and no All-Ireland is hardly a success. Beating London, Sligo twice should ye win on 19th in finals during that period. Galway and Roscommon have been very weak in the last 5 years. Have any other Connaught team even made the quarter finals in those years? A 5 in a row is a good achievement in Ulster where there are many strong times competing. Win the bloody all-Ireland and stop harping on about a meaningless 5 in a row.

  169. I’ve just read all 188 comments in one sitting. Do I qualify for some sort of medal? A Connacht medal perhaps?

  170. Disagree with you tipper. Five in a row is a massive achievement, of course it would be great to grab an all Ireland but it is not a failure if we don’t. This squad has filled our hearts with pride on many occasions over the last five years. It’s been a wonderful journey since Longford 2010 when obituaries for Mayo football were wrote .

    It was only this week a few Louth guys were reminiscing on what got away from the in 2010 , a kiltimagh guy turned to me and said ” we don’t even realise how lucky we are with all the great days we have up here in crime park with our county” .

    Five in a row should be celebrated and rightly so. I hope someone brings out a song for it , just to piss your ilk off.

  171. St Pats Oldie, by only 20??? I am refusing to enter into combat as I am practising mindfullness!! 🙂

  172. Agree Tipper-pure rubbish this 5 in a row.Galway have been producing probably their worst teams ever over the past decade and the others are pretty much easy pickings.I wonder if you asked a Galway man would he class 5 provincial titles in a row and no all Ireland a success I’m sure he would say no.I would say our players will class not winning it all over that time as a major disappointment.Again,the living in La-la land mentality.

  173. 5IAR is a solid enough achievement. Not to lose once in Connacht in five years is good going when there were plenty of banana skins there.

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