I’m back in the Blog Awards All-Ireland final

irishblogawardslargelogoTJ kindly sent me an email this morning to let me know that I’ve made it back to the blogging equivalent of Croker on the fourth Sunday in September: I’m now on the shortlist (with four others) in the Sports and Recreation Category for dish ear’s Blog Awards.  I’m already practising in front of the mirror to see if I can outdo Kate Winslet’s award acceptance antics at the Golden Globes but there’s little point in my doing so as (a) I don’t look remotely like the delectable Ms Winslet, (b) I won’t be at the awards ceremony, as it’s on down in Cork, boy, this coming Friday night and up here in Dublin, bud, it’s mid-term and so the little Willie Joes need all that parental mid-term attention and (c) I’m from Mayo so I can’t, with any confidence, expect to win an All-Ireland title, now can I?

13 thoughts on “I’m back in the Blog Awards All-Ireland final

  1. Well done WJ, the countdown is progressing well so you never know especially as it’s only ‘real’ Irish one in the category – GAA up against 3 soccer and 1 cycling.

    If you can’t attend maybe one of the rebel county hurlers who are twiddling their thumbs down there these days might attend on your behalf !!! Just a thought – tongue in cheek !!!

  2. I’m trying to arrange giving Power of Attorney to someone to make an eejit of themselves on my behalf in the unilkely event that I scoop the prize on Friday night. Nice idea about the Cork hurlers but then again do I want to be associated with that rabble-rouser, Donal Og Cusack?

  3. WJ, best of luck from all the Club Mayo-Dublin crew!

    We have a little mention for you up on our site at the moment as well!

  4. Thanks guys but I’m not getting my hopes up. If last year was my 1989 (and so just getting to the final was enough) then that makes this one my 1996. I’m sure, soccer blogs or not, that there must be a few Meath connections among the other finalists!

  5. Willie Joe, Mayo men are arch achievers world wide, so dont hide your talent. The football hoodoo came down to the “I” part of the “ego” many times. You are a well deserving nomination and I wish you the best.

  6. Well done WJ!
    Maybe you should send Mrs WJ down south – the ladies seem to be able to cope much better with the finals 🙂

  7. I like the idea of a Dublin replay but the hoors would probably put it on the same day as the next league match!

    Likewise, Tubberman, that idea has merit but then again Mrs WJ (a) doesn’t hail from God’s Own County and (b) is in bed with the flu at the minute.

  8. Let’s tell it like it is fellas. Willie Joe doesn’t need the Irish Blog Awards to legitimise him. The Irish Blog Awards need the Mayo GAA Blog to legitimise them.

    I don’t know anything about the other nominees but I’ve been following this one since it’s inception – more or less – and Willie is operating in a completely different league.

    Sure look at the archive, for God’s sake. That’s the sort of thing the County Boards all over the country should be putting together, instead of relying on the generosity of Willie Joe and good men and women like him.

    I look at that archive and I see one thing: love. It’s neither easy nor craic to trawl through that mass of information. The only person with whom Willie can be compared is Brendan Fulham, the guy who writes those hurling books – and I doubt he got a grant from Central Council for any of them either.

    Shine on Willie, you crazy diamond. Maigh Eo abú.

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