If you’re up to reading about it . . .

There’s plenty, as you might expect, about the Derry defeat in the Mayo News. There’s Mike Finnerty’s match report, which obviously makes for an uncomfortable read. There’s Daniel Carey’s report on Johnno’s after-match comments, most of which you’ll probably have seen already as they were contained in yesterday’s match report in the Indo. There’s a head-scratching “where the f**k do we go from here?” piece by Jimmy Lyons (surely not Aghamore’s Jimmy Lyons, he who lined out for the county a quarter of a century ago?), which won’t, I fear, help to lighten your mood. Neither, I reckon, will Kevin McStay’s column, in which the Ballina man discusses the fundamental nature of the rebuilding process that Johnno must now undertake. Nor will The Voice of Experience himself, Sean Rice, who also – you’ve guessed it – talks about how it’s time to start all over again. No, none of that did it for me either. But do you know what I think will? A nice cool glass (or two) of Pinot Grigio, that’s what. Slainte, hombres.

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